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20 Coffee Hacks To Step Up Your Brewing Game

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Top Barista Coffee Hacks

Many people cannot think about their life without coffee. Now who doesn’t want to know the secret hacks that expert coffee makers use for that perfect cup of coffee. The 20 coffee hacks shared in this article will help you step up your brewing game instantly.

1. Use filtered water to make your coffee taste purer:

Tap water can contain chlorine or other elements that can alter the taste of your coffee and reduce its purity. You should use filtered water in your coffee for a pure coffee flavor. You can store the filtered water in the refrigerator for future use.

2. Use salt to reduce excessive bitterness:

Sometimes your coffee can end up tasting too bitter. Instead of discarding it, you can add salt to reduce the bitterness. The sodium that is present in salt counterbalances the bitterness in your coffee. It also prevents the receptors on our tongue from the bitter flavors.

3. Clean your coffee machine often:

The coffee beans have oil that gets leftover as residues in the coffee makers after longer usage. To prevent the residue from mixing with your next batch of coffee and affecting its taste it is best to clean the machine regularly.

4. Use cinnamon in place of a sweetener:

If you want to avoid sugary drinks then you can add cinnamon to your coffee. Cinnamon is an alternative to enhancing the flavor of your coffee while reducing the need for sugar.

5. Add butter or coconut oil in your coffee:

Blending butter or coconut oil can make your coffee taste delicious. Not to mention the health benefits of drinking it. Also known as Bulletproof coffee, it will keep you full for a longer time and maintain your energy levels.

6. Never store your coffee beans in the refrigerator:

You want your beans to be safe from moisture and keeping them in a freezer can let the beans absorb the moisture from the air. It is best to keep your beans in an airtight jar where it doesn’t come in contact with sunlight, air or moisture.

7. Make a cold brew instead of iced coffee:

Cold-brew coffees are less acidic and more smooth in comparison to iced coffee. Due to the long steeping period, they are also flavor-rich. Also since they are brewed in a concentrated form, you can easily tweak the final cup of coffee to be strong or light.

8. Rinse your coffee filter with hot water before brewing:

Rinsing your coffee filters with hot water helps remove any residue from the filter and prevent it from altering the taste of your coffee. Another benefit of rinsing your filter with hot water is that it makes the carafe hot which prevents the coffee temperature from fluctuating too much while brewing.

9. Prevent ice coffee to taste bad by using iced coffee cubes:

The taste of an iced coffee can be not so great after the ice has melted. To prevent that from happening you can freeze the coffee in an ice tray and add some milk and sugar to it. Your next iced coffee will taste delicious no matter if the iced coffee cube is melted or not.

10. Add flavors to the coffee beans:

Adding flavors such as cinnamon, chocolate and lemon zest can take your coffee to the next level. To enhance the effect of flavors on coffee you can add them to the coffee beans before grinding instead of later on.

11. Make frothy milk at home:

We all like the frothy milk foam of the coffee shops. You can make it at home using just a mason jar and microwave. To create the frothy milk fill the mason jar half with milk and shake it vigorously. Now microwave it for 30 seconds. Your foamy milk is now ready.

12. Avoid splurging on creamers with the help of flavor extracts:

Instead of creamers, you can use flavor extracts by adding cream to the coffee and then a drop or more of the flavor extract you prefer. 

13. Use Joulies to maintain your coffee temperature:

Joulies are stainless steel like coffee beans that you can put in your cup of coffee. They prevent the coffee from getting to room temperature and allow you to sip on your coffee longer.

14. Only use quality beans:

Beans are the single largest factor that affects how your coffee ends up tasting like. For a good cup of coffee, good quality beans are important. 

15. Grind the beans just before brewing:

Coffee grounds start to lose their freshness and flavors just 30 minutes after being ground. It is best to grind immediately before brewing to make the coffee taste as fresh and flavorful as possible.

16. Don't throw old coffee grounds:

Old coffee grounds can be reused for many things such as they act as a great fertilizer or as a pest repellent. You can also add them to candles for a great coffee smell.

17. Use Burr grinders for grinding:

A burr grinder is many times better than a blade grinder. Coffee grounded using a burr grinder are of uniform sizes and have a consistency to them. They also do not overheat the coffee beans.

18. Add some spice to your coffee:

You can add spices such as turmeric to milk and mix them with your coffee for health benefits and drinking something different.

19. Finer grinds for beans older than 2 weeks:

If your coffee beans are older than 2 weeks or are not fresh then you can grind the beans finer than you usually would and also use water of higher temperature.

20. Use baking soda to clean stains from your coffee mug:

Scrub baking soda with a sponge on your cup to remove the coffee stains. This hack can be applied to coffee mugs, carafes or thermos. 

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