10 Best Coffee Drinks to Order at Dunkin Donuts

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Top 10 Dunkin Donuts Drinks to Try

These amazing drinks will get you hooked and happy. Here are some fun and exciting Dunkin Donut drinks worth every penny.

  1. Birthday Cake Coolatta

    This Coolatta version is prepared by combining Vanilla Bean Coolatta with Dunkin’s Hazelnut Swirl. It slightly resembles the Birthday Cake Frapp made by Starbucks. Expect the taste to feature some light hazelnut hints with lots of vanilla.

  2. Hot Caramel Macchiato

    This drink is the bomb! It consists of a perfect blend of steamed milk, coffee, and caramel flavor. This Macchiato is astonishingly good and it is something you need to taste to understand what we are talking about.

  3. Caramel Iced Coffee

    The Caramel Iced Coffee is the favorite drink for most people. Somehow, you can rate a coffee shop by their caramel ice. At Dunkin Donuts, you get a rich and smooth drink combined with one of the best versions of caramel. We recommend the ‘flavor shot’, a sugar-free flavor for those who don’t want too much sugar in their drinks.

  4. Hazelnut Iced Coffee

    This is an amazing drink. Trust us on this. We admit that it a little underrated. But don’t underestimate the potential lying behind one shot of this stuff!

    It consists of a creamy, powerful, and smooth flavor for you to indulge in. You get the feeling that you are drinking a Nutella flavored coffee. Do you even need anything else in life?

  5. Regular Coffee

    Very few things in this world are better than a simple cup of coffee. If you need it, Dunkin has it! They don’t joke around even while making a plain cup of coffee. The drink is naturally sweet and delicious even in the absence of creamer or sugar.

    Your taste buds will come alive with the nutty flavor of the coffee.

  6. Iced Tea

    You will love the perfect mix of tea and lemon in this drink. If you wish to make it sweeter, go for it!

  7. Bottled Ice Coffee

    Whenever you are in a rush to get to work, take this with you. It is served in several flavors alongside a generous shot of espresso. It is a sweet drink that delivers a magnificent kick to get you through all your daily activities.

  8. Coconut Ice Coffee

    What an underrated flavor! Don’t be fooled though. It is an extremely delicious drink. You will love the light coconut flavor it comes in. Plus, the shot is sugar-free, meaning it is even healthier than a normal iced coffee loaded with a substantial amount of sugar.

  9. Blueberry Iced Coffee

    It features a bold and sweet flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the coffee. Its taste resembles that of a blueberry muffin. Grab this impeccable drink to brighten up your morning!

  10. Captain Crunch Coolatta

    Order a Strawberry Coolatta with additional shots of raspberry, blueberry, and cream. Its taste resembles authentic cereal without all its haughtiness.

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