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French Press vs Aeropress Comparison

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To French Press, or Aeropress, that is the question. This might sound a bit dramatic, but to coffee lovers, deciding between the French Press and Aeropress is a serious task.

Both options produce delicious coffee but the results are achieved by using different methods. Get the scoop below about the French Press and Aeropress to help you decide which one is going to fulfill your coffee demands.

French Press Basics

The sophisticated French Press is made of glass, stainless steel, and other durable materials. It’s designed to sit on the countertop or flat surface but not on the stovetop. It contains a metal mesh filter that has a long stem and a carafe. The coffee grounds steep in hot water that is poured into the carafe. The metal mesh filter presses the grounds to the bottom and the result is a rich and robust coffee flavor.

Typically, it takes 3 to 5 minutes for the coffee to steep in the French Press. However, depending on your personal taste, it can steep for shorter or longer periods of time.

Keep in mind the metal filter allows oil and fine sediment to pass through and land in your coffee cup. Some coffee enthusiasts enjoy the texture and taste of the sediments and oil and often boast about the unique way it feels in their mouths.

French Press Pros

  • Makes multiple cups of coffee at one time
  • Allows you to customize the final result
  • Produces a heavy, rich, and robust flavor
  • It’s easy to use
  • It doesn’t require a lot of prep work
  • You can allow it to sit and steep without worrying about overcooking
  • No stove-top required

French Press Cons

  • It contains oils and fine sediments
  • It produces a heavy feeling in your mouth
  • It requires extensive cleaning

Aeropress Basics

The Aeropress is specially designed to produce a cup of coffee instantly at home or on the go. The piston-style brewer uses pressure to draw out the flavor from the fine grounds within 1 to 2 minutes. The Aeropress contains a filter cap, paper filter, plunger, and brewing chamber.

The standard way to use the Aeropress is to place your mug or cup on the counter or a flat surface and place the Aeropress on top. Rinse the filter before you begin adding finely ground coffee. Then pour hot water into the large size cylinder and wait a few seconds before pressing down on the smaller cylinder to push the freshly brewed coffee into your cup.

Aeropress Pros

  • Produces a single serving at home or on the go
  • It’s easy to clean up
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Produces flavorful clean coffee

Aeropress Cons

  • Only makes one cup at a time
  • Requires physical force
  • Can become a bit messy during use

Advantages of the French Press

Let’s explore the advantages of the French Press and why it can become your favorite way to make coffee. It’s designed for easy and quick use when you don’t have a lot of time in the morning but crave a freshly brewed cup of rich tasty coffee to get your day going on the right track.

The French Press allows you t make multiple cups of coffee at once which is ideal when there is more than one coffee drinker in the household or you enjoy drinking a few cups to start your day.

The thick, bold, and rich cup of coffee the French Press produces is done within 3 to 5 minutes. One of the benefits is setting it and forgetting it while you get ready in the morning. Just make your way to the kitchen place the finely ground coffee and hot water into the carafe and allow it to steep while you prepare for your busy day ahead.

The steeping process only takes a few minutes and it’s worry-free. This means you can shower, get ready for your day, take the dog for a walk, get the children ready, prepare lunches for your spouse and children and still make a rich full-body cup of coffee. You don’t need to worry about it burning or forgetting to turn the stove off, it just does its thing and produces a tasty cup of coffee to help boost your mood and get your day started.

You don’t need to worry about too much prep work either when you use the French Press. You can even keep one at your desk at work and continue to multitask as your next cup of coffee stews in the press.

The French Press allows you to make a full-body coffee that is rich in flavor. You have complete control, so you can customize the flavor to your liking. For example, you can stop the steeping process early by pouring the coffee into your cup.

This method is excellent for those who enjoy lightly flavored coffee. You can allow the rest of the coffee to continue steeping for a richer and more robust flavor if you have other people in the household that enjoy a stronger cup of Joe.

Advantages of the Aeropress

The Aeropress only makes one cup at a time but it quickly and easily makes cups of coffee over and over again within minutes. It’s a versatile brewing method that allows you to use it at home, camping, and on the go.

The flavorful and clean cup of coffee the Aeropress produces contains clarity and body which is ideal for those who don’t like a muddy cup of coffee. The flavor from the coffee grounds is extracted during the pressure-generated step that also filters oils from the coffee.

The structure of the Aeropress is durable and easy to take with you to the office, camping, and traveling. The standard size Aeropress makes about 6 ounces of rich tasty coffee. The serving size encourages you to drink it slowly and enjoy every drop. However, if you are a coffee gulper, you can always just make another cup or two to help satisfy your need for caffeine.

Clean-up is easy and involves rinsing the Aeropress to remove grounds and debris completely, so it’s ready for the next use anytime. The Aeropress is portable and convenient to use in small spaces such as your desk at work, in an RV while camping, and at home of course.

Comparing the French Press and Aeropress Head to Head

The French Press makes enough coffee at one time to serve a few people while the Aeropress makes one serving at a time. Only the Aeropress requires paper filters that prevent oil and sediment from entering the coffee mug.

The French Press looks elegant and modern sitting on the kitchen counter while the Aeropress is best kept in a cabinet. Both coffee makers are portable but the Aeropress is made of BPA-free plastic that is durable and difficult to damage while the French Press is made of a combination of materials including ceramic, metal, and glass that can become damaged or broken during transport.

The French Press allows tiny particles and sediment to settle in the coffee cup while the Aeropress prevents oils and sediment from landing inside of the coffee mug.

The Aeropress produces a strong coffee with a mellow taste while the French Press has a thick, rich, and robust flavor and texture.

Both options are ideal for creating a variety of coffee flavors depending on the type of ground coffee used.

The Verdict: Which One is Right for You?

Think about it, which one is the right one for you? You might prefer the look of one over the other but will it produce the results you desire on a daily basis? When making a choice between the French Press and Aeropress, it’s wise to consider your lifestyle and morning routine.

Do you pop out of bed and rush to the kitchen in desperate need of a cup of coffee? If so, the Aeropress is an excellent option. It allows you to quickly make a cup of coffee that is strong and clean, meaning no sediments first thing in the morning.

Perhaps you love a gritty cup of coffee that is powerful and robust. The French Press produces coffee within minutes to satisfy your desire for a strong cup that helps you boost your energy in the morning.

Do you have strength in the morning? This might seem like an unusual question when you are trying to choose a coffee pot but in the case of the Aeropress and French Press, the answer is important.

The reason you need to be honest with your answer about having strength in the morning is due to the physical strength you will need to use the Aeropress. Those who suffer from arthritis, joint pain, and other mobility issues might have difficulty in the mornings. If your hands need to warm up during the first few hours of the day to really get them feeling normal, you might want to choose the French Press since less physical strength is needed to use that pot.

Think about it, does your office have a terrible coffee machine? Many workplaces have old drip coffee makers that make the coffee taste terrible. Sometimes these machines don’t get cleaned regularly or they produce an unusual taste for some reason. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, chances are you will benefit from bringing a French Press or Aeropress to the office with you.

Both options allow you to make delicious coffee at your desk, cubicle or office. Imagine sitting at your desk and smelling your favorite coffee flavor brewing in your French Press. Also, consider returning to your desk from a long meeting that caused you anxiety and enjoying a quick cup of coffee from your trusty Aeropress coffee maker.

If portability is important to you, meaning taking it along with you when you travel or go camping, the Aeropress is easier to bring along with you compared to the French Press.

Are you a gourmet coffee enthusiast? If so, you will be happy to learn that both options allow you to use any flavor ground coffee you choose. This means you can enjoy your favorite gourmet flavors such as Crème Brulee, Cinnamon Bun, Dark Chocolate Caramel, Dulce de Leche, and lots more.

Chances are you won’t find these delectable flavors at your office but you can bring them along with you. You can also create your unique at-home coffee shop and become your own barista when you use flavored grounds with the French Press and Aeropress.

Now that you know details about the French Press and Aeropress you must have made your decision already. However, if you still can’t decide between the two options and you have already considered your lifestyle and whether you like clean or gritty coffee, you can consider both options and use them on different occasions.

For example, the Aeropress is an excellent option for work and travel while the French Press is great at home. You can even enjoy both options at home and use them on different days. There might be days when you need a robust strong gritty coffee from the French Press while on other days you might desire a clean strong cup of coffee from the Aeropress.

Also, you might have busier mornings compared to others and require the Aeropress to rapidly-produce a cup of coffee or you might need the French Press to brew while you deal with your family in the morning.

The decision between the French Press and the Aeropress is yours to make. You can choose one or the other or both. Always consider your lifestyle, the time you have in the morning to make coffee, the type of coffee you enjoy, and which option will suit you the best. Start drinking freshly brewed coffee at home today with the French Press or Aeropress.

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