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10 Best Coffee Drinks to Try at Dunkin Donuts

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There is a lot of debate among Dunkin Donuts Coffee regulars about which of their drinks is the best. Although there are several stand-out coffees that seem to be more popular, we couldn’t pick just one.

Instead, try this list of the 10 best coffee drinks to try at Dunkin Donuts. It is the perfect place for people new to the specialty coffee industry or for Dunkin Donuts regulars who are wanting to branch out.

Read on to learn about some of the most ordered drinks on and off the official Dunkin Donuts menu.

1. Caramel mocha

Dunkin Donuts’ caramel mocha latte is rich in more ways than one. This flavorful latte tastes silky smooth, and the pairing of caramel and mocha is just perfect. There is yet to be a better combination of the two coffee classics.

Caramel’s thick and salty flavor compliments the sweetness of the mocha. Even the espresso shots themselves mix into this popular drink flawlessly.

Dunkin Donuts uses flavor shots to combine fan favorites into unmistakably delicious new drinks and this is one of their best combinations yet. The best part about this flavor combination is that it works in every type of coffee. Try it as an iced coffee, a hot coffee, a macchiato, or as a latte.

Many people choose to add additional espresso shots to this drink to take the caramel mocha richness to another level. There are so many fun ways to try the caramel mocha!

No matter how you order this drink, it will taste like a dream. A lot of people avoid ordering well-known drinks and opt for a combination of lesser-known flavors instead. One sip of this drink will prove them wrong.

Dunkin Donuts’ caramel mocha takes two stereotypically “boring” latte flavors and combines them into something new and exciting. They do such a good job combining the two that it will leave you coming back for seconds!

2. Hot Caramel Macchiato

Every chain coffee shop offers a signature hot caramel macchiato. It is a classic! You can always tell the quality of the coffee shop by their hot caramel macchiatos and Dunkin Donuts’ version of this standard drink is right on the money.

Dunkin Donuts has the best caramel syrup, hands down. All their caramel drinks taste heavenly and I, for one, cannot get enough.

Dunkin’s hot caramel macchiato is a perfectly layered drink that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. A macchiato uses smooth and well-balanced espresso shots to compliment creamy steamed milk and velvety milk foam.

Macchiatos are the primary coffee served on any given afternoon in Italy. They are the perfect midday treat to give your energy a boost. Dunkin Donuts takes this traditional Italian classic and adds a twist of caramel flavoring.

Dunkin Donuts’ delightful espresso is paired with salty caramel flavoring on top of a cloud of steamed milk and sweet milk foam. This drink screams creamy and delicious.

With autumn just around the corner, the hot caramel macchiato is bound to be a fall favorite. This appetizing drink will warm you up while pleasing your sweet tooth and providing the much needed caffeination as the seasons change.

3. Toasted French Vanilla

Dunkin Donuts toasted French vanilla latte is a specialty secret menu item that can only be ordered if you know the recipe. This nutty drink combines the toasted flavors of ripened almonds with the sweet and floral notes of French vanilla.

Delicious, right? But what makes vanilla different from French vanilla, you may ask? French vanilla always seems like it has a secret ingredient that regular vanilla does not. What is it that makes French vanilla mysterious and extra special? Well, it is not a secret ingredient.

French vanilla is simply vanilla that was grown in France. Although that may not seem special, France is renowned for its wonderful tasting vanilla. Any vanilla grown in France is probably much better than the vanilla extract you are used to.

Dunkin Donuts uses nothing but the best tasting ingredients in their coffee so of course their vanilla is amazing. And combined with their toasted almond flavor shots, this drink can’t be beat!

Although the toasted French vanilla iced coffee is the epitome of specialty coffee, most Dunkin Donuts baristas probably have no idea how to make it because it is not on their normal menu. There is no need to worry or go searching the far reaches of the internet for how to indulge in this sweet and nutty coffee creation.

To order the toasted French vanilla coffee, start off with an iced coffee. You will want to add one French vanilla flavor shot and one toasted almond flavor shot. For an extra sweet kick, substitute regular milk for almond milk.

This toasty iced drink may become your new favorite Dunkin Donuts drink, thanks to the regulars who created the Dunkin Donuts secret menu!

4. Coconut Caramel Iced Coffee

The coconut caramel iced coffee Dunkin Donuts makes is an unusual flavor combination. And its fan base is huge. There is a reason Dunkin Donuts’ coconut caramel iced coffee is so popular. It is delicious!

It sounds crazy to use coconut to flavor iced coffee, but the combination of sweet and tropical, creamy coconut with silky and salty caramel just makes the most delicious cup of joe you have ever tried.

Iced coffee really brings out coconut’s inherent nutty flavors. This creates a creamy, nutty, and full-bodied drink that nobody can resist. The addition of caramel makes the coconut caramel iced coffee basically addicting.

This sweet drink will leave your tastebuds asking for more. Not only that, but it will leave you feeling better, too! The Dunkin Donuts coconut caramel iced coffee is sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America. They created this delicious coffee to commemorate one of their bestselling cookies.

Every time you buy a coconut caramel iced coffee, you are not only supporting your tastebuds, but you are also supporting the Girl Scouts of America. This delicious drink can be purchased at any Dunkin Donuts location or can be purchased pre-bottled at any grocery store.

If you can’t leave the house, or just do not want to, the coconut caramel iced coffee can even be ordered online. Everyone has access to this indulgent coffee. So, support the Girl Scouts and give it a try!

5. Hazelnut Mocha

Mochas are longtime classics. They have been used in coffee for hundreds of years. Coffee is often described as having chocolate notes, so adorning a delicious, iced coffee with mocha syrup just seems right.

Coffee is also often described as having nutty flavors including our favorite, hazelnut. Hazelnut is a warm and earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with coffee. Hazelnut is in everything from flavored syrups to creamers. It can even be used to top whipped creams of blended coffees.

By pairing mocha and hazelnut, we get a beautiful fusion of the richness of chocolate and the nutty warmness of hazelnut. Their combined flavors create a delicious coffee that is perfect for any season.

Many longtime fans of this drink have nicknamed the hazelnut mocha the “Nutella coffee,” and the name fits. The popular chocolate hazelnut spread perfectly describes what this unique coffee tastes like.

Both the hazelnut and the chocolate in this Dunkin Donuts fan favorite are perfectly sweetened to cut the natural bitterness of iced coffee or espresso shots but neither are sweet enough to taste funny.

Dunkin Donuts has truly perfected these flavor classics and combined them to make something even better. To order the hazelnut mocha, start with a classic mocha latte and ask your barista to add two flavor shots of hazelnut.

For an extra kick, try adding almond milk to increase the warm nuttiness of this addicting coffee.

6. Coco Berry

The coco berry coffee’s name makes it sound like it is covered in chocolate and blackberries, but this is far from what it really tastes like. Dunkin Donuts’ coco berry coffee is a creative fusion of coconut and blueberry to create a fruity and tropical delight.

Dunkin Donuts’ specialty is unique coffees you cannot find anywhere else, and this is heralded by their cocoa berry coffee. Coconut and coffee do not sound like they would taste good together, but just give it a try.

The creaminess and nutty flavor of the coconut perfectly compliment coffee’s strong and robust flavors. Adding blueberry flavoring may seem crazy, but the whole drink works perfectly in a way no barista can explain.

All we can do is thank whoever first tried this crazy combination and declared it a success. The coco berry coffee’s tropical flavors are perfect for an iced coffee, or better yet, a blended coffee.

Not many people know about this delightfully refreshing coffee because it is a secret menu item. This can make it hard to order, but if you know the recipe, your barista can make the tropical coco berry coffee with ease.

To order, ask for an iced coffee with almond milk for extra nuttiness. Add two shots of coconut flavor and 2 shots of blueberry flavor. Try it for yourself and you might be surprised by how much you love it!

7. Butter Pecan Swirl

The butter pecan swirl at Dunkin Donuts is so popular that they had to make it a seasonal item! This delicious coffee is covered in ribbons of caramel pecan crunch. Its buttery smooth flavor makes it one of the most ordered items on the menu.

This addicting coffee only appears at select Dunkin Donuts locations during the summer and sells out quickly. When people say it tastes just like melted butter pecan ice cream, they mean it. The only difference between the two is the rich flavor of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

The butter pecan swirl coffee is a nutty and creamy delight to the tastebuds. Anyone with a huge, sweet tooth will love this summer drink. It has lots of sugar so for our fans of black coffee, this may not be your thing.

The butter pecan swirl is a Dunkin Donuts classic. Dunkin Donuts is well respected for having the most flavors, but they do not stop there. This coffee shop has the most flavors out of all the big chain coffee companies.

The popularity of the butter pecan swirl against all of Dunkin Donuts other favorite flavors truly goes to show how yummy of a drink it is.

8. Frozen Chocolate Coffee Coolatta

Hot chocolate is a nostalgic drink for many of us. Late nights by the campfire or chilly winter afternoons have been made so much better with the addition of hot chocolate. Dunkin Donuts has made this drink accessible any time of the year with their frozen chocolate coffee coolatta.

Unlike Starbucks’ mocha frappuccino, the Dunkin Donuts frozen chocolate coffee coolatta has a sweeter flavor. This comes from the addition of their mocha sauce, which is lighter than most.

The frozen chocolate coffee coolatta truly tastes like a hot chocolate with the addition of an espresso shot or two. This sweet treat has a much stronger coffee flavor than many other frozen mochas on the market.

The frozen chocolate coffee coolatta is a blended beverage that has a slushy-like consistency. It is topped with decadent whipped cream and chocolate drizzle to make the drink look as pretty as it tastes.

You can tell that Dunkin Donuts uses authentic chocolate to make this rich and delightful drink. It is a decadent mix of flavors that brings back childhood memories in a fun new way.

Instead of waiting around all year for hot chocolate to become socially acceptable again, try ordering this frozen hot chocolate coolatta and get in your caffeine fix while you are at it. It is the perfect frozen coffee to experiment with as well.

Hazelnut, white chocolate, peppermint, and many more flavors can be used to make this drink your personal masterpiece.

9. Birthday Cake Coolatta

Birthday cake is one of those fundamental flavors you can find in any food or candy. Ice cream, cookies, actual cake? Birthday cake flavor is everywhere, but what about coffee? There are not many places that tout a birthday cake frozen coffee.

Dunkin Donuts is here to change the game with their birthday cake coolatta, and it is delicious. One sip of this frozen coffee will have you singing the birthday song.

The birthday cake coolatta seems like it is made with a complicated mess of syrups and sauces but that is far from the truth. This drink only contains two flavors: vanilla and hazelnut. I know it is hard to believe but Dunkin Donuts’ vanilla and hazelnut flavors combine to create a drink that tastes just like your childhood.

Being a frozen coffee, it is topped with a beautifully ribboned whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles just to drive it home. The birthday cake coolatta is one of Dunkin Donuts’ most Instagram-worthy drinks because of its colorful flair.

To order a birthday cake coolatta, begin with a vanilla bean frozen coffee and add two flavor shots of hazelnut. Ask them to top it with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.

This is the perfect drink to enjoy with a glazed donut on top. Even if your stomach can’t handle all that sugar, it makes for a fun and exciting photo shoot.

10. Captain Crunch Coolatta

The captain crunch coolatta is not a drink on the Dunkin Donuts official menu. This flavorful blended coffee is another fan made favorite found on the secret menu. It is crazy to think about how many delightful drinks we never would have gotten to try if these secret menus were never created!

Thanks to Dunkin Donuts regulars and pure human ingenuity, now we can all indulge in the captain crunch coolatta. This one-of-a-kind blended coffee is named after the colorful fruity cereal for a good reason.

The captain crunch coolatta tastes just like captain crunch cereal and a cup of morning coffee. By combining the fruity, sugary cereal and frozen coffee, you get a mouthful of sweet heaven.

This drink contains the most flavor shots out of all the drinks we have described so far. It is a long order, but well worth it. The captain crunch coolatta contains the following flavors, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and cream.

To order a captain crunch coolatta, begin with a strawberry coolatta and add one shot of raspberry flavor, one shot of strawberry flavor, one shot of blueberry flavor, and the standard amount of cream.

Top it all off with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles to create the sweetest milkshake of a frozen coffee you will ever order.


Dunkin Donuts is the coffee place to go for unusual and wacky drinks and boy do they deliver. Dunkin Donuts have a plethora of fun flavors to choose from to make any drink your own. From a plain old vanilla latte to a captain crunch coolatta, Dunkin Donuts does it all.

Regulars of this coffee chain are known to get creative and share their amazing drink finds on the Dunkin Donuts secret menu, adding to the already huge selection of drinks they offer.

It can be incredibly overwhelming if you are ordering for the first time, so try out one of the delicious Dunkin Donuts drink specials listed here or combine them to create your own specialty coffee.

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