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How To Make Cinnamon Coffee At Home

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Oh, man. This is going to be delicious. We mean fun. This is going to be fun. Cinnamon is one of our favorite coffee flavors. Not only does it taste amazing, but it reminds us of fall and sweater weather. Cinnamon also has some amazing health benefits, too.

Cinnamon coffee is also a safe bet when you want to try something new, but you aren’t sure what. It’s a good neutral flavor that most people enjoy. Okay, enough talking. Let’s get into why cinnamon coffee needs to be in your life, and your coffee, right now.

Why cinnamon

Why aren’t we talking about nutmeg or vanilla? Well, those are good ones too. But cinnamon has so much to offer.

Boosts your energy

This magical spice will keep your energy up. Putting it in your coffee will help boost your mood. Cinnamon helps your blood sugar become more stable so that you don’t have that hard, tiring crash later.

Protects your body

Cinnamon is packed with antioxidants that will do you a load of good. You can give your immunity a little bit of a boost. It will help keep you feeling full. So many internal benefits to cinnamon.

Keeps you razor-focused

Now, you might think that the coffee is doing that. It is. But it’s also the cinnamon. It will wake up your brain and give it a bit of a shock. Who doesn’t need a daily dose of that?

Even the scent has magical powers

Smelling cinnamon can not only wake up your mind, but it can help with some sinus issues. Inhaling the scent of cinnamon can unclog your nose and loosen up that mucus. Some other smaller infections and symptoms can be taken care of by smelling cinnamon.

The ingredients

As with any recipe, the ingredients might change slightly depending on who you ask and what blog you check out. But there are some basic ingredients to have no matter how you make it.

That’s not bad. You probably have all of that in your cabinet right now. If you don’t though, listen up. Get the good stuff. Get quality ingredients.

Now, you can jazz this one up if you want. If you want to add extra toppings, knock yourself out. You can put a real cinnamon stick in there for garnish. You can make a cinnamon flavored whip cream or a vanilla whipped cream for a topping. Get creative, get fancy, and have fun with it.

How to make it

Okay, here’s the deal with cinnamon coffee. There are a few variations on what people consider cinnamon coffee to be. We’ll go over the 2 most basic ones we found.

Adding everything to your coffee grounds

This seems super easy. You are going to put 1 to 2 teaspoons of cinnamon into your coffee grounds. Add up to ¼ cup of brown sugar to that. You can do less, just don’t do more or it’ll taste weird. Put ¼ or ½ of a teaspoon of vanilla straight into the empty pot or pour over. Then brew it like normal.

This way you won’t have the cinnamon sitting on your coffee which could potentially give your coffee a gritty, sandy taste. The flavor will be fresh. The scent will be amazing. Everything will be mixed in and the hot water will bring the flavors of everything out.

Heat it all together

This one requires your stove and instant coffee. You are going to heat up about a cup of milk and ½ a cup of water. You can use any milk you normally would for coffee. Heat this on low. You’re going to have to keep your eye on it. Just as it starts to boil you are going to put in about 2 teaspoons of your instant coffee and up to ¼ of a teaspoon of cinnamon. You can always add a bit of vanilla extract if you want. Mix that all together until your instant coffee is thoroughly dissolved.

Out of those two options, we prefer the first one. It’s more like making a regular cup of coffee, but with adding fun things.

More on top

You can always just make the coffee. But if we are making something different, why not go all the way and make some fun toppings?

Whipped cream, but fun

Making your own whipped cream might sound like that’s going to need a creative mind and a baker’s hand, but it doesn’t. You are only whipping 2 ingredients together. You can do more if you want to make other flavors, but 2 is all you need.

  • Heavy cream

  • Powdered sugar

  • Vanilla extract

  • Cinnamon or whatever spice you want

You only need a blender for equipment for this. Beat about a cup of cream until you get those fun light peaks. Then add the powdered sugar and get those peaks back.

You can stop there, or you can add whatever else you want for flavor. Less is more. You don’t want your whipped cream to overpower your drink. If you are calorie counting or on any dietary restrictions, the whipped cream is where you’ll be adding the calories. You only need to use ¼ or a ½ of a teaspoon for any additional flavors. Then beat that together and you have a delicious cream to put on top.

You could always dust the top of your drink with a spice. If you don’t want to go overboard on the cinnamon, use nutmeg or pumpkin.

Why you should drink more cinnamon coffee

Cinnamon coffee only has about 25-35 calories in it depending on how much brown sugar you use. If you only add the cinnamon to your grounds, you are adding 1 calorie. That’s it. You have flavored your drink without creamer or sugar.

Cinnamon is a flavor you can enjoy any time of the year. Plus, remember all of those perks we talked about first? There’s all of that as well.

It’s super easy to make and doesn’t need to be complicated. We love cinnamon, but admit we haven’t tried this before. We will now. We may never get to the point of enjoying black coffee, but this could be a delicious way to get close.

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