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How To Enjoy Black Coffee More

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This is a big topic. How do you take your coffee? If you take it with a bunch of cream and sugar and other stuff, you might get the side-eye. But when you say you take it black, heads slightly turn towards you. Who is this master of the universe that doesn’t need anything in their coffee?

Well, it’s not as hard as you think. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll know how to enjoy black coffee more and seem cool and interesting. Or a psycho to us, but we won’t judge.

Gradually filter everything out

We do not expect you to go from adding creamer and sugar to the next day enjoying and loving black coffee. No. It will be a process, much like cutting anything else out of your diet. You should slowly and gradually cut back. If you usually do a tablespoon of creamer and a teaspoon of sugar, cut back a tad. Not even by half.

You have to let yourself adjust. It honestly might take a few weeks to get all the way to black, and that’s okay. You add all of that stuff for a reason. The taste. The flavor. You can enjoy black coffee just as much if you gradually get your taste buds used to it.

Clean your coffee pot

Clean your coffee pot. Or machine. Or pour-over. Or whatever you use. Clean it out. If you are not cleaning it out properly, then that’s a big reason why you need a pound of sugar to cover up the taste.

You might not like what you find, and it may gross you out, but your coffee will taste so much smoother. It will be easier to enjoy the actual coffee.

Experiment with roasts

Have you been getting the same roast since 2013? Let’s try something new. To find a coffee you can drink black, you need to find one that you love. You need to love the smell and the taste. Coffee festivals are a great way to try tons of different coffees to see which flavors you like.

If you can’t do that, get the smallest bags you can and try different ones out. Sometimes local coffee shops will let you buy smaller sample sizes. Stop getting the same breakfast blend or house coffee.

Make sure your coffee is fresh

Your coffee needs to be fresher than the shirt you are wearing. We bet the shirt is at least a day old. Invest in a nice grinder. Grinding your beans fresh for every cup will make it an enjoyable experience. Stale coffee is a big reason why you need to add all of that extra stuff in your coffee.

We promise that if you do all of this that you, too, can drink black coffee. You’ll be able to enjoy the actual coffee and not just the creamer. We phased out syrups and other things in our latte and we can never go back now. Start slowly and gradually, and you will get there. Just don’t rub it in, we still need the creamer.

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How to Drink and Enjoy Black Coffee

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