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10 Best Coffee Drinks to Order at Dutch Bros Coffee

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Dutch Bros is a relatively new coffee house when compared to old school Starbucks, but they have already made quite a name for themselves by hosting one of the largest menus I have ever seen.

They seem to have every flavor you could ever ask for, including the unusual ones. Macadamia, horchata, and even white coffee can all be found at your local Dutch Bros. Read on to hear about some of our favorite Dutch Bros coffee drinks and what they taste like!

1. Flapjack Breve

 It may taste just like perfectly cooked pancakes but ordering the Dutch Bros flapjack breve is no excuse to skip breakfast.

The flapjack breve is one of those creative Dutch Bros classics that combines well-known and well-used flavors into something entirely new.

A breve is a type of latte that uses half and half instead of regular milk to create a creamier and thicker consistency.

The half and half are steamed to perfection, just like a golden-brown pancake, and added to espresso shots.

If you have never had a Dutch Bros espresso shot, you need to try them. Nobody does perfectly balanced and insanely strong espresso like Dutch Bros Coffee.

This delicious breve is flavored with salted caramel syrup, vanilla syrup, and white chocolate sauce.

The flapjack breve’s foamy top is adorned with a thick salted caramel drizzle and served hot. Many fans of specialty gourmet coffee try to limit their sugar intake, which can be hard to do with all Dutch Bros’ tempting flavor options.

Luckily, their vanilla and white chocolate syrups have sugar free alternatives, so you don’t have to worry about a sugar high on top of a caffeine addiction.

The flapjack breve will make you feel like you had a hearty pancake breakfast in a cup.

2. Cherry Starburst Rebel

The Dutch Bros rebel drinks are named after the energy drink they are made with. Unlike most other coffee companies, Dutch Bros includes all types of caffeinated drinks on their menu.

There are plenty to try if you are not a fan of espresso or tea.

The cherry starburst rebel tastes just like candy. It tastes just like a red starburst, to be exact.

This energy drink is flavored with cherry syrup, almond flavorings, and white chocolate sauce to create a fruity, creamy dream.

Cherry and almond have long been used together in various cakes and breads, so it is ingenious to combine them into an energy drink.

Most of us have probably heard of Starbucks’ pink drink, which is rumored to taste just like a pink starburst.

This red starburst, however, is the real deal. Try a cherry starburst rebel for yourself to compare the taste to that favorite candy. Plus, you do not have to memorize a secret menu recipe to order it.

Every Dutch Bros location will have the cherry starburst rebel labeled clearly on the menu. It is one of their bestselling drinks, after all.

Cherry is one of those flavors that you do not find in a lot of coffee shops. It is a shame, but Dutch Bros is here to correct that wrong by not only including cherry flavored caffeinated beverages, but by making them this delicious. Non caffeinated drinks at Dutch Bros are always worth a try!

3. Dutch Crunch Breve with White Coffee

Not only is it fun to say out loud, but the Dutch crunch breve with white coffee might become your new favorite addiction. White coffee is a beverage that is unique to Dutch Bros.

But what is white coffee?

White coffee is a new blend of coffee that only started gaining popularity in Yemen about 100 years ago. White coffee is not just a regular blend of roasted coffee with some milk.

Its name comes from this coffee bean’s unique color.

White coffee is brewed from a specific type of coffee beans that provides all the caffeination of regular coffee but without the usual dark and roasted taste.

This makes it perfect to combine with flavors you wouldn’t otherwise want in your coffee

This unique coffee bean is roasted at a much lower temperature than dark coffee, which is thought to give it health benefits.

White coffee is still new, but Dutch Bros Coffee has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to unique coffee trends.

The Dutch crunch breve with white coffee utilizes white coffee’s unique flavors by combining it with strawberry and hazelnut. This makes the whole drink taste just like captain crunch berry cereal!

Because it is a breve, the Dutch crunch steams half and half and blends it with the white coffee espresso shots to create a unique tasting strawberry latte you will love. It may sound like an odd flavor choice, but don’t knock it before you try it!

You can let your barist adapt this to one of their vegan drinks options at Dutch Bros with plant-based milk.

4. White zombie mocha

The white zombie mocha is similar to Starbucks’ tan mocha. It is sometimes referred to as the tan mocha or the marble mocha but whatever name you call it, it is delicious.

The white zombie mocha combines both white and dark chocolate sauce as the name suggests creating a beautiful blend of contrasting flavors.

Add a couple of espresso shots and some steamed milk and what more could you ask for?

Dutch Bros is well known for the quality of their chocolate sauces.

Just the white chocolate sauce alone creates a heavenly mocha but combining them makes a truly powerful drink.

Dutch Bros is one of the only coffee shops that will steam chocolate milk directly into your mocha for you.

When ordering your white zombie mocha, you have a selection of milks to choose from. Among your typical milk choices are 2%, whole, skim, almond, the ever-popular oat milk, and coconut milk.

However, Dutch Bros also offers chocolate milk.

If you are a chocoholic, try asking your barista for mocha milk instead of regular milk to create an extra triple chocolate espresso drink of your own.

If you have never had steamed chocolate milk, be sure to try it in the white zombie mocha. Your sweet tooth will thank you. You can also try this as a Dutch Bros cold brew drink.

5. Snickers Mocha

Ok if you’re in the mood to say show me the Dutch Brothers menu and find something special, here’s the deal: The snickers mocha latte will make you feel more like yourself. While it may not curb your appetite like a real snickers bar can, this mocha will have you caffeinated in no time.

Not to mention the help a little sugar can do.

Just like in a real snicker bar, the Dutch Bros snickers mocha latte contains caramel, hazelnut, and dark chocolate in the form of dark mocha sauce.

Unlike a real snickers bar, the snickers mocha includes creamy steamed milk and espresso shots. That is even better than candy.

This blend of caramel, hazelnut, and dark mocha are the trifecta of lattes, but combining them? Genius.

You could go to any other coffee shop and order all these flavors in a single latte, but I doubt they will get the ratios perfectly the way Dutch Bros does.

Dutch Bros combine all these rich and sugary flavors in such a way where none of them overpower the others.

The caramel, hazelnut, and dark mocha all combine to enhance the espresso’s strong coffee flavors.

The snicker’s mocha is the epitome of sugary lattes done right and deserves to be tried at least once.

Under Caffeinated? Grab a snickers mocha.

6. Galaxy Fish Rebel

The galaxy fish rebel has both a cool memorable name and a unique flavor. The Dutch Bros Rebels all contain a base of the rebel energy drink with various flavors.

The galaxy fish rebel includes ripe strawberry, tangy key lime, and flavorful passionfruit.

When it comes to tropical caffeine drinks, the galaxy fish rebel is the way to go. It has a beautiful orange-pink hue and is topped with velvety whipped cream.

This delicious Dutch Bros rebel can be served iced or blended. If you are looking to experiment, however, try adding milk.

It might sound weird to add milk to this fruity concoction but trust me on this. Coconut milk will take the tropical fruit flavors of the galaxy fish and make them even creamier.

All these citrus fruits can create a tangy, strong flavor that gets old after a while. The coconut milk addition is the perfect thing to mellow out these bright flavors.

Iced, blended, or served with coconut milk, the galaxy fish rebel is a drink that everyone should try.

7. Aquaberry Rebel

Dutch Bros’ famed aquaberry rebel lives up to its name with flavors you almost never see in caffeinated drinks. When was the last time you drank watermelon?

It has probably been a while, but Dutch Bros offers that unique flavor and more in their aquaberry rebel drink.

The aquaberry rebel is an uncommon combination of watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, and blue raspberry. This drink packs a huge punch when it comes to flavor.

Many fans of the aquaberry rebel compare it to a jolly rancher, but caffeinated.

The strawberry and blue raspberry really pull through and perfectly balance the often sour kiwi flavor.

The watermelon creates a smooth, juicy taste that is unmatched.

The aquaberry rebel can be ordered iced or frozen. The frozen drink will often come with whipped cream and a domed lid.

The only thing better about the aquaberry rebel’s taste is its looks.

Its aqua name comes from the color of this drink’s final form. It is a perfect blend of blue and green that is so pleasing to the eyes.

8. Blackberry Orange Rebel

The blackberry orange rebel is yet another energy drink that looks as pretty as it tastes. With a dark orange color, this drink looks just like a sunset over the ocean.

Topped with whipped cream when blended and this beautiful beverage might just be your new Dutch Bros favorite.

The blackberry syrup Dutch Bros uses is very sweet but slightly tart. It perfectly encapsulates real blackberry’s earthy undertones and fruity flavors. The orange syrup is very zesty.

It doesn’t taste as sweet as orange juice.

The orange flavors in the blackberry orange rebel are much more citrusy and passionate than that of your everyday orange juice.

The blackberry orange rebel is a very fruity and bright tasting drink that is sure to please your taste buds.

It is pretty, it is delicious, what more do you need? Try the blackberry orange rebel from Dutch Bros yourself!

9. Half Kicker Half Annihilator

The half kicker half annihilator is just as devastating as it sounds. This TikTok sensation combines two common Dutch Bros orders into one giant monstrosity of a drink that tastes surprisingly amazing.

The kicker is a Dutch bros classic that nearly had them sold out when it first entered their menu. The kicker is an oat milk latte. A small kicker contains two shots of rich and balanced espresso.

Those combined with the oatmilk make this latte one of the most popular drinks on the Dutch Bros menu.

Oat milk has been causing a craze as of late because of its thick and sweet flavor. Fans of specialty coffee often prefer oat milk because of how it compliments espresso and steams so well.

The other half of this secret menu drink is the annihilator. The annihilator is an iced coffee based on espresso roast only.

This strong coffee uses three different types of coffee beans to create its signature taste.

The annihilator is well named because it has a huge amount of caffeine. All that espresso is made more palatable with the use of macadamia syrup and mocha drizzle.

The half kicker half annihilator is one of the most caffeinated drinks you could possibly order at Dutch Bros. If you ask them to modify it it’s also one of the very best cold brew Dutch Bros options by far.

This drink is perfect when a regular coffee or even straight espresso shot are just not enough to wake you up properly.

Dutch Bros even uses their own secret mix in this drink that is rumored to have even more caffeine.

While the half kicker half annihilator is absolutely drenched in caffeine, it tastes just as amazing.

The espresso, macadamia, mocha, and oatmilk all combine perfectly to create one of the best drinks on the Dutch Bros Coffee menu.

10. Horchata Chai

Horchata is newly becoming popular in mainstream coffee houses across the world and this spiced drink is delicious. A horchata is a plant-based milk beverage that was traditionally made with rice.

It is sweet with a few spices added in for good measure.

Vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon are all added to make this already sweet milk treat even tastier.

When it is combined with a chai tea latte, it creates a culinary masterpiece.

Chai tea lattes are made from masala tea, which is a black tea that has been spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, peppercorn, and ginger.

This chai tea is then added to steamed milk to give it a creamy consistency that is to die for.

The Dutch Bros version of a horchata chai consists of their specialty chai tea blend combined with a lot of extra cinnamon, some white chocolate mocha, and caramel drizzle.

The horchata chai is sure to leave you drooling just hearing about it.

This drink can be made both cold or iced but when it is blended, the barista will add a beautiful dollop of ribboned vanilla whipped cream and will top it all off with a gorgeous dusting of cinnamon.

The horchata chai is the perfect beverage for any time of year since horchata is a summer drink and chai are often made in the winter. Call me weird but adding Irish cream works for this beverage too.

Now you can order the best of both worlds any time.


Dutch Bros is much more than just a coffee house. It has everything from classic coffee to new brews to wild items like the Dutch Bros 911. Say what? Dutch Bros 911 is an amazing six-shot Irish Creme Breve. 

This coffee combines their trademark espresso, half-and-half, and Irish cream into a wonderful drink. Def worth trying 911 coffee Dutch Bros drinks if you ask me, by the way. It’s one of the Dutch classics.

While they specialize in gourmet coffees that have perfectly balanced espresso shots and delicious mocha flavorings, they also offer tons of caffeinated fruity drinks as well.

The Dutch Bros rebels have every flavor you could possibly want, and they combine them so flawlessly, there is hardly any need at all to experiment.

Any drink you could think of Dutch Bros probably already has it on the menu so visit Dutch Bros and get creative.

A word of caution, if you’re checking general nutrition advice some of these might have too much sugar or too much caffeine like a drink with six shots, so please ask at your store.

Although having so many options is a good thing, this can often make it hard to choose a drink that you will like.

Start by looking through our list and finding flavor combinations that you will love.

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