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How Long Is Iced Coffee Good For?

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If you love iced coffee, no kind of weather outside will stop you from drinking it. You’d rather put on a glove than have to drink hot coffee. 

But sometimes, you forget it’s in the fridge or your car’s cup holder. Can you still drink it after you get off of your shift? Don’t wonder how long iced coffee is good for. Come with us and let’s check it out.

Iced coffee that was once hot

If you haven’t forgotten about a cup of coffee and sitting on your counter (or in your microwave) to where it has gone cold, we are calling you a liar. Everyone has done it. But do you still drink it? Can you?

The ‘do you’ part is going to be left completely to you. We won’t judge. We do all of the time. The microwave is all the way over there. But can you? Yes. Definitely. You can drink coffee that is now cold that was once hot.

You can even make iced coffee that way if you want. If you do though, your coffee would be good for a shorter time. Best to drink that in a few hours.

Iced coffee made right

Actual iced coffee is made a bit different, so it can last longer. If you grab an iced coffee from your favorite coffee shop and put it in the fridge for the next day, you’ll be fine. A few days, 3 tops, and your coffee will still be good.

Just make sure it goes straight in the fridge if you are planning on drinking it later. Don’t leave it out on the counter or anything.

We should say, that if you forget your coffee someplace like your car, and you want to drink it after your shift, check the temperature first. It if was warmer than 40 degrees in your car, or warmer than 30 degrees outside (your car is usually a bit warmer inside) please don’t drink it.

Mold, bacteria, and other gross no-no stuff was starting to form after a few hours. A stomach ache is not worth it after working an 8 to 10 hour shift.

Cold brew coffee, straight up

Yes, please! Cold brew coffee is the best. If you have pure, undiluted, unmixed, unmessed with cold brew coffee in its most delicious form, you are good to go for a while. This form of coffee can stay in your fridge for up to 2 weeks. That’s right, 2 weeks. Not that it would last that long, right?

Your cold brew base can be stored in the fridge as is for 2 weeks. But once you pour some out and add your favorite creamer, sugar, or another favorite ingredient, you take that shelf life down to 3 days. Once you add anything to it, the clock has started on when you need to drink that down.

Make a jug and enjoy a few weeks of soul awakening cold brew. Let us know when it’s ready though. We want some.

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