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How to Make Green Coffee

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Green Coffee Beans 101

To put it simply, green coffee beans are what coffee looks like before it is roasted. Coffee beans come from plants and have natural green coloring. This coloring is completely removed when the coffee is processed by most shops.

As strange as it may seem, in recent years, using green coffee beans to make coffee has become quite popular. This new way of making coffee is easy to do at home and may quickly become your favorite beverage.

Making Green Coffee - Step-By-Step

For both methods, you need to get 20 grams of green coffee beans and 300 ml of water.

Using green coffee bean powder

  • To begin, grind the beans until they have a thin, powder-like consistency.
  • Next, split the powder between two cups and then slowly pour in water heated to 194 degrees.
  • After letting it rest for ten minutes, pour the beverage through a strainer into your favorite cup.

Using whole and raw green coffee beans

  • Leave the beans to soak in a bowl of water while you sleep.
  • In the morning, pour the beans and water into a pan and boil it for ten minutes.
  • Let the coffee cool off, and then filter it into your favorite cup.

Boiling Beans

Boiling beans is simple and can be done by even a novice coffee maker.

  • Make sure that you have a 1:3 ratio, with beans being the higher ingredient.
  • Place them in the boiling water and bring the temperature down to a simmer
  • Keep the beans cooking for ten minutes while stirring occasionally.

Green Coffee Beverages

You can use a variety of different flavoring in your green coffee beverage. Some of the most popular beverages use fruits or mints.

Mojito: For this recipe, mix four ounces of crushed ice, five mint leaves, half a lime worth of juice, and 5 ounces of green coffee.

Blueberry: Mix four ounces of green coffee with four ounces of water. Add in two tablespoons of blueberry syrup or flavoring.

Fresca: Use four ounces of lime seltzer with four ounces of green coffee. Once mixed, add in two tablespoons of grapefruit flavoring.

Health Benefits of Green Coffee

It’s important to note that research is still ongoing about the effects of green coffee on the body. Right now, we have found that green coffee seems to have more antioxidants than roasted varieties. Antioxidants that are found in coffee beans can help with a host of health problems.

Coffee has been known to boost mood, help with cardiovascular health, and even help you lose weight. The antioxidants tend to be stronger in light and green roasts, meaning that many of these benefits are stronger in green coffee.


Before you prepare your green coffee, make sure to thoroughly wash off the beans. When boiled for the right amount of time and flavored right, green coffee can be a healthy substitute for your morning cup of joe.

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