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How to Make Steamed Milk at Home (5 Easy Ways)

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You might think that it’s only in your local coffee house that you can get the joy and sublime difference of steamed milk for your morning cup.

Also, you won’t need some top-of-the-line pro-grade machine installed in your kitchen to get the job done.

In fact, there are 5 easy ways you can achieve the effect yourself, and in today’s blog we’ll share them with you.

Why Bother with Steamed Milk?

Some might wonder why we need to take steps to modify our milk. Isn’t it fine the way it is? If you like it straight from the carton, that’s not a problem. But, the fact is that steamed milk is a superior evolution of regular milk.

First of all, it has a thicker, creamier texture, like adding velvet to your cup. What’s more, it has a much more intense flavor that complements the coffee far better than cold milk will. Finally, steamed milk is versatile, because you can also add it to the top of cold drinks for a frothy, milky topping.

One more thing that will benefit you from making your own steamed milk is that you can create the “premium-feel” coffee experience in the comfort of your own home. Also, this can save you money over time as you enjoy cheaper but still delicious homemade coffee and not fork over anywhere several dolalrs for a cup from a franchised or independent outlet.

Steamed milk is therefore a great innovation, but how do we get there? Check out our recommended methods below:

5 Easy Ways to Make Steamed Milk

1. French Press Steamed Milk

Do you have a French press at home? It might be somewhere in your cupboard having used it once and no longer since you got that drip coffee machine. At any rate, you can put it back into action to make your steamed milk.

All you have to do is heat the milk first in whatever way you can — stovetop, microwave, etc. And then put the heated milk into the French press and then (carefully) use the plunger repeatedly moving it up and down until you see microfoam forming and the milk volume has about doubled. Keep in mind that it will double in volume and therefore don’t overfill when pouring the heated milk into the press.

2. Microwave Steamed Milk

For this method, you’ll need a glass jar, and the first time you try it, use skim milk for the best results. All you need to do is first pour the milk into the jar, filling it no more than half way. Screw the lid on tight and shake the jar up and down hard until you see the milk start to froth and increase in volume.

Once you’ve about doubled the milk content, remove the jar lid and place in the microwave. Heat on the highest setting for about 30 seconds, which will cause the foam to rise up. Don’t leave it in for too long or it might overflow and leave a mess in your microwave.

3. Saucepan and Whisk Steamed Milk

To get the effect in a saucepan, you’ll need a small saucepan and a balloon whisk to get the job done. Place the milk in your pan and put onto a low-medium heat. As it warms up, get your whisk ready and start a rapid whisking action. Keep whisking until you see the froth forming on top, but be careful not to push milk out of the pan. Use a saucepan with high sides, and don’t use too much milk.

4. Automatic Milk Frother

If all that whisking and stirring in the third method seemed a bit much, then you might try the next method out. Buy yourself an automatic milk frother that can heat and froth the milk for you without you needing to buy an entire espresso machine. You take the spout attachment and put it into your milk jug and then turn the machine on to start frothing until you see the froth forming on top.

An automatic frother is more expensive than the methods we mentioned above, but is still far cheaper to buy and more compact than purchasing an entire espresso machine. It also brings much added convenience as it will allow you to froth the milk instantly.

5. Frothing Wand Steamed Milk

A frothing wand is a much more compact version of an automatic milk frother. It works a bit like an electric whisk, but with a different kind of head attachment. It’s no bigger than a typical pocket flashlight, and is a great way to save money and space. You place the head attachment in the milk and turn on to start the process, and stop when you see the milk has increased in volume and bubbles formed on top.

This is the ideal solution for those who have small kitchens and not enough room for additional equipment. The frothing wand tucks away in any drawer, cupboard or other existing storage container.

Summing Up: The Magic of Steamed Milk is Easier Than You Think

Now you can see that you don’t need a professional barista to get you a coffee with the added pleasure of steamed milk. Using any of the above methods and by investing just a little bit of time and/or money, you can recreate the effect and enjoy premium coffee in your own home. Anything you buy will pay for itself in the savings you make not having to purchase marked-up coffee from franchised outlets or independent cafes.

Enjoy the difference that steamed milk makes.

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