15 Best Iced Coffee Drinks to Try at Dunkin Donuts

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Who doesn’t love a great iced beverage when the weather gets warm? Or even sometimes when the weather is cold it can be a great treat. But just what beverage should you be drinking? Which ones are going to make for the best treat?

Or the best start (or end) to the day? Well, well have to take a closer look and see what’s out there. At Dunkin Donuts you’ll find plenty of great drinks.

1. Caramel Mocha

Flavors of mocha and caramel together make this a sweet treat that has just the right balance of flavors. Not to mention it’s made with Dunkin’s signature coffee and poured over ice to give you just the right coolness.

Of course, you can get some other caramel variations, with the caramel turtle or caramel almond, but there’s something about that mocha flavor you can’t beat, right? And it gives you more of that coffee flavoring with just the right balance of actual coffee.

2. Cold Brew

Sometimes all you need is the basics to get you going for anything. That’s what this cold brew is all about. It’s not exactly an iced coffee, but it is a cold beverage with plenty of coffee in it. This drink has plenty of coffee and it’s brewed in a way that makes it super smooth and great tasting.

In fact, this cold brew is made from 100% Arabica beans that are steep in cold water for a total of 12 hours to get a super smooth finish. It creates a cold drink that’s a little different than your standard iced coffee, but definitely one you’ll want to try again.

3. Butter Pecan Frozen Coffee

This frozen coffee beverage is blended and creates a great smoothie style coffee drink. It’s made with standard Dunkin Donuts coffee and butter pecan flavoring to give it a smooth and creamy finish.

It’s also cooled off with plenty of ice blended in so you get a drink that offers just the right amount of caffeine to keep you going and just the right flavor to make you want even more. Frozen drinks can really make your day with the right amount of everything you want most.

4. Frozen Chocolate Coffee Coolatta

When the weather is warm you definitely want one of these blended beverages. It’s actually a type of slushie that gives you plenty of those iced coffee benefits (like a cold drink) but in a slightly different style. It’s made with chocolate and coffee and of course plenty of ice blended in.

The result is a chocolaty confection that tastes like your favorite chocolate shake, but better. And it gives you just the right amount of an acid base to make your drink really pop.

5. Coconut Caramel Iced Coffee

If you really want to enjoy summer all year round this is the coffee to go with. It actually has plenty of caramel flavor and also just the right balance of coconut. The end result is something sweet and just a bit tropical.

Plus, you’ll get less calories in this one because much of the flavoring comes from flavor shots that are sugar-free and low calorie. It’s a perfect treat for when you want to remember the warm days of summer. And it’s going to have you wanting a pina colada as soon as you’re finished.

6. Coco Berry

Another great summer treat is the coco berry drink. This one is actually a secret menu item, but it’s something that you’re definitely going to want to try out for yourself. It’s made with an iced coffee with almond milk to start and then add 2 shots each of coconut and blueberry.

The end result is something fruity and tropical that is going to become your new favorite coffee beverage, no matter the time of year. You can also skip the coconut and add some blueberry and chocolate together, but then you’ve got an entirely different drink (though still an off-menu one).

7. Butter Pecan Swirl Iced Coffee

Get plenty of sweetness and the buttery flavor of this butter pecan to balance out the harshness of your coffee. It gives you a little nuttiness and all the best flavors of your favorite ice cream in a cup, with coffee.

You won’t really taste the coffee in this one, but you will feel like you’re spoiling yourself (and you’ll still get that caffeine kick). Of course, you can always add a couple extra shots to get yourself more of the coffee flavor if it’s really something you enjoy.

8. French Vanilla Swirl Iced Coffee

In this beverage you’re going to have ice, coffee, and Dunkin’s signature French vanilla swirl syrup. You’ll get a flavor that’s just bold enough, with plenty of coffee behind it. But also, plenty smooth and creamy because of that French vanilla layered in.

That means a great favor profile that is a classic, but definitely classic for a reason. Who doesn’t love just a little bit of heavy, creamy flavor mixed into their coffee?

9. Blueberry Iced Coffee

Have you ever had blueberry coffee before? Probably not, but once you try it, you’re going to be coming back for more. This coffee has plenty of fruity flavor with a couple shots of blueberry added into the 100% Arabica bean coffee.

And the whole thing is then poured over ice to give you a good kick on those warm days (or those days you wish it was warm). And if you’re big on fruity flavors this is one that’s unique for coffee, but you’ll enjoy it for sure.

10. Caramel Iced Coffee

Caramel is a great flavor for your iced coffee beverage because it gives a little bit of smoothness and plenty of richness at the same time. Not to mention you get a beautiful layered affect to your coffee when you pour that caramel over the top.

It’s going to be a smooth, sweet, creamy treat that will definitely get your sweet tooth going. And you can make it even richer by adding just a little more caramel to the mix.

11. Iced Cocoa Mocha Latte

If you love the mocha flavor that goes along with your coffee with a chocolatey twist then you’re already on the right track with this drink. It’s made with mocha flavor, whipped cream, mocha drizzle, and hot chocolate powder. And it’s a latte, so it’s brewed with Dunkin’s espresso.

That means you’re going to get the kick that you’re looking for here, with no problem getting through any tasks that you might need. It’s one of Dunkin’s new signature drinks for a reason.

12. Iced Peanut Butter Cup Swirl Macchiato

Why is this drink considered a Halloween specialty? Because it’s designed to taste like one of your favorite Halloween treats. The peanut butter and the chocolate flavor combine to create a great flavor just like that Reese’s peanut butter cup that’s one of the favorite treats of Halloween.

And they’re layered over bold espresso. So, the end result is something that looks and tastes just like Halloween. But you’re definitely going to want this one more than just once a year.

13. Iced Hazelnut Swirl Cappuccino

Looking for a more traditional iced beverage? Well, you’re going to get it with the iced hazelnut swirl. It’s made with 100% arabica coffee and hazelnut swirl syrup. And then there’s some sweetened condensed skim milk.

That means you’re going to get a bit of a creamy accent to the drink, along with all of the bitterness that comes with the coffee itself.

14. Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher

Okay, so this isn’t actually a coffee beverage at all, but it’s something to keep in mind the next time you want to get a little bit of a boost. It’s made with green tea instead of coffee, for a slightly different flavor profile.

And then it adds in a strawberry dragonfruit concentrate to get the flavors. The end result is something super fruity and definitely reminiscent of your favorite tropical getaway.

15. Iced Chai Latte

Finally, we have another drink that’s not really coffee, but it is a good pick-me-up for anyone who needs it. It’s made with milk, chai tea syrup and brewed chai tea extract. And that means flavors of chai spices, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.

All of those spices are going to give you a slightly spicier drink, with a little sharpness and plenty of caffeine to go along with everything.

How to Order Iced Coffee Drinks at Dunkin Donuts

If you’re looking for a great drink to get you through the heat of the summer, or one that will help remind you of summer then an iced coffee might be the perfect way to go. But how do you order one at your local Dunkin Donuts? All you have to do is figure out which one you want and let the barista at your local shop know.

Nearly all of the drinks we’ve mentioned here are directly on the menu, so you shouldn’t have any problem figuring out which one you want and letting the barrista know what it is when you get up to the counter. It’s just that easy to get the drink that you want.

How to Order Any Hot Drink as an Iced Dunkin Donuts Drink

If you’re looking at the hot drinks menu and wondering just why some of them aren’t also available in iced versions, you’re in luck. You can order any of the hot drinks from Dunkin Donuts and then ask them to pour it over ice for you. This gives you the iced drink you’re looking for with a traditionally hot beverage.

If you’re creating your own drink, you can set it up as an iced drink as well. Just make sure you let them know you want it iced.

Blended vs. Iced Dunkin Donuts Drinks Compared

When it comes to getting your favorite cold drink, you want to take a look at both blended beverages and iced ones. We’ve included a couple blended drinks here, but our main focus is on directly iced drinks.

But what’s the difference? Well, there are a couple of major differences that you should know before you decide to order anything specific.

  1. Consistency – First, these two drinks are going to have a different consistency. The blended beverage will have a thicker consistency because the ice is blended into the drink.

    It’s going to be entirely mixed together so no one flavor sticks out as much from the others if there is more than one flavor.

  2. Temperature – A blended drink will generally be a single temperature throughout and will generally be quite cold because the ice is mixed directly into the other ingredients. An iced coffee, on the other hand, may have cooler spots because the drink isn’t actually mixed but is layered.

  3. Coffee Flavor – Your layered drink or iced coffee will generally have a little more coffee flavor to it because the ice is layered in rather than mixed with the coffee. That won’t last however, since the iced beverage will start to melt and then it will water down the coffee flavor, generally more than the blended beverage.

  4. Longevity – A blended beverage will generally be ‘good’ longer and will taste the same for an extended period of time, until it starts to come to room temperature.

    On the other hand, an iced beverage will start to come to room temperature more quickly and as the ice melts this can affect the overall flavor of the drink, making it taste a little more watered down.

    When it comes to choosing the perfect drink for your next day out, you’re definitely going to want to look at all of these options and then some.

    Dunkin Donuts has a vast menu and plenty of customization options as well. So why not try out a few different beverages to see which one (or ones) are going to be your new favorites?

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