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10 Best Coffee Drinks to Order at Caribou Coffee

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Caribou Coffee is up there with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts when it comes to gourmet coffee. They have a seemingly endless array of flavors, coffees, and teas and that can be a lot to take in.

Especially if you’re new to ordering gourmet coffee.

Let our list help guide you through the ordering process by describing some of Caribou Coffee’s best drinks and how to order them!

1. Sparkling Raspberry Green Tea Lemonade

Caribou coffee is renowned for their assorted iced teas and the various flavor combinations you can create with them.

One of their bestselling iced teas is the green tea, which tastes amazing paired with nearly every other flavor they offer.

Instead of watering down your concentrated green tea order with water, try diluting it with some lemonade to add an extra citrus kick.

For even more flavor try a shot of raspberry.

Be sure to add a full flavor shot of raspberry or else the fruity goodness is hard to taste!

To give the whole drink an extra boost, ask for a sparkling tea. Your plain, flat green tea order can be made extra special with the help of carbonation.

You read that correctly, many people are surprised to find out that the sparkling tea at Caribou Coffee is made from carbonation.

They have the machinery to turn any drink into a sparkling sensation so why not get creative?

Any tea, lemonade, or fruity beverage can be made so much better with the addition of carbonation to give it a little extra sparkle.

The raspberry green tea lemonade is one of the most popular sparkling teas at Caribou Coffee. If you love green tea, give this drink a try!

2. Sparkling Raspberry Peach Black Tea

Green tea is often talked about when discussing the health benefits of tea and other caffeinated beverages, but black tea deserves its time in the spotlight as well.

Black tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world and can be combined with many other flavors to create unique and personalized orders.

Out of all the teas, black tea contains the most caffeine. We all love a natural green tea, but sometimes, we need more caffeine than it can provide.

This is where good old black tea comes into play.

Black tea has many antioxidant properties, which helps your immune system function. It is thought to lower bad cholesterol, which can ultimately lead to increased heart health.

If you are a health-conscious person looking for a caffeinated pick-me-up, black tea is the way to go.

Black tea has a heartier and more robust flavor than green tea does, but this pairs perfectly with flavors such as peach.

Peach and black tea are two classics that work well together every single time.

Take this peach black tea to the next level with a full flavor shot of raspberry and some caffeination to make it sparkle. Caribou Coffee’s sparkling raspberry peach black tea is the best iced tea out of all the big chain coffee shops.

But don’t take my word for it, go try it for yourself!

3. Toasted Marshmallow Cold Press Coffee

Cold press coffee is one of Caribou Coffee’s specialties. If you are a big coffee fan, you have probably already heard of cold brew coffee.

This newest coffee craze creates a mild and sweeter tasting coffee than if it was brewed hot.

When coffee is brewed hot, certain molecules are more easily released into the final brew. This can oftentimes turn the coffee bitter or even sour.

Many baristas avoid this problem by brewing their coffee cold.

While most coffee houses now host a variety of cold brew coffee’s Caribou Coffee has taken cold brewed coffee to the next level by introducing cold press coffee.

Cold brew coffee can take most of the day to brew and nobody has that kind of time.

By using the pressure created with a cold press, Caribou Coffee can brew fresh ice-cold coffee in a matter of minutes. And their variety of flavorings make these sweet treats even better.

The toasted marshmallow flavoring has been a long time favorite of Caribou Coffee regulars.

The toasted marshmallow cold press coffee is a perfect blend of sweet and fluffy flavorings in a coffee that is both strong and mellow in flavor.

The toasted flavor of this cold press coffee compliments the roast of the coffee beans used in the brew and creates a mouthwatering drink.

Trying this iced coffee during your next Caribou Coffee run is a no brainer!

4. Mango Orange Key Lime Tropical Green Tea Smoothie

While Caribou Coffee’s plain green tea is good enough to order by itself, why not make it even better?

The mango orange key lime tropical green tea smoothie is one of the most complicated orders on the whole menu, but its taste is clearly worth the hassle.

Green tea already has some amazing and well-known health benefits but combining it into a fruit smoothie just makes it all the better.

Mango’s sweet and fragrant flavor goes perfectly with green tea’s elegant taste.

They are made even greater with the addition of zesty and powerful orange. Green tea, mango, and orange? This is already starting to sound like a day on the beach.

This smoothie kicks the flavor up another notch with the addition of key lime to complete this tropical heaven in a cup.

It may not be the healthiest drink at Caribou Coffee due to the large amount of sugar it takes to make the mango, orange, and key lime syrup flavorings, but at least the green tea addition gives you a caffeine boost and plenty of antioxidants.

If you’re looking for a rich and fruity drink that screams “summer is here!” try the mango orange key lime tropic green tea smoothie.

Now all you need is a trip to the beach.

5. The Grant Coffee Steamer

The grant coffee steamer is a Caribou Coffee nickname for an iced cold coffee press with white caramel.

The cold coffee presses are similar to cold brew but utilize pressure to brew the coffee almost instantaneously.

Cold press coffee tastes much cleaner than iced coffee or cold brew coffee because of their special filters.

While they might not have as strong of a coffee taste as cold brew, they are much stronger than iced coffee.

Cold press coffee’s mild and clean flavors pair perfectly with white caramel additions. White caramel is a combination of white chocolate mocha sauce and caramel syrup.

White chocolate mocha sauce is much sweeter than dark mocha sauce because it does not contain as much chocolate flavorings.

When white chocolate mocha sauce is combined with caramel syrup, it creates a thick tan flavoring that tastes equal parts sweet and salty.

These flavors perfectly bring out cold press coffee’s natural chocolate and nutty notes in a way only Caribou Coffee can pull off.

Not many coffee shops offer cold press coffee and even fewer carry white chocolate caramel sauce.

If you are headed over to Caribou Coffee, the grant coffee steamer is a must-have drink.

6. Silly Soda

Caribou Coffee’s silly soda is the perfect way to appease your kid while keeping them far away from any caffeinated beverages.

Silly soda’s cute name and colorful appearance is a great way to keep a kid entertained while you order the energy boost you deserve.

Silly sodas consist of carbonated soda water with flavor shots. These flavor shots contain a simple syrup that can create any flavor soda your little one wants.

Some of the most popular flavor shots found in silly sodas are Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Mint, Raspberry, Almond, Cherry, Marshmallow, Cinnamon, and French Vanilla.

Choose two or more flavor shots to make your own personalized silly soda such as cherry and almond or raspberry and marshmallow.

These silly sodas can be made into Italian sodas by adding some heavy cream and a whipped cream topping.

Italian sodas have become incredibly popular in the last couple of years.

They are a great way to enjoy whatever flavors you want while still getting a creamy and refreshing drink. And they’re pretty cheap, too.

So, while you are enjoying your delicious latte, let your kid order a flavored silly soda.

7. Oreos and Cream Coffee-less Cooler

Caribou Coffee has a huge selection of coffee-less drinks for those of us who don’t like the jitters that caffeination gives us.

There is no need to sit out of a coffee date when you can order a coffee-less cooler!

The coffee-less coolers come in a variety of flavors shown on the menu but here’s a secret: any flavored coffee-based cooler can be ordered without coffee if you ask your barista.

Well, all of them except for the plain coffee cooler, of course.

One of the best flavored coolers has to be the Oreos and cream. This blended drink combines real vanilla with the classic Oreo cookie.

Include some chocolate sauce, half and half, and Caribou Coffee’s signature shake mix and there you have the Oreos and cream coffee-less cooler.

This delicious caffeine-free drink is topped with a cloud of vanilla whipped cream made from scratch every day.

Crushed Oreo cookies are dusted on top of the whole thing to make it a drink you will want to Instagram.

Besides being one of the most aesthetically pleasing drinks on the menu, the Oreos and cream coffee-less cooler is a delicious combination of vanilla, chocolate, and everybody’s favorite cookie.

This favorite cookie is what will make the Oreos and cream coffee-less cooler your new favorite Caribou Coffee order.

8. Hot Apple Blast

The hot apple blast is seriously underrated. It is one of the best drinks on the menu and hardly anyone talks about it!

The hot apple blast is made from spiced apple cider, caramel drizzle, and whipped cream.

While it sounds like a simple drink to make, the symphony it conducts in your mouth will have you ordering another in no time.

The flavors of the hot apple blast are some of the biggest and best-combined you will ever have.

Part of the hot apple blasts’ deliciousness comes from steaming the spiced apple cider. You read that right. Milk is not the only thing that can be made into a latte.

While the steamed apple cider won’t turn out as thick as steamed milk, the bubbles the steaming process leave add a beautiful texture.

There is something about hot apple cider that makes any drink taste better and the same is true for the hot apple blast.

The steamed apple cider is topped with a ribbon of homemade vanilla whipped cream and drizzled with beautifully thick caramel syrup.

If you were not excited for fall before, prepare to have your mind blown by this autumn classic available year-round.

9. Caramel Brownie Coffee-Less Cooler

The caramel brownie coffee-less cooler is another shake that is bound to become your new favorite order.

The coffee-less coolers are creamy blended beverages that taste more like shakes than any frappuccinos or coffee freeze.

Caribou Coffee’s coffee-less coolers are a great way to get your regular order without suffering from the caffeine jitters.

The caramel brownie is one of Caribou Coffee’s most ordered flavors and if you have ever tried it, you will know why.

Caribou Coffee fans who have a sweet tooth need to try this delicious blend of flavors.

The rich and buttery caramel creates the perfect balance of sweet and salty while the dark chocolate of the brownie ties the whole drink together.

This delicious combo is everyone’s favorite flavor and can now be ordered from every Caribou Coffee location.

It is topped with delicious whipped cream made fresh every day and a thick drizzle of caramel syrup.

Beware! If you try the caramel brownie coffee-less cooler, you may never order any other flavor ever again!

10. Hot Chocolate Cold Press with Caramel

If you’ve been reading through our list of top selling Caribou Coffee drinks, then you have already heard us talk about how amazing their cold pressed coffee is, but it is worth mentioning again.

Caribou Coffee’s cold press coffee is a delicious combination of mellow, sweet flavors and a clean coffee taste that is hard to find anywhere else.

This cold beverage is brewed cold, meaning it is much less acidic than other coffees.

Cold press coffee is a delicious drink all by itself, but it is even better when combined with hot chocolate and caramel.

Hot chocolate cold press coffee? I don’t know who came up with such a crazy and ingenious idea, but somebody should thank them.

Caribou Coffee’s hot chocolate cold press does not taste as dark as a mocha. It has a sweeter flavor that is more like milk chocolate, making the addition of caramel even better.

Caribou Coffee’s caramel is another classic that perfectly complements the whole drink.

The hot chocolate cold press with caramel is definitely a drink for people who love their sugar.

It is a sweet treat that is the perfect way to enjoy all your favorite Caribou Coffee flavors in one drink.


Part of Caribou Coffee’s mission statement is about feeding their customer’s souls with good coffee and looking at this amazing list of menu options, they have done just that.

Caribou Coffee goes a step above other big chain coffee shops to provide quality flavors and drinks for everyone, regardless of your preferences. They make coffee and coffee-less coolers.

They have all sorts of iced teas and flavors. They even have something for the kids.

So next time you are wanting a great cup of coffee, head on over to Caribou Coffee and order one of the bestselling drinks from our list.

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