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20 Best Dunkin Donuts Secret Menu Coffee Drinks

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Millions of Americans drink coffee each morning. Many people make coffee at home, but most grab their coffee as they run out the door and off to work. Some people are Starbucks fans, but there are also a lot of die hard Dunkin Donuts fans.

If you live on the East Coast of the United States, you might be well versed in Dunkin Donuts. Originally founded in Massachusetts, there are now 12,871. For those who live on the West Coast, it might be your first time seeing this chain pop up, as they open more locations all over the country.

There have been a lot of opinions regarding the best Dunkin Donuts Coffee drinks, but only regulars know about the secret menu. The secret menu is often publicized by Dunkin’ Donuts online, but other drinks have been created by the die-hard fans that make up Dunkin’ regulars.

Some of these secret menu items are more popular than others, so we listed the 20 best Dunkin Donuts secret menu coffee drinks to help you next time you order. Have you tried any of the drinks below?

Best Hot Dunkin Donuts Coffee Drinks to Try

Sometimes a hot coffee drink just tastes better. Whether it is a cold day, or you are just in the mood for a hot drink, there are plenty of interesting hot drinks to try at Dunkin’. Everything from a berry-flavored hot chocolate, to a coconut mint drink, is possible when you are looking for interesting secret menu combinations.

Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Although chocolate and berries are not only reserved for Valentine’s Day, this drink is definitely different from the norm. It’s true, not everyone likes fruit and chocolate, but a lot of people do.

If you are looking for something new to try, this is definitely that. Especially if you are someone who loves the combo of chocolate strawberries, then you can easily ask for this secret menu drink.

How to order:

  • Start with a hot chocolate
  • Add a raspberry flavor shot

English Toffee Hot Chocolate

Pretty much everything tastes good with chocolate, and toffee is another flavor that pairs well. English toffee is typically hard on the teeth, but this drink is not. Actually, this drink does not always come with coffee, but you can always add in a shot or two of espresso to give it a caffeine kick.

How to order:

  • Start with a salted caramel hot chocolate base
  • Add in a toasted almond flavor shot
  • Add in a French vanilla flavor shot

Coconut Mint Hot Chocolate

Coconut, mint, and chocolate are three flavors that surprisingly pair well together. They are a perfect drink for the holidays as well. It is almost like drinking a peppermint patty. With chocolate and mint already going well together, the coconut comes in to subtly add a bonus. Add coconut milk for added coconut creaminess.

How to order:

  • Order a mint hot chocolate
  • Add coconut flavor shots

Caramel Swirl Chocolate Macchiato

Similar to the classic caramel macchiato, this gives a secret menu twist. It brings in the popular caramel flavoring. With sweet and salty flavors coming together, this is basically like eating a piece of caramel chocolate plus coffee. It’s definitely one to try.

How to:

  • Order a Caramel Swirl macchiato
  • Ask for chocolate flavoring to be added

Dirty Hot Chocolate

If you are one who needs to have caffeine in everything you drink other than water, then you might avoid drinking hot chocolate. Despite this, hot chocolate is tasty and this drink will be sure to give you that kick you need. It gets its name from the classic drink “Dirty Chai”, which is just a chai latte with espresso. The dirty hot chocolate is basically a mocha but made with hot chocolate mix versus mocha syrup.

How to:

  • Order a hot chocolate
  • Add the number of espresso shots you want

Eggnog Latte

Whether you love or hate traditional eggnog you most likely will like this drink. There is actually no real eggnog involved in this drink. Instead, it combines a few flavors to try and recreate the classic eggnog flavors. You can drink this during the holidays, or any time of the year. If there is no eggnog flavor at your local Dunkin’, you can omit that and it will still taste very similar to the traditional flavor of eggnog.

How to:

  • Start with a Vanilla Chai
  • Add a caramel swirl
  • Add an eggnog flavor shot
  • Top with cinnamon sugar
  • Top with whipped cream

Best Iced Dunkin Donuts Coffee Drinks to Try

Iced coffee has taken over the world, and no one does a specialty iced coffee drink better than Dunkin’. Hot coffee is good, but sometimes an iced drink just hits your taste buds better. It is easier to drink iced coffee, less dangerous while driving, and Dunkin’ also offers blended iced drinks as well called Coolattas. 

Similar to any other frozen drink, a Coolatta is sweet and blended. Sometimes Coolattas have coffee, while sometimes they are made without. Either way, coffee can always be added for an extra kick of caffeine. 

Peaches and Cream Coolatta

Whether it is hot outside and you are in the mood for peaches, or you are looking to relive the feeling of summer, this Coolatta can help you do that. Although it typically does not include coffee, it would definitely add a bit of a nutty flavor that would go along well with the peaches and cream. Recommended on a day when you want to try something new.

How to:

  • Ask for a vanilla bean Coolata as the base
  • Add a shot of peach
  • If there are no peach shots, you can ask for fresh peach from the peach tea instead.
  • Add whipped cream on top.

Birthday Cake Coolatta Coffee

Who doesn’t love birthday cake? Instead of waiting for your own birthday or buying a cake from the store, you can head to your local Dunkin Doughnuts. This is another blended iced option that is perfect on a day that you want to cure your sweet tooth.

How to:

  • Start with a Vanilla Bean Coolatta base.
  • Ask for half to be made as a Hazelnut Swirl Coolatta.
  • Add whipped cream on top.
  • Ask for sprinkles (not all stores will have them)

Coco Berry Iced Latte

Who doesn’t love chocolate and berries? Although there is a warm version of this, sometimes you just want iced coffee. You can choose your milk, whether that is regular milk or a plant-based variation like almond or oat. Oat makes it a bit creamier and goes along well with the blueberry flavoring.

How to:

  • Start by ordering an iced Mocha Latte, (basically a regular latte, add mocha swirl)
  • Add a shot of blueberry flavoring.
  • Try other variations of this drink with raspberry instead of blueberry to switch it up.

Nutella Surprise Iced Coffee

Nutella is something that should be served with every meal, including coffee. You cannot go wrong with Nutella, so if you cannot eat it, you should be able to drink it. This iced coffee may look like a typical iced coffee, but it comes with a Nutella surprise. (The surprise is how similar it tastes to real Nutella!)

How to:

  • Order a mocha iced coffee
  • Add two shots of hazelnut

Nutella Frozen Chocolate

As mentioned, there is nothing better than Nutella at any time of the day. The main difference between the iced coffee and the frozen version is that this is a bit creamier, and also blended. It is nice to have options, and for days where you want a blended and creamy drink, the Nutella Frozen chocolate is the perfect option. It is also a great substitute for dessert!

How to:

  • Ask for a frozen chocolate
  • Add a Hazelnut Flavor Swirl
  • Add Whipped Cream blended in

Frozen Snickers Bar

Hungry? Drink a Snickers. No, but seriously, this is a meal in a glass. For a peanut butter lover, this secret drink is better than anything else on the menu. There are a few other secret drink items that are candy bar flavors, but Snickers is definitely the most popular and complex of the bunch.

How to:

  • Start with a Frozen Chocolate
  • Ask for half Girl Scouts Peanut Butter
  • Add a Caramel Shot
  • Add a Caramel Swirl

Cosmic Coolattas

Dunkin’ actually announced a few secret items a while back and offered the “Cosmic Coolattas” to customers. Don’t worry though, it’s still considered a secret menu item. There are two versions of the Cosmic Coolatta, the Cosmic Cotton Candy Coolatta, and the Cosmic Pineapple Coolatta. They are a twist on the classic Cotton Candy and Pineapple Coolattas.

How to:

  • Cosmic Cotton Candy Coolatta
    • Start with a Cotton Candy Coolatta
    • Add Blue Raspberry flavoring
  • Cosmic Pineapple Coolatta
    • Start with a Pineapple Coolatta
    • Add Blue Raspberry flavoring

Strawberry Pineapple Coolatta

Everyone loves a good blended drink, but if you are not in the mood for coffee and on your way to work, a Strawberry Pineapple Coolatta might do the trick. It combines sweet and sour for a perfectly puckering satisfying drink.

How to:

  • Combine a Strawberry Coolatta and a Pineapple Coolatta

Caramel Coconut Cream Pie Iced Coffee

Sometimes you just want something creamy and delicious along with your coffee. This takes that to another level, offering caramel, coconut, and nutty flavoring. It is a flavor explosion and something you need to try at least once, but you might want to keep ordering it!

How to:

  • Ask for Iced Coffee and your choice of milk
  • Add a Caramel Shot
  • Add a Coconut Cream Pie Flavor Swirl
  • Add espresso
  • Choose whether or not you want to top it off with whipped cream

Captain Crunch Coolatta

For anyone that is a cereal lover, Captain Crunch is regarded as one of the best around. Rather than taking a bowl of cereal on the go, a Captain Crunch Coolatta is a good option. It is quite fruity, but there is an option to make it a bit salty if you wish.

How to:

  • Order a Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Coolatta
  • Add shots of raspberry, blueberry, and cream
  • Add caramel swirl to add a salty-sweet flavor if you wish.

A Monster Energy Shot

Although it is not something that they make at Dunkin’, as stated by @Fiji_Rich on Twitter, you can ask for a Monster Energy shot with any beverage. They will give one to you. If you are extra tired, or simply looking to get a bit of extra energy, this is an option.

Upside Down Caramel Macchiato

Typically when you order a caramel macchiato at Dunkin’ Donuts, you take that first sip and get everything on the bottom. This can be really strong if the espresso goes straight into your mouth. Instead of this, order it upside down. This will allow everything to mix properly. It will also ensure that you don’t break your straw, or spill on yourself while attempting to stir your drink.

How to:

  • Ask for an Upside Down caramel macchiato
  • If they do not know what that means, just tell them that rather than layers of milk above the espresso, pour the espresso on top.

Ready to Run to Dunkin’?

Even if you have traditionally been a Starbucks fan, you most likely have to admit that Dunkin’ offers a lot of different flavor options.

From egg nog to caramel, mint, coconut, even berry, there are so many options to choose from off of the regular menu. Because of this, it’s really easy to take advantage of the secret menu. You can even consider making your own flavor combinations as we did with our copycat Dunkin signature latte recipe.

You can even pick two of your favorite flavors and combine them. Whether that is a hazelnut and berry combo making Nutella-berry, or something else, you never know what you might come up with!

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