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How to Make Coffee With a Mr. Coffee Maker

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Mr. Coffee for Great Coffee

Even if you don’t have an espresso machine, you can still have great coffee. Mr. Coffee is a popular machine brand that has been around for years. With a bit of magic, you can make a delicious cup of coffee using your Mr. Coffee Machine

Everyone loves a good tasting cup of coffee. There are many ways you can make your morning cup a bit better, even if you have a drip coffee maker like Mr.Coffee. All it takes is some time and attention to the little details of making your coffee. Make sure your coffee machine is clean and try running just water through a cycle first to warm it up.

Use Fresh, High-Quality Coffee

The biggest impact you can have on the taste of your coffee is by using fresh, high-quality coffee. You want it to be as fresh as possible, so none of the flavor is lost. 

Try to find a local roaster nearby or order from whole bean coffee from a roaster you like through a monthly subscription. Keep your beans stored properly and only buy as much as you will need in a month. The moment you grind your beans, they will start to lose their flavor over time.

Grind Your Beans

When you grind your favorite coffee beans, be sure to only grind as much as you will need for that serving. The longer you keep your coffee beans in whole form, the longer they will stay fresh. Make sure when you grind the beans that you use a burr grinder.

 If you use a blade grinder, it will grind the coffee into different sizes. Coffee that is not of a ground consistency won’t let water pass through properly to extract the flavor. A burr grinder gives you a more consistent grind for your coffee beans, which will lead to a better-tasting cup of coffee.

Leave it to the Coffee Machine

With a Mr. Coffee, you can program it to make your coffee without having to be there to start it. As long as you have already set it up, it will take care of the process for you. It’s easy to set it and forget for a while why you do morning chores or play on your phone. There are no complicated steps to perform, and no need to watch it brew.

Add New Ingredients

After making sure you have high-quality, fresh, well-ground coffee, you will have the best plain black coffee; you can get out of a drip coffee maker. If you want to take it a step further, you can add other ingredients into your coffee. You can experiment with honey, coconut oil, or a bit of peanut butter. This will add a bit of a flavor kick to your morning coffee.


When most people think about coffee made in a drip coffee machine, they think about bland, bitter coffee you have in an office. The truth is you can make rich flavorful coffee in a Mr. Coffee coffee machine with some time and effort. 

Make sure you are using high-quality, fresh coffee, and pay attention to the small details. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different coffee brands and additives to tune your coffee to your specific tastes. 

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