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About Us

Our Mission

Perfect Brew offers independent, unbiased tips and buying guides. We love coffee and care deeply about it. We’re here to help you enjoy the best coffee on any budget. 

How We Choose Products

Our goal is to provide you with excellent product choices for any budget. We always ensure that products are selected independently and without bias. That means that all of our buying guides are 100% honest and our product choices are 100% independent.

Our Editorial Quality Standards

You’re trusting us with our recommendations and we take that responsibility very seriously. So to be even more clear about our editorial standards:

We never accept any kind of payment, free product, advertising, or any other compensation for our product selections. The same goes for how we rank and rate products. Our choices and opinions are ours and not influenced by any other companies. 

Our Product Vetting Process

We select products based on a wide range of criteria, picked by our experts:

  • Real World Experience: Our team has years of experience and is using their expert knowledge to ensure that the best products are selected.
  • Verified User Reviews: Authentic user reviews are critical in getting a big-picture view of how products perform in the real world. Of course, reviews can be biased and even fake, so we use a proprietary analysis methodology to take large, representative samples and judge verified reviews based on long-running averages.
  • Real World Tests: While we cannot test every product in person, we buy anonymous samples from different online stores to judge their quality and if product descriptions, marketing promises, and the actual products match.
  • Company Reputation: We research brands and their practices in-depth to ensure that our selections come from companies with ethical practices. This includes product warranties, trust scores, customer service feedback scores, how companies treat employees, as well as social responsibility standards like being environmentally friendly.
  • In-Depth Research: Every product review, guide, and recipe starts the same way – with a deep-dive into all the current research and knowledge about the topic. Our team combines their experience with current know-how to deliver helpful information to you.

Contact Us

Have questions or feedback? Need help finding a product or want to suggest a new idea? Please contact us any time. We’re here to assist you.

Our Team

franco 1 Perfect Brew

Franco Salzillo

Franco is an internationally recognized coffee and food expert. Restless self-training allowed him to master century old recipes, coffee drinks from around the world, and modern classics. He’s been published in many leading food magazines.

Author Photo

Melissa Collins

I’m a barista, food scientist, and coffee lover. I love creating new coffee recipes and experimenting with innovative brewing methods. I’ve tested hundreds of coffee machines and fresh coffee beans for Perfect Brew. Great coffee is my life!

Dan Headhsot

Dan McCormick

Dan is PerfectBrew’s director of partnerships and senior content strategist. His favorite coffee drink is a classic homemade Cortado. He was previously the head of PR at one the world’s most well-known premium coffee brands.

Melanie Andrews

Melanie Andrews

Melanie is PerfectBrew’s Partnerships Manager and resident espresso expert. She’s traveled to Italy 15 times in search of the best classic and contemporary coffee recipes, roasts, brewing methods, and authentic tips. 

1 1 2 Perfect Brew

Katie Fousel

As a child I wanted to be Indiana Jones, Peter Pan, and the Artful Dodger—all at the same time. Adventure and deviance are in my blood and I’ve found those two key elements of fearlessness make for great writing. I love everything about coffee and tea.

3 1 1 Perfect Brew

Jordan Ashley

I have a passion for both coffee and writing, something that’s fun to combine for Perfect Brew. I love testing and reviewing new coffee makers, coffee beans, and coffee accessories. I love new coffee technology and brewing methods to make great coffee.

9 1 Perfect Brew

Samantha Dewitt

I’m a writer and editor with over 6 years of experience. My food writing and research skills, as well as the high quality work ensure that I can create the best possible content for you. I adore coffee and tea!

4 1 1 Perfect Brew

Jessica Simms

My passion is coffee and I love writing about food. I have over 10 years experience with both creative and content writing and 5 years experience as an editor and proofreader.

2 1 2 Perfect Brew

Bojana Radovic

I’m a full-time writer and editor with years of experience in writing food and coffee articles of high quality. My job is to help you find what you’re looking for, in the most entertaining way possible.

8 1 Perfect Brew

Jessica Dillon

I am a professional researcher and writer in several food-related subjects with my most prominent coffee and tea. I like to work on projects that help people make better choices.  Every piece I create is important to me, and I believe writing is an art form that should be entwined with passion and love for presenting the information.

7 1 Perfect Brew

Sophie Khan

I’m a passionate food scientist and recipe creator. My specialty is experimenting with new flavor combinations and unusual ingredients. At the end of the day, food is love and coffee is one of the most important things we consume, so I deeply care about helping people get the best coffee experience.

6 1 Perfect Brew

Asha Mirge

I’m recipe writer and cook book enthusiast. I’ve been focused on the fun part of food and have been writing about it for over 4 years in both cookbooks and expert food articles. I enjoy creating new dishes and coffee drinks that bring smile on your friends and family.

Affiliate Disclosure

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We are not affiliated, associated, authorized by, endorsed by, or in any way connected to the brands and companies mentioned on this website. 

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