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20 Easy Ways To Wake Up Without Coffee

If you’re like some of the many people all over the world, who find their get up and go, got up and went, before even rising in the morning, then you may also be relying on your morning coffee to put some pep into your step.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cup of coffee, but learning to enjoy it, rather than making it a morning habit to get you out of bed, might not be the healthiest thing.

How about learning to get up without a coffee-crutch? Can’t do it? Sure, you can! There are ways and means we can employ to power up our day, without that cup of Java.

1. Use a peppermint toothpaste

The menthol in peppermint seems to affect us, in such a way that it renders us alert and rejuvenated in the morning. Most kinds of toothpaste are indeed, peppermint flavor, so maybe just change gear and look at your oral hygiene regimen from a whole new perspective – clean teeth and coffee-free mornings!

2. Do Some Stretching

Once you’re out of bed and, who knows, maybe you’ve already brushed your teeth, why not try incorporating some gentle stretches into your morning routine. It’ll warm up your muscles and get the blood flowing to all parts of the body. Perhaps stimulating your muscles with a few stretches each morning, will curb your craving for a cup of coffee?

3. A Morning Walk

We know it can be difficult to get up and at ‘em, especially if you need a cup of coffee to do just that. How about this: try getting up and going for a short jaunt each morning, without any coffee (which might be tedious at first); soon enough, you’ll make it a habit. We tend to not eliminate habits, rather we replace them with others. This mood-boosting exercise seems like a decent substitute for a morning coffee to get going – just dress appropriately for the weather!

4. Take a Cold Shower

Yeah, this one can be tough for even the toughest among us, however, the cold water can offer a rejuvenating effect of sorts. If we consider that to relax, we take a warm bath, it stands to reason then, that a cold shower is more likely to kick our senses into gear. Who needs coffee?

5. Open the Curtains

Typically, when a room is dimly lit, the atmosphere becomes a little thicker and more relaxed. What better way to increase our morning energy, without the coffee, than to pull open the drapes and let the sunshine in!

6. Just Breathe

How about some deep breathing each morning? By drawing in deep breaths and being mindful of the way your belly and diaphragm rise and fall whilst breathing, allows us to start the day off right. The increased oxygen flowing to all parts of the body will promote overall alertness, thus reducing the need for that morning kick of caffeine. So how about it; just breathe.

7. Eat a Hearty, Healthy Breakfast

Grabbing a granola bar or a piece of toast before heading out in the morning, does little to nourish the body and brain. By mid-morning, fatigue is likely set in and you’re more apt to find yourself reaching for that cup of coffee to keep you powered up. Making the time to prepare a healthy, well-rounded breakfast, balancing all your macronutrients means you’re one step closer to not needing coffee to keep your get-up-and-go, going.

8. Choose Complex Carbs

These are carbs that are broken down and digested slowly, providing a steadier stream of energy to fuel you throughout the day. Think of opting for breakfast staples like oatmeal and muesli to power up and on.

9. Take a B12 Supplement

First thing’s first; consult your healthcare provider. If they give you the green light, then incorporating a vitamin B 12 supplement into your diet each morning, can help ward off fatigue, especially for those who live a vegan lifestyle.

10. Pressure Point Massage

A massage? Great! Except, this one you can do yourself. By gently massaging the pressure points around the temple and wrists at times throughout the day, it can improve your overall state of being and take your alertness up a notch or two, particularly if you couple this quick self-massage with diluted essential oils. Again, do your research and consult the appropriate medical professionals before making this kind of change to your lifestyle!

11. Go to the Gym

If waking up in the morning seems like a chore, then the thought of the gym might be a daunting one – at first! Once you make hitting the gym a habit, you’ll find yourself looking forward to those sessions. The increased blood flow and oxygenation of all parts of the body, help fight fatigue. A gym session can also promote endorphin release and help your ‘feel-good’, feel great!

12. Set your Alarm Clock

It might seem like a simple concept, but the power of routine and repetition in helping to kick a morning coffee to the curb, cannot be overstated. A proper routine can help regulate your circadian rhythm, which in turn helps out with reducing or eliminating morning grogginess. So, set the alarm for the same time every day and make it a consistent habit.

13. Turn on Some Music

Music has a way of picking us up. It gets some groove into our joints and just brings about a sense of happiness. Practice that good mood every morning and turn on some upbeat tunes!

14. Water Yourself

What? Yep, dehydration has a sneaky way of making us feel lethargic and tired. Drinking enough water throughout the day, and starting your morning off by drinking a glass, will set you on the path to groggy-free mornings and a reduced need for coffee.

15. Take in some fresh coconut water

If you can find fresh coconut water (not the processed stuff), then great! Start your mornings, a couple of times a week, by taking in some potassium rich coconutty deliciousness. Experts believe potassium to be able to convert carbs into fuel for the body pretty efficiently.

16. An Apple a Day Keeps Coffee Away?

How it works is by substituting the caffeine in coffee for the natural sugars in apples which work to boost glucose levels in the blood and provide your body with energy. Additionally, the apple skin is tough to digest and in the process of digesting it, your body revs up and gets to work, helping you to wake up.

17. Indulge in Some Dark Chocolate

Yes, dark chocolate does contain some caffeine though it isn’t necessarily associated with the less positive side effects that coffee can be. For this reason, a piece of dark chocolate in the morning, while an indulgence, can be a better option for you than a cup of coffee.

18. Switch to Tea

Heresy for veteran coffee drinkers; perhaps. However, the benefits of switching to a herbal tea, outweigh the cons. Naturally decaffeinated teas, such as South African Rooibos, are always wonderfully flavorful options to start your morning off just right.

19. Brain games

Stimulating the brain in positive ways is always a healthy thing to do. Enhancing your overall well-being by playing challenging games such as sudoku or even doing a few crosswords, helps promote better nervous system functioning.

20. Let Light Wash Over You

That first, early morning sunlight can work wonders on your mental health. Additionally, it may help fight off fatigue. The incorporation of natural sunlight helps reorient any off-balance circadian rhythms and the boost you get from stepping out into the sunshine is second to almost nothing.

There are non-caffeinated options to coax your get-up-and-go back into your body. In fact, your vim, vigor, and zest don’t lie in a cup of your favorite brew, it’s inside you, waiting to come out into the open – it might just need a little help from you, not the coffee!

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How to Wake Up Without Coffee? 20 Amazing Non-Caffeinated Ways

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