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10 Best Coffee Drinks to Order at Tim Hortons

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Coffee shops have been bringing people together for centuries. They first began as a place of ideas and a gathering point for the community. Some things never change. Whether you have a massive sweet tooth or prefer a plain americano, Tim Hortons has you covered.

If you are new and don’t know where to start, try one of the bestselling drinks from the list below or challenge yourself to try them all.

1. Iced Cappuccino

Although they are a relatively new trend, iced cappuccinos can now be ordered at nearly every big chain coffee shop in the Western world. They may not be the most popular iced coffee drinks, but Tim Hortons specializes in iced cappuccinos.

An iced cappuccino is made from ice, coffee, and milk. These ingredients are blended until a mouth-watering iced cappuccino is created. The thing that makes Tim Hortons’ iced cappuccinos so great are the ratios they use.

Tim Hortons has nailed their iced cappuccino’s ratios and although many food bloggers have tried, there is no real Tim Hortons copycat recipe for their iced cappuccinos. If you want to try one, you’ll have to order it.

Because they are so popular, every Tim Hortons location and barista can make you a delicious, iced cappuccino. Regular customers get creative when it comes to add ons and flavors for this icy delight.

One of the most popular variations includes the iced mocha cappuccino. This chocolate drink includes dark mocha sauce, vanilla whipped cream, and is artfully topped with chocolate drizzle.

The beauty of the Tim Horton iced cappuccino is that it can be customized to your heart’s content. The only real flavor in the original recipe is coffee, so as long as the flavors you choose compliment the taste of espresso, your customized iced cappuccino will be delicious.

2. Frozen Chai

Chai tea has long been a favorite of every coffee shop around the world. Tim Hortons takes this classic spiced tea to the next level with its frozen chai.

Chai consists of a masala tea created from a blend of black tea and various spices. These spices often include cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, peppercorn, and cardamom. Every chai spice blend is unique, and Tim Hortons’ is one of the best.

Their frozen chai has all the flavor and spice of a traditional chai tea with all the creaminess of a latte. They add to this delicious combination by texturizing it into a frozen blend of pure bliss.

Tim Hortons creates their frozen chai drinks with a signature chai powder blend. This blend contains all the aromatic spices of a classic chai mixed to perfection. They really have perfected the chai tea blend.

This is combined with whole milk and ice and blended to create the mouth-watering frozen chai. The frozen chai can be ordered from any Tim Hortons location and is one of their bestselling and most popular drinks.

The frozen chai is another great drink to experiment with. Many variations of the original classic include syrups to add different flavors. One of the most popular flavors to add to the frozen chai is vanilla, but hazelnut is a close second best.

Try including whipped cream on top to take this sweet and spicy drink from delicious to heavenly.

3. Strawberry Creamy Chill

Tim Hortons specialized in their assorted creamy chills. A creamy chill is a shake that comes in flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and, of course, strawberry. Out of all the flavors that Tim Hortons offers, their strawberry creamy chills are by far the most popular.

The strawberry creamy chill hosts a deliciously bright strawberry flavor blended into 100% real cream. This creates a thick and luscious drink topped with a ribbon of whipped cream. The strawberry creamy chill uses a pink strawberry drizzle to add to the decadence.

Tim Hortons’ strawberry creamy chill is the go-to drink for anyone wanting a fruity beverage to help them cool off this summer. This thick and creamy shake is far better than any McDonalds McFlurry, and it costs less, too!

The strawberry creamy chill is a little different than most traditional milkshakes because it does not contain any ice cream. This allows it to have a lighter consistency and a velvetier texture than other milkshakes.

Where else can you get a strawberry milkshake of this quality for the same price and service? Tim Hortons is the place to go when it comes to fruity frozen treats. Many people like to take the strawberry creamy chill up a notch by adding flavors such as white chocolate mocha.

This white chocolate mocha strawberry creamy chill tastes like pure candy and is quickly becoming the most popular Tim Hortons secret menu item.

4. Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry lemonade from Tim Hortons? That is not something they offer on their official menu but we Tim Hortons regulars know all the secrets. The strawberry lemonade is a secret menu item that combines the flavor of the strawberry creamy chill and their classic refreshing lemonade.

Strawberry and lemonade are two fruits whose flavors combine flawlessly. They are refreshing, tangy, and perfectly sweet. The Tim Hortons secret menu strawberry lemonade is made even better by combining not just any strawberry flavor, but strawberry puree with their original lemonade.

Most places that offer strawberry lemonade will use a flavor shot of strawberry or some other flavored syrup, but not Tim Hortons. The strawberry puree gives their lemonade a thicker texture that lets you know they use real ingredients.

The strawberry puree can be layered into the drink to give it a neat pink and yellow striped aesthetic. This is one of the prettiest drinks at Tim Hortons. Top it all off with some whipped cream and their heavenly strawberry drizzle and you have got your new favorite order.

To order this strawberry lemonade, as your barista for a classic lemonade with strawberry pure. Make sure to ask them to top it with whipped cream and strawberry drizzle!

5. Original Blend Double Double

Tim Hortons’ original black coffee blend is often overshadowed by its more flamboyant and creative drinks. While all their mochas and freezes are as delicious as they are popular, Tim Hortons’ brewed coffee deserves a shout out, too!

Tim Hortons has the most unique tasting coffee blend out of all the big chain coffee houses. Their original blend is a medium roast with a slightly bitter aftertaste and robust, nutty flavors.

Although it is a medium blend, this coffee leans toward the darker side, giving it notes of various nuts. The Tim Hortons original blend is a lot less acidic than most other black coffees, making it surprisingly pleasant to drink black.

While black coffee has its benefits, most people can’t handle that bitter flavor and opt to sweeten it with sugar and milk. Tim Horton’s way of sweetening coffee is a double double.

A double means that two sugars and two creams are added to their original blend of coffee. This cuts the bitterness of the blend just enough to make it easily palatable while not masking it’s nutty, rich flavors.

Every Tim Hortons barista will know what you mean if you order an original blend double double due to its insane popularity. If you prefer to add the cream and sugar yourself, try spicing it up with a dash of cinnamon powder on top!

It can be hard to remember that Tim Hortons is a coffee shop because of all the fun flavors and milkshakes they offer, but their brewed coffee is one of the best in Canada, so give it a try!

6. Cotton Candy Freeze

The Tim Hortons’ cotton candy freeze is yet another secret menu item that your barista may not know how to make. If you have the recipe, this sweet concoction is yours for the ordering!

The cotton candy freeze is named as such because it tastes just like cotton candy you would get at a carnival. The one difference is that it is blended into a slushy. The cotton candy freeze’s sweet and mild flavors are perfect for cooling off with friends or rewarding yourself after a hard day at work.

This drink is based on the frozen raspberry lemonade, which can be found on the official Tim Hortons menu. To create the cotton candy freeze, ask for the frozen raspberry lemonade, but ask your barista to swap out the lemon flavor for vanilla.

This raspberry and vanilla frozen slushy tastes like the raspberry vanilla secret menu item at Starbucks but has a milder and creamier taste to it. The Tim Hortons’ flavored freezes really can’t be beat.

For an extra sweet treat, add strawberry puree to create a monstrosity of tangy fruit and floral vanilla. This cotton candy freeze creates the cutest shade of pink that is sure to be a photogenic masterpiece. Top it with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles for an extra pretty picture!

7. Chai Tea White Hot Chocolate

We all know and love traditional chai tea, but this classic drink can be made so much better with the addition of white hot chocolate. Chai tea consists of black tea and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. It has been the perfect drink to experiment on for years, but Tim Hortons may have just perfected it.

Chai tea and hot chocolate is already a great combination. It tastes just like a spiced Mexican hot chocolate but with the benefit of a caffeine boost. A white hot chocolate is even better. One reason many people don’t like chai tea is because it is often too spicy.

The use of ginger and peppercorn can be a little too much sometimes, so the addition of white chocolate perfectly sweetens this centuries old drink. White chocolate is a sweeter and less bitter version of dark chocolate. It is the perfect pairing for chai tea.

Hot chocolate’s creamy milk creates a latte texture that regulars of Tim Hortons love. All these mouth-watering additions come together to create the chai tea white hot chocolate. It may sound complicated to make, but it is one of the easiest secret menu drinks to order.

To order a chai tea white hot chocolate at Tim Hortons, ask for a regular white hot chocolate and ask your barista to add a chai tea bag to the drink. It is a great way to save money while still indulging your tastebuds. This chai white hot chocolate is a lot cheaper than a chai tea latte and tastes even better.

8. Mint Chocolate Mocha

Despite mint and chocolate being some of the best flavor pairings known to man, it can be hard to find a coffee shop that carries mint flavorings. Tim Hortons is here to change that with their signature mint chocolate mocha.

This holiday treat is based on the traditional mocha latte. It contains several smooth-tasting shots of espresso, steamed milk, flavorings, and whipped cream. The best part of the mint chocolate mocha is the combination of the peppermint and the mocha chocolate sauce.

Tim Hortons’ chocolate sauce is a rich and delightful mixture that perfectly accentuates the bitter aftertaste of their espresso. It is sweet enough to cut the acidic espresso taste while not covering up the coffee’s unique flavors.

Pair this combination with peppermint and we have a real winner. Peppermint adds a holiday touch to the drink that will get you into the wintertime spirit faster than you can order it. The only downside to the mint chocolate mocha is that it is a seasonal only drink.

That just means that we have to order it as much as possible when it is available. This drink is insanely popular and tends to sell out quickly during the holiday rush. Order one as soon as they come out and try it for yourself.

9. French Vanilla and English Toffee Latte

The French vanilla and English toffee latte at Tim Hortons sounds like a deluxe secret menu item, but it is not. This flavorful drink was created as a Tim Hortons original latte. That means you can order it without knowing its recipe, which makes for a less-stressful coffee run.

French vanilla is an aromatic and almost floral flavor that can complement any food or drink. In this latte, it pairs with the sweet English toffee and the espresso to create a delightful specialty coffee you can order any time of the year.

Toffee is a special candy popularized in England. It is made by heating sugar and molasses until they are boiling and adding some butter for a creamy effect. Flour is often added to give the toffee a thicker consistency.

Toffee is like caramel in flavor, but it has a distinct maple syrup flavor that caramel does not. This makes toffee the perfect addition to any latte. The French vanilla and English toffee latte is a Tim Hortons classic that everyone who loves sweet coffee should try.

The nutty flavor of Tim Hortons’ espresso is perfectly complemented by this toffee flavoring. After all, toffee is usually served with various nuts or chocolate. Both flavors are frequently used to describe espresso.

The Tim Hortons French vanilla and English toffee latte is an ingenious way to flavor coffee while still retaining its original mouthwatering coffee taste.

10. The Gretzky

The Gretzky is a fan made drink based off the popular hockey player Wayne Gretzky. This hockey player is very vocal about his love for Tim Hortons coffee and although he rarely orders their specialty drinks such as the mocha, he sweetens their coffee in his own unique way.

Wayne Gretzky wears the number 99 in the hockey rink and as a tribute to his love of the sport, he created this unique Tim Hortons drink. The Gretzky consists of a large black original blend coffee with 9 creams and 9 sugars.

This may seem like it has a lot of sweeteners and that is because it does. The Gretzky is not a drink for the faint of heart (or for people with heart conditions). However much your dentist may disapprove, I recommend trying the Gretzky at least once.

The Gretzky is a bit of a myth at Tim Hortons, but enough regulars have ordered this sweet drink, so you probably won’t seem crazy adding all those sugars at the condiment bar. After a couple of viral videos, the myth seems to be more of an inside joke now.

Even if you don’t like sugar in your coffee, try ordering the Gretzky and you will most likely get a couple of chuckles and a good memory.


Tim Hortons offers tons of drink options for people of all walks of life. People who prefer a plain black coffee and those who order the French vanilla and toffee nut latte with whipped cream can both find the perfect drink at this coffee house.

Tim Hortons has so many flavors to choose from that decision fatigue is a common symptom of the ordering process. If that sounds like you, try choosing from the selected drinks above. One of them is sure to be your new favorite order.

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