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How Much Coffee to Use for Different Amounts of Cups

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So How Much Coffee Should You Use?

If you’re looking to brew a perfect cup of coffee the best thing that you can do is make sure that you know what you’re starting with. And then you need to know just what it takes for each type. After all, every type of coffee is a little different.

Different Roasts, Different Volume

Every type of coffee that you look at has a different mass to it, which means that you’re going to get slightly different amounts of coffee to get the right flavor. So, if you’re getting a dark roast you’ll use less to get the ideal flavor than you would with a light roast.

One of the main reasons for this is that the roasting process takes some of the moisture out of the coffee beans. As a result, your beans are going to weigh about 15% less or even as much as 20% less than they would have when they were green and fresh.

How to Measure Coffee Correctly

If you’re looking to measure your coffee properly the most important part of the process is to measure in grams rather than in tablespoons or cups. This will allow you to account for the changes in mass from one roast to another.

The best place to start is about 60 grams of your favorite coffee per 1 liter of water. If you’re making more or less coffee you can adjust the amount of the beans or grounds that you use to fit the water content.

Why the Amount of Coffee Matters

The amount of coffee you use is extremely important to get the right flavor. Too much coffee and you’ll have what’s called an under-extracted brew. It can be a little harsh and taste sour or salty.

On the other hand, too little coffee and you end up with a watery brew that doesn’t have much of the flavor from the coffee that you want.

Starting With the Amount of Coffee You Want to Use

Starting out properly means you want to look at a brew ratio. The ideal ratio to start with is 1:15. This helps you figure out just how much coffee and water you need and how much end product you will have.

With a 1:15 ratio you will have 20 grams of coffee and then add enough water to get 300 grams total. This will give you a good balance to your coffee.

Measure Coffee Using Your Kitchen Scale

If you have a kitchen scale that’s going to be the best way to get the right weight and to make sure you don’t make a mistake in your measurements. You want to:

  1. Use an electric scale and make sure it is level and turned on.
  2. Get a tare weight for your container you’re using to measure.
  3. Add the coffee beans to get the right weight.

Summary and Conclusion

By measuring out and weighing out your coffee rather than following the standard methods you’re going to have a better result every time. Not to mention you’ll have consistent coffee each time.

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