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How To Make Coffee Taste Good Without Creamer

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Do you love coffee creamer? Us too. It’s delicious. Pretty much everyone puts some kind of creamer in their coffee. But should you be? Can you use anything else? How can you make your coffee taste amazing without creamer? Oh, we have you covered.

Why you wouldn’t want creamer

Are there any times when you wouldn’t want creamer? Maybe, yes. There are some downsides to creamer. It is a sneaky way to rack up some calories during the day. If you are calorie counting, cutting the creamer is a super-easy way to get rid of unnecessary calories. Who knew that one tablespoon of creamer could have at least 35 calories? And who sticks to the serving size anyway?

It can sometimes clash with the favor of the coffee, too. Have you ever been so excited to try a new coffee creamer flavor? All of the time, right? But then you go to drink your coffee and the flavor of the creamer and the flavor of the coffee don’t mix. It tastes like feet. It’s best to leave the creamer out from time to time.

But what about when you just run out? What if you don’t care about that other stuff? You simply don’t have any. You can’t run to the store for whatever reason. You aren’t going to come back home and remake your coffee. You definitely aren’t going to ask the neighbor for some. So scrounging around your cabinets is the next option.

Other liquid options

If you would rather sub with another liquid form, there are options for that.


It’s not just for tea. Honey can be a great way to sweeten a lot of drinks. It’s healthy for you and honey lasts forever. It won’t make it too sweet and it won’t completely change the taste of the coffee. Honey is amazing and should always be in your cabinet.

A different kind of milk

Not the whole milk that you put in your cereal. Oat milk is a perfect option. Coconut milk is another good one. You won’t get all of the additives that they put in creamer. If you have to pour something in your coffee, go for a different kind of milk.

Vanilla extract

Not only will you get a subtle vanilla taste, but you don’t need a lot. A few drops to a quarter of a teaspoon is all you need. Why grab vanilla creamer when the real thing (or even vanilla substitute) is perfectly fine?


We found a way to ditch the creamer ourselves. By adding a pump or two of syrup, it flavors the coffee without needing to pour creamer in. It’s really about that taste. Flavoured syrups come in so many options that you can find one for every cup, season, and mood. They also make them sugar and calorie-free. Hello, why don’t you have 5 bottles on your counter already?

Sprinkle it on

There are also all kinds of spices and things to sprinkle on your coffee to make it sweeter or change the taste to your liking.


The most popular one. Who doesn’t love cinnamon? Come on, step forward if you don’t. Exactly. You don’t need to put a ton in your cup. Just a light dusting on top. It will look pretty but also give your coffee a nice, subtle flavor.


Now, we are not going to endorse this one because we have never personally tried it. But if you read the blogs and talk to the coffee people, they say this is a whole thing.

Just a tad. Not too much. But put a dash of salt in your coffee and see how that goes. We like salted caramel chocolate, so maybe they are on to something.


Similar to cinnamon. Just sprinkle it over the top of your coffee. Nutmeg is another spice you should have in your cabinet at all times. Spices are amazing and not only for cooking.

Other fun things you can use

What else can you use? Oh, we have plenty more to share.


Honestly, never done this one either, but we have seen plenty of adults do it. Make sure it is unsalted butter though. You don’t want too much sodium. Butter makes everything better, doesn’t it? You can flavor anything with it, so why not try a bit in your coffee? You can start small and add up to a tablespoon if you need to.

Using unsalted, natural butter is healthier for you and doesn’t add anything bad to your coffee. It can make it silkier and smoother.

Coconut oil

What can’t you use coconut oil for? Cooking, body scrubs, and as a little something in your coffee. It’s healthy, it’s natural, and it’s good for you. We always have coconut oil in our cabinet. If you have the solid form, just plop a bit in your cup.

Make your creamer

It’s not that hard actually. You can do it with only 2 ingredients. You can use cream and vanilla, or cream and almond extract. You have to use it faster because you aren’t adding all of that extra crap in there. But you can also only make what you need.


Now, we are saying this to cover our butts. Do not do this if you are planning on leaving the house. But if you are having a lovely lazy Sunday, why the heck not? Grab whatever you like and add a splash in there. You won’t even remember you wanted coffee creamer.

Ice cream

Again, why the heck not? Who says ice cream isn’t for breakfast? You don’t need a lot. A small spoonful is all you’ll need. But you’ll get a sweetener and creamer in one.

Okay, seriously, we are excited to try some of these. We thought coffee creamer was a must-have, couldn’t live without item. After finding out about all of these other options, we want to collect them all like Pokémon. Especially the ice cream one. How fun is that? We aren’t sold on the salt and butter one though. We’ll leave those up to you to try.

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