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Honey Latte Coffee Recipe

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Lattes are the creamiest of all coffee specialties. They’re not as foamy as cappuccinos, but they’re milky, and that’s comforting! Do you know what else is comfy? Honey! That’s right, any coffee sweetened with honey instantly becomes a drink to make you feel at home, wherever you are.

Honey is one of those ingredients that everyone recognizes instantly — it’s universal and super versatile. So, when I tried the recipe for a honey latte coffee, I knew I had stumbled with something special. Tweaked to my liking, I ended with the recipe you’ll find below. Learn all about this honeyed latte!

Honey is the very first sweetener enjoyed by humanity. It’s sweetness in its purest form, and we’ve enjoyed it the same way for thousands of years. Honey might not be something new, but it’s certainly always trendy.

Interestingly, adding honey to our coffee nowadays is not all that common, and that’s a shame — honey might just be another sweetener. Still, it also has a unique flavor you don’t get from any other sugar substitute. And do you know what? When you sweeten a latte with honey, the result is magic.

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What Goes into a Honey Latte?

Making a honey latte is not vastly different from making a regular latte, which is always appreciated. The main difference here is the honey used to sweeten this beauty. For the latte, you’ll need whole milk and espresso. You’ll have to froth that milk, though, so make sure you have the means to do so — even a whisk might help if you work with warm whole milk.

You’ll also need an espresso shot. Lattes can benefit from both the robust flavors of a dark-roast Arabica Robusta blend and a gentler, caramelly medium-roast 100% Arabica. Follow your heart.

Honey is our sweetener, of course. You can use any other sweetener, including low-calorie alternatives, but you’ll have to call your drink something else. You can’t make a honey latte without honey!

Finally, garnish the honey latte with cinnamon, another ingredient that makes you feel warm inside. That’s how you make a drink that truly sings to you!

To make a honey latte, you need regular liquid honey. The purest, the better. Make sure you’re buying 100% honey and not a substitute, often not more than simple syrup.

You’ll also need espresso — look for medium “city” roast Arabica for the best results. And of course, milk — latte means milk in Italian. We’ll garnish this beauty with cinnamon but follow your heart.

How to Make a Honey Latte?

Making a latte starts with a good, freshly brewed espresso. Once you have that one covered, it’s time for the “latte” in the latte. Heat the milk in a small pot or the microwave until it’s steamy but not boiling and whisk it to create as much foam as you can.

A latte contains coffee, steamed milk and just a thin layer of foam, so you don’t really need a milk steamer unless you already have one. Pour the steamed milk into the coffee and scoop the foam over it — it’s time for the honey and the cinnamon dusting.

Why Make Honey Latte Coffee?

Honey is an all-natural sweetener. It’s not as processed as sugar and is definitely more natural than artificial sweeteners. Honey also has a heartwarming flavor, and lattes are all about making you feel warm and cozy, so honey and lattes are a match made in heaven.

Besides, making honey lattes feels right, and they’re easy to make, even without a milk steamer. Add this specialty to your coffee repertoire and add honey back into your life!

Tips for the Perfect Honey Latte Coffee

  • Here’s some food for thought. If you have a milk steamer, make a regular latte and sweeten it with honey. You’re all set.
  • If you’re like most of us and don’t have a steamer, follow the recipe below. We’ll make our own milk foam on the stovetop; it takes a bit longer, but you get a frothy cup of latte.
  • Remember, a typical latte has a 1-2 ratio between coffee and steamed milk, with just a thin foam layer on top. Get it right, and you’ll know it right away.

How to Make It

  • Prep Time5 min
  • Total Time5 min
  • Serving Size1
  • Energy189 cal


For the pastry:



Brew the espresso with your preferred method and pour it into your serving cup.


Heat the milk until steamy and use a milk steamer to froth the milk until frothy and pour it into the coffee. Spoon milk foam over the drink.


Sweeten with honey and garnish with cinnamon.

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size1
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories189
  • % Daily Value*Standard DV
  • Total Fat5 g78 g6.41%
  • Saturated Fat3 g20 g15%
  • Cholesterol20 mg300 mg6.67%
  • Sodium120 mg2300 mg5.22%
  • Total Carbohydrate30.2 g275 g10.98%
  • Dietary Fiber0.7 g28 g2.5%
  • Total Sugars28.3 g
  • Protein8.1 g50 g16.2%
  • Calcium303 mg1300 mg23.31%
  • Potassium189 mg4700 mg4.02%
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