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How to Make Delicious Black Tea at Home

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As time goes on, more and more people around the globe are realizing the fantastic range of flavors that tea offers. Black tea, in particular, is a beverage that most people have likely had a cup of at one point in their life.

Black tea is extremely popular in British teas and is seen in many morning brews across the globe. Like most other teas, black tea can be a great substitute for coffee or a flavorful way to break away less healthy beverage alternatives like soda pop.

What is Black Tea

So what exactly is black tea and where does it come from? Black tea comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis, commonly known as the tea tree. Unlike its relative’s green and white tea though, black tea is a whole lot easier to import as it isn’t considered a brittle substance. 

The tea is taken from the stems and branches of the Camellia Sinensis. This makes the tea different from that which is produced from the leaves of the plant.

The tea tree can be located in parts of Asia and India. The plant has been exported around the world but prefers to grow in tropical environments.

How To Make Perfect Black Tea

Making the perfect tea is a lot easier than most people think. Black tea, in particular, can be easy to work with as it is actually the most common type of tea drunk around the world. There is no need to visit a fancy tea shop for a good cup of black tea as it can be made quite easily in your own home.

To begin with, many experts actually recommended using a teapot to steep your leaves in. Using a teapot gives the tea more room to float around, which has been proven to give the beverage a stronger flavor. 

You should place your teapot near your stove, where you can easily transfer in the boiling water. You will want to boil eight ounces of water per cup on your stove. Once the water begins to boil, quickly transfer it into the teapot.

Wait around fifteen seconds before adding in your teabags. Remember that for every cup of tea you are planning to make, you will need to add an extra tea bag into the pot. After letting the tea bags steep for four minutes, pour yourself a free cup of black tea, and enjoy the robust flavor.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Not only is black tea better for your diet, but it can also benefit your health. To begin with, tea is a great beverage for giving you a small boost of energy without having the high caffeine levels found in coffee. While the type of black tea will change the caffeine content, researchers have found that black tea has a lower amount of caffeine than most types of coffee.

Next, black tea has also been found to have benefits on heart health. In particular, some researchers have found evidence to prove that black tea can help with cardiovascular disease. Drinking black tea daily has been shown to help reduce blood pressure, which can benefit those who suffer from pre-hypertension.

Black tea has also been connected with helping reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. While studies are still underway, positive results have been seen in blood pressure readings of those who began to drink black tea regularly.

Black tea also seems to help keep the brain healthy. Researchers are starting to believe that drinking black tea may improve blood flow within the brain. Some of this research even pointed to better cognitive function, even in patients who were in the elderly stages of their lives.

Finally, black tea can help with glucose levels, which can help with diabetes. While black tea may not have all the benefits as it’s herbal cousin, it is still a great choice for those who are conscious of their health.

20 Yummy Add-Ons to Make Your Black Tea Taste Even Better

For those who don’t like to drink straight black tea, there is a large number of add-ons that can help flavor the tea.


For those who enjoy having a more spicy beverage, chai ingredients reign king. Some common ingredients that chai drinkers may enjoy are:


Cinnamon can be especially great for those helping to overpower the strong taste of black tea. Ginger can be added in to receive the roots extra health benefits like an energy boost, while peppercorns have a nice black pepper-like taste. Clove is another great plant for adding a sweet flavor, while Star Anise has a similar taste to licorice.


For those who have a sweet tooth, sweeteners can be used to make the tea more inviting. Just like with coffee, there is a wide range of sweeteners available for tea drinkers to try.


For those who love to have staple flavors like vanilla and chocolate, vanilla extract and chocolate powder can easily add a blast of powder to the tea. Sugar can also be used as a sweetener just like in coffee, with cane, brown, and even sugar substitute mixing well into the black tea. For those seeking a more natural flavoring, there is the rich nutty taste of hazelnut and the subtle sweetness of adding in honey.


As the name implies, these ingredients can be used to give your tea a thicker texture while also altering the flavor.


Black tea can work well with both normal and milk alternatives. Depending on what type of milk alternative you choose to use, the black tea can end up having several different flavors. For example, coconut milk will make it taste more fruity, while almond milk will be a bit nuttier. Cream can also be added in for those who prefer to use a simple store-bought creamer.


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