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How Long to Perk Coffee For (Easy Guide)

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Coffee Percolators Explained

If you have ever watched any old movies where camping is involved, you have probably seen that weird metal pot they make coffee in.

That strangely shaped metal can is a coffee percolator, and it has been used for decades to make good consistent coffee. Definitely give it a try, and you might find you like the taste of percolated coffee more than your usual method.

What is a Coffee Percolator?

coffee percolator is an ingenious but simple way to make coffee. If you have a percolator, then all you need to make coffee is the ground coffee beans, water, and a heat source

A percolator has a bottom chamber that you fill with water, a metal tube, and a top portion that you place your coffee grounds into.

Stovetop Percolation

Stovetop percolators have been used to make coffee for years. The trick to good coffee from a stovetop percolator is using consistent heat

You want the water to be almost at a boil but not quite. If you overheat it, the coffee will be burnt and bitter tasting.

Electric Percolation

Electric percolators don’t need as much attention. A lot of the processes are automated, such as the temperature, via sensors. 

They have built-in hot plates as well. You only have to worry about getting your coffee to water ratio correct.

How Does Percolation Work?

Once you place the percolator on the heat and get it up to the appropriate temperature, the water travels up through a tube in the center to the very top of the percolator. It comes out through perforations and spreads over the coffee grounds then back down into the bottom where it repeats the cycle. The coffee is eventually collected in the upper chamber, where you can pour it into your cup.

How Long Do You Percolate Coffee For?

If you want a normal strength cup of coffee, then you will want to percolator it for about five minutes

If you prefer a stronger cup of java, you can push it out to around eight minutes. Keep an eye on it during this time to make sure the heat doesn’t increase to a boil. Never leave it on the heat for longer than ten minutes, or it will be very bitter.

Advantages of Perked Coffee

There are tons of advantages to using a percolator to make your coffee. This is one of these easiest ways to make coffee when you are camping or traveling. 

Once you know how it can make a very consistent cup of coffee. On top of that, it is a metal pot that will last a long time as long as you take good care of it.


If you have never tried this way of making coffee, you definitely should. Coffee percolators are very traditional and are great if you don’t want all the bells and whistle newer coffee makers have. Take care of it, and it will provide you and your family with coffee for a long time.

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