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Aeropress Espresso Recipe (Easy Coffee Recipe)

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You might love it or not so much, but the Aeropress changed the world of coffee forever.

Beauty in simplicity — a plunger that forces hot water through your ground coffee for an instant, concentrated and deeply flavorful coffee shot. Isn’t that beautiful?

If you don’t have an Aeropress, let me tell you — it’s not a basic necessity.

If you’re a coffee lover, you can totally survive with a mocha pot, a pour-over coffee pot, a French press or an espresso machine.

Having said that, if you genuinely are a coffee enthusiast, you’ll probably want to get your hands on an Aeropress because, why not?

The Aeropress is all about precision, but it’s also so primal; you’re literally brewing a cup of coffee with your hands, and it feels great.

Getting it right, though, takes a couple of tries. As with everything, you must get to know your Aeropress; you must be one with it.

There’s no magic recipe for a perfect Aeropress espresso.

You can play around with the fun appliance until you get coffee just how you like it. Well, the recipe I’m showing you today is definitely a great start.


Good coffee is all about balance. You want to brew your coffee in a 1:3 ratio between the amount of ground coffee and water. That’s usually 20 grams of coffee and 60 grams of water.

And the right ratio is so important you’ll want to use a digital scale to get it on point.

Talking about coffee, grind your coffee as fine as possible, not as much as Turkish coffee, but more refined than what you would use for a pour-over.

Then there’s the prep work. If you want your Aeropress to work smoothly, you need to dampen your filter before use, and you want to warm the chamber up together with your cup.

You can do so with warm water. You have to press the coffee tightly inside the chamber, too. Don’t just scoop the coffee but pack it tightly — that way; you’ll get a more concentrated brew.

Here’s a final tip. We’re making an espresso. Not a lungo, not an Americano, so you don’t need to let the coffee brew for too long.

As long as you pour in the boiling water, press the plunger. You’ll love the results.

How to Make It

  • Prep Time2 min
  • Cook Time3 min
  • Total Time5 min
  • Serving Size1
  • Energy1 cal


  • 3 oz water



If you haven’t done so already, finely ground your coffee. Weight exactly 20 grams on a digital scale. Reserve.


Bring water to a boil.


Pre-wet your filter, warm your cup with boiling water, and warm your Aeropress too. Discard the water from the cup and Aeropress.


Add the coffee to the chamber and pour precisely 60 grams of water.


Stir gently.


Place the Aeropress over your glass and press the plunger immediately.


Sweeten to taste and add milk if desired. Enjoy!

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size1
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories1
  • % Daily Value*Standard DV
  • Sodium4 mg2300 mg0.17%
  • Calcium1 mg1300 mg0.08%
  • Potassium33 mg4700 mg0.7%
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