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How to Make Delicious Cold Green Tea at Home

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One of the most well-known varieties of tea is known for its prominence in both history and culinary tradition.

Green tea is a unique beverage that’s flavor is all its own. The tea has been popular in Asian countries throughout history and there’s a huge range of green tea flavored products in countries like Japan.

The bitter but refreshing taste of green tea works in both hot and cold beverages. Iced green tea, in particular, has found itself becoming more and more popular thanks to the famous coffee chain Starbucks.

How To Make Iced Green Tea

Green tea has been made inside personal homes for decades and iced tea is no different. While there are a few steps any pro tea maker will need to follow, the process itself is pretty simple.

Just make sure to pick out your tea, follow brewing times, and ensure that your tea is at the proper temperature to steep.

Tea selection

To start making green tea, you will need to determine if you would prefer to use loose green tea or tea bags. Both types of green tea can now commonly be found in stores but will change the way you prepare your beverage slightly. For a green tea fan, the powdered variety is often a way to get a much stronger flavor.

Tea brewing

Green tea is an interesting beverage since the brewing time may vary depending on the drinker. The longer green tea is left to brew; the more pungent the flavor will be. For those who prefer a lighter drink, they may want to finish brewing the tea around the one minute mark. For stronger tea, the four-minute mark may be a better target.

Tea temperature

Green tea is actually a delicate beverage that needs to be brewed in a temperature between 170 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Going any higher in temperature will likely burn the tea leaves. Once your tea has finished brewing for your preferred amount of time, go ahead and add in the cold water. For better tasting tea, you may wish to let it chill in the refrigerator.

How to Make Green Tea That Tastes like Starbucks

It’s no secret that Starbucks makes some delicious green tea. This is likely something that they picked up from their acquisition of the Teavana franchise, which had a specialized section for green tea. Luckily, fans of Starbucks have found a way to make their sweetened iced green tea beverage at home.

To begin, many green tea advocates recommend specifically using the Tazo brand of tea. The Tazo brand is sold in almost every grocery store and is usually extremely cheap to purchase. Next, you will need to find a sweetener to add to your tea. This can change a bit depending on your preferences but everything from cane to brown sugar will work perfectly for this recipe.

You will need to get six bags of the Tazo tea ready for brewing. Next, simply add-in two quarts of water and let it steep. While the tea is steeping, mix together one cup of sugar and one cup of water to make the syrup for your drink. Add in syrup until you find the perfect level of sweetness for your drink, and don’t forget the ice cubes.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has been gaining traction in recent years due to the multiple claims of benefits the beverage has on health. The tea has been linked with weight loss, in particular, causing it to become a popular alternative to other beverages. Besides from weight loss, though, green tea seems to have several benefits that can help consumers live longer and even keep their hearts healthier.

Fat Burning

To start, fat burning is the most popular and well-known health benefit of green tea. Studies have shown that green tea can actually boost metabolism. When paired with proper diet and exercise, some studies have shown that tea can help people lose weight faster.

While studies are still being done, some have shown that there is at least a 4% increase in fat burning for those who consume green tea. Many natural weight loss products will contain green tea, thanks to these claims.


Antioxidants are present in brewed green tea, leading many to connect the beverage with cancer prevention. This is because antioxidants work in the body to prevent oxidative damage. It should be noted that this mainly counts for green tea that has not been sweetened or flavored.

Bioactive Compounds

Green tea is also known for containing several bioactive compounds. In particular, green tea is found to have polyphenols, which have been found to help with preventing cancer like the antioxidants above and can even help with inflammation.

The compound in green tea specifically has also been found to help protect cells. This can have a variety of health benefits as damaged cells are attributed to a wide range of health issues. For those who want the full benefit of these compounds, a more pure variety of green tea should be purchased.

Brain Health

Green tea has a healthy amount of caffeine in it, which in proper doses has been shown to help stimulate the brain in a healthy way. This can help with several common issues, including improving mood and helping with memory.

The beverage also contains L-Theanine, which has been linked to helping with anxiety. Studies also link green tea with slowing the brains aging.

Heart Health

Like most teas, green tea has also been shown to have a positive influence on cardiovascular health. Green tea has been shown to help improve cholesterol levels, which reduces the chances of severe health risks like strokes. In addition, green tea has also been linked with helping blood to absorb more antioxidants.

Tackles Bad Breath

A less serious problem that green tea is surprisingly good with helping with is ridding tea fans of bad breath. In some studies, green tea has been shown to reduce bacteria growth, which in turn leads to fresher smelling breath.

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