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10 Best Coffee Drinks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

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Bali Blue Moon Coffee

This is the most richly cultured and exotic coffee type you’ll lay your hand on at CBTL or any other place. This exquisite strain is grown and harvested on the Kinta Mani Highlands in Bali.

Just how exotic does that sound? It tastes like a delicately balanced concoction of chocolate and walnuts while its sweet, tantalizing aroma is due to the black cherry finish that tops it all up.

The Bali Blue Moon Coffee is elegance and class distilled into a cup, one that you should definitely try out.

Vanilla Latte

The Vanilla Latte is CTBL’s signature espresso and for a good reason. The rich, splendid blend of coffee is made using espresso and the illustriously tasty French deluxe vanilla powder which mesh together so well to give you a luxurious beverage that replenishes and vitalizes you with every single sip you take.

Cookies and Cream Ice Blended

There is really no limit to the creativity of the coffee wizards at CTBL. This particular blend of coffee is the result of their unbridled creativity that will simply blow your mind and taste buds the moment you take a sip of it.

It is a sweet beverage that combines the individual flavor attributes of creamy vanilla, espresso and chocolate cookie pieces to give you an explosively rich taste that will have you salivating long after you have drained your cup.

Caramel Coconut Latte

If this blend of coffee was a place it would be Malibu. As the name suggests, this coffee embodies the height of luxury and good living.

The Caramel Coconut Latte tastes impossibly heavenly and with the flavor of coconut and caramel subdued but detectable, it would make for the perfect vacation beverage without a doubt.

Ultimate Mocha

The Ultimate Mocha is well, the ultimate drink for the adventurous spirits who like to explore and try out new things.

While giving chocolate prominence, the brewers at CBTL combine coffee and ice with chocolate to come up with a wonderful blend that gives you an experience of coffee like no other due to just how awesomely delicious it is.

Caramel Ice Blended

While the Ultimate Mocha is boldly chocolate-flavored, this Caramel ice blended provides an alternative for when you are not feeling too bold and are content with a drink that will calm your mind and body.

The chocolate in Caramel Ice Blended is understated and made up for with an extra smoothness and gentle taste profile that makes for a good companion when you are in an introspective mood and all you want to do is just chill.

Mocha Cold Brew

CBTL are experts at making blends that require a very delicate balancing of tastes and flavors so as to achieve the perfect mix that is not too much or too little of anything.

The Mocha Cold Brew is a phenomenal blend that gives you a tasty experience of both chocolate and coffee in just the right amounts.

It is made by mixing dark chocolate with cold brew and will make for a great summer evening drink when you want to feel alive but without the heat that comes with well, hot coffees.

Mocha Ice Blended

Made using CBTL’s exclusive special Dutch chocolate powder, the Mocha Ice Blended is a potent beverage that is aimed at satisfying coffee lovers with a generous chocolate tooth as well as a sweet one too.

So if you love yourself some liquid chocolate infused with caffeine, this is the drink to go for next time you are in CBTL.

Classic Flat White

While the name might insinuate that this is a drink that has a plain, milky, undecorated taste, the classic flat white is more than what it might seem like.

While it indeed has more milk than espresso in it, it has a pronounced coffee flavor which gives it that edge that all coffee lovers seek whenever they step into a coffee shop and make an order.

Lightened Mocha Ice Blended

Similar in composition to the Mocha Ice Blended, this coffee is one among the alternatives of other coffee types with less calories.

It contains non-fat milk, coffee extract and a smaller serving of special Dutch chocolate powder in order to give you a frozen drink rich with a chocolate flavor but gentler on the amount of calories in it for a rejuvenating but healthy drink.

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