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Cappuccino Iced Coffee Popsicles Recipe

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Popsicles are every kid’s favorite treat, especially when it’s hot outside. Still, we kind of forget about these sunny treats as we grow up. Well, that ends today because we’re making cappuccino-flavored popsicles. Be prepared for a sweet, frozen treat with a caffeine boost! 

Popsicles are easy once you order some popsicle molds. Get yours online, and you’ll open a world of possibilities. Making popsicles is easy, and there are endless combinations.

Use fresh fruit, ice cream, snickers bars or anything else. If you can freeze it, you can make popsicles with it. So, think of this recipe as a blueprint for many other creamy popsicles based on milk. Let your imagination fly!

Cappuccino Iced Coffee Popsicles Recipe-2

What goes into cappuccino iced coffee popsicles?

To make a popsicle, you can add literally anything you add to those molds. For these, we’re adding a combination of milk and condensed milk, which is thicker and sweet. Then we’ll add a shot of espresso for six popsicles but make yours stronger if you want. 

And although condensed milk is quite sweet already, you can add some brown sugar to the mix. You’ll have to try your mixture before freezing and adjust the sweetness to your taste.

Variations and Substitutions

And now, for the fun part, let’s talk about a few variations to the recipe! Add a dash of chocolate syrup to make these pops taste a bit more like mocha. 

You can also add crushed nuts or chocolate chips in there to add some crunchiness. As for the sweetener, do try honey or if you’re looking for healthier popsicles, use a low-carb sweetener. 

Another healthy substitution is using a plant-based milk alternative. Oat milk and rice milk work fine, but almond milk is also up there with the best choices. 

And here’s a bummer, if you want to add a splash of booze to the popsicles, they might not freeze at all. It all depends on the liqueur or spirit’s alcoholic strength. Trust me, I tried.

But you know what? You can just make this recipe with the ingredients below, and you’ll be pretty pleased with the results. After all, all popsicles are delightful!

PS: Just like in the photo, I sometimes love to add chocolate chips to the popsicles. It adds another layer of flavor and a cool crunch 🙂

How to Make It

  • Prep Time10 min
  • Total Time10 min
  • Serving Size6
  • Energy251 cal




Brew the espresso and let it cool to room temperature. You can also use the leftover coffee from your coffee pot or make instant espresso with coffee powder. Make it strong!


In a blender, combine the milk, condensed milk espresso and brown sugar.


Pour the mixture into a 6-popsicle mold.


Freeze for around 6 hours, even better, overnight, and enjoy!

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size6
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories251
  • % Daily Value*Standard DV
  • Total Fat6.1 g78 g7.82%
  • Saturated Fat3.8 g20 g19%
  • Cholesterol24 mg300 mg8%
  • Sodium112 mg2300 mg4.87%
  • Total Carbohydrate43.6 g275 g15.85%
  • Total Sugars43.1 g
  • Protein6.8 g50 g13.6%
  • Calcium252 mg1300 mg19.38%
  • Potassium298 mg4700 mg6.34%
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