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How to Make Strong Coffee That Tastes Amazing

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Make Strong Coffee Taste Better

If your attempts of brewing stronger coffee make your face sour, then you are desperate for some advice. Strong coffee is not unenjoyable by default, and this guide is here to prove just that. 

Offering you the ultimate tips on how to increase the strength of your brew and still enjoy the nice kick on your palate, this article is a must-read for every coffee fan.

Making Strong Coffee

The intensity of your coffee depends on two factors: the type of beans and how you brew them.

Choosing Strong Beans

Don’t Be Afraid of RobustaRobusta is more caffeinated than Arabica, so be bold and choose a blend that contains a small amount of Robusta beans.

Go for a Dark Roast Dark beans have more intensity and bolder flavor, which means that they will contribute to the strength of your brew.

Don’t Compromise on Freshness Coffee brewed with fresh beans does not only taste better, but it also has a more powerful kick, as well.

Strengthening the Brew

Grind Just Before BrewingSpeaking of freshness, ground coffee tends to lose some of it by sitting in your container. For that reason, make it a habit to grind the needed amount prior to the brewing for a stronger taste.

Up the Coffee ContentObviously, if you want to make your coffee stronger, you should consider increasing the coffee-to-water ratio. But, be careful not to go overboard as you might end up with a too powerful and undrinkable beverage. For best (and strong!) results, stick to 2 tablespoons of grounds per every 6 ounces of water used.

Increase the Brew Time, Slightly Add an extra minute of brewing time for an intense and slightly more bitter result. Beware the over-extraction, though. The more you brew, the sharper and unenjoyable your coffee will be, so find the golden middle that works for you.

What Kind of Coffee Beans Make the Best Strong Coffee?

For best results, go for dark roasted beans. If you want the taste to be brighter, aim for 100% Arabica. If you need it more caffeinated and more energetic, find a blend that has up to 15% of Robusta beans.

Types of Strong Coffee Compared

For general advice, it is good to know these types of coffee and the level of their strength:

Espresso seven to nine grams of coffee per an ounce of water.

Americano 1/3 espresso shot, 2/3 hot water.

Macchiato A double shot of espresso and steamed milk

Latte 2/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk with a dollop of crema on top.

Cappucino 1/3 espresso shot, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 milk foam

Mocha 2/5 of a cup espresso shot, 2/5 liquid chocolate, 1/5 hot milk, topped with some whipped cream.

Does Strong Coffee Have More Caffeine?

Yes and No. If you use a blend with Robusta beans, then the beans should be slightly more caffeinated than your regular 100% Arabica coffee.  

If you add more coffee to the same amount of water, yes, the caffeine content will be increased.

Otherwise, no. Brewing fresher beans, with hotter water, or slightly increasing the brewing time will result in a more intense mouthfeel, but they will not provide a higher caffeine dose.

Barista Tips for Brewing Stronger Coffee

To sum it all up, here are the five ultimate tips that will help you brew more robust coffee that leaves a more powerful kick on the palate:

#1 Choose Stronger Coffee – Stick to Dark Roast and a blend of Arabica and Robusta.

#2 Brew with Fresh Coffee Only Buy beans that have been roasted within a week.

#3 Grind Moments Before BrewingAlways grind the coffee yourself, and do it just before adding the grounds to your maker, to retain the freshness.

#4 Increase the Coffee-to-Water RatioFor the best results, stick to a 2.5:6 ratio.

#5 Know Your Brewing Method Make sure to get to know your brewer and the ideal time it takes for it to prepare you the best cup of Joe. Only then will you be able to customize your brew to enjoy it.

For some coffee lovers, a simple cup isn’t enough; they enjoy having strong coffee that was brewed to provide a kick. Whether you want to get as much caffeine as you can from your morning coffee, or you’re going after that bold and delicious taste, there are several ways to ensure you get your strong coffee fix.

From ordering strong coffee to making it yourself, this easy guide helps you make sure that strong coffee is a staple in your life. Find out everything you need to know about strong brewing methods and strong coffee drinks!

What Is Strong Coffee Called (And How to Order It)

There are many different ways to order strong coffee at your local cafe. It is called by different names, but don’t worry–once you are familiar with the concept, it’s easy to order.

Drip coffee that is made from dark roasts tastes stronger because it has a more bold flavor profile. You can ask for a cup of the cafe’s darkest roast. Or, ask for a drink that has espresso in it; espresso provides a high concentration of caffeine. A variety of delicious drinks contain espresso: Lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas. We’ll get into those types of drinks later in this article. You can even ask for a straight-up shot of espresso.

If you’re still not sure how to get strong coffee, you can always ask the barista for advice. Ask what their strongest coffee is, or what they would recommend if you’re looking for a bold and flavorful taste. Baristas will be able to help you find the strong kick you’re looking for.s

Does Strong Coffee Have More Caffeine?

It might seem like strong coffee should have more caffeine. Many people order strong coffee because they believe they are getting more caffeine out of it. However, a cup of coffee that has a bold, strong taste isn’t necessarily delivering more caffeine. You’ll still be getting the caffeine kick you need, but don’t fall for this misconception. 

Drip coffee contains about 120 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounces. Espresso has about 40 milligrams, but it has a higher concentration of caffeine since it’s served as just one ounce at a time. Caffeine levels may depend on what brew method is used, or even where you buy your cup of coffee from–different cafes and restaurants have differing levels.

How To Make Strong Coffee At Home

You don’t have to spend a lot of money ordering coffee from your local cafe every morning; it’s possible to make strong coffee at home. You also don’t need expensive or rare coffee beans in order to create a strong, flavorful brew. All you need is a bag of coffee beans you can find at the grocery store, or order some online.

Make strong coffee at home by following these steps:

  1. Pay attention to the type of beans. There are two kinds of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Robusta beans provide more caffeine and a bolder taste, however, they are considered to be of lower quality. They can also be more bitter. Try to select a blend that is no more than 15% robusta so you get your caffeine kick with a great taste.
  2. Pay attention to the roast level. The reason why darker roasts taste “strong” is because they provide a more bitter and bolder taste. The reality is you could buy a light or medium roast for the same amount of caffeine content, but if you’re going for a very strong taste, buy darker roasts. Medium-dark roasts such as Vienna roasts provide complex flavor and a strong brew.
  3. Get whole, fresh beans. Your coffee will have a more powerful and robust flavor if the beans were recently roasted. Try to buy beans that you know are relatively fresh. Once you’ve opened the bag, you should transfer all the beans into an airtight container so they can stay fresh. Keep this container in a dry and cool place.
  4. Use and drink your coffee quickly. To maintain the freshness of your beans and the bold taste they provide, use your coffee within two weeks. Coffee also tends to lose its flavor very fast, so drink it right away once you’ve brewed it for the strongest taste. You can keep your coffee in an insulated mug so it stays warm.

Making strong coffee at home can take a while to nail down. You’ll have to experiment with your coffee maker and different beans or brands before you find exactly what works for you.

What Are The Best Ways To Brew Stronger Coffee?

Once you’ve gotten your choice of beans and level of roast down, there are more methods you can use to truly brew a strong cup of coffee. Two main things: Be careful with how finely you grind your coffee beans and pay attention to the type of water you use. It’s surprising how even the smallest factors can make a big difference in how strong your coffee is.

These are the best ways you’ll be able to brew stronger coffee:

  • Grind the beans finely. Grind right when you are about to make coffee to ensure your beans are as fresh as possible. The finer the grounds, the stronger the coffee you’ll achieve; flavor extraction will happen faster as water comes into contact with a larger surface area. Aim for a consistency like beach sand. If your coffee is still too weak, try an even finer consistency the next time.

  • Experiment with the ratio of water to coffee. Typically, brewing coffee requires about 1 tablespoon or serving, of coffee grounds per 6 fluid ounces of water. You can increase the amount of grounds and try 2 tablespoons for 6 ounces, or even more. Some people who are strong coffee lovers use 3-4 tablespoons per 6 ounces. You should work your way up to this, otherwise, your cup of coffee may be overpowering.

  • Use hotter water. Flavors tend to be extracted more quickly when hotter water is added. Most brewing methods require water between 195℉ and 205℉, and anything above 205℉ will burn the coffee. However, you can take some time to experiment by using an infrared thermometer to use different water temperatures and see which works the best for you.

  • Ensure even extraction in your system. If you have a coffee maker, check to see if the water falls evenly and whether all the grounds are wet evenly. Areas that have hard-packed grounds can disrupt water flow, and the smoother the water stream, the better. Even extraction will help bring together all the other factors to brewing stronger coffee, so you end up with a perfect cup.

These are great ways to brew strong coffee if you’re using a drip system. However, you can also try a specialized method of brewing if you want to try something different or feel like drip coffee isn’t quite working for you. Try these methods:

  • A French Press is a popular choice to brew strong coffee. You can also use an AeroPress, which is similar but works faster.
  • Turkish coffee is well known for being quite strong. It’s even made with grounds left at the bottom of the cup.
  • Cold brew coffee is a method that many people use to achieve a strong coffee taste. It’s not always served cold–“cold brew” refers to the way that coffee beans are finely ground, then soaked in water for up to 24 hours. This results in a smooth, highly strong coffee that contains a lot of caffeine and can be served either cold or hot. Keep in mind, this method can take a while to be ready to drink.

The 6 Most Popular Types of Strong Coffee

You’ll be able to find strong coffee around the world, but you’re probably wondering: What types of strong coffee are there? The 6 most popular types of strong coffee are:

  1. Espresso. Espresso doesn’t contain quite as much caffeine, but it is served in a smaller volume–typically just one ounce–rather than as a whole cup. You’ll get a high amount of caffeine concentration in an espresso shot, which is why many people order it when they need strong coffee.

  2. Americano, which is just hot water with a shot of espresso added. Many people enjoy Americanos for their smooth, strong taste. The barista will likely ask if you want to leave room for cream, so you can still add milk or creamer.

  3. Latte, which is a blend of espresso and steamed milk. Lattes have a thin layer of foam at the top of the cup which baristas can create art in. They’re delicious with flavorings such as vanilla and pumpkin spice. If you want a strong coffee kick but have a sweet tooth, lattes may be perfect for you.

  4. Cappuccino, which is very similar to a latte but has more foam. A cappuccino has equal amounts of espresso, milk, and milk foam. It’s a great option if you enjoy frothiness and airiness with your strong coffee.

  5. Mocha, which has steamed milk, chocolate, and espresso. People who love chocolate or hot chocolate choose this drink for their strong coffee fix.

  6. Macchiato, a drink made with steamed milk and double espresso. Caramel macchiatos are popular; this is another option where you can get strong coffee with flavoring to make it sweeter.

The next time you need a strong coffee kick, try ordering one of these drinks. You’ll find them at any coffee shop, and they’re great either hot or cold.

What Coffee Beans Make The Best Strong Coffee?

There are two kinds of coffee beans: Robusta and Arabica. The beans that make the best strong coffee are Robusta because they have a higher caffeine content and provide a bolder taste. However, they are more bitter and are widely considered to be the lower quality type of bean.

It’s possible to find coffee blends that contain both types of beans. This is great news for people who want the strong coffee that Robusta beans create, without sacrificing the higher quality of Arabica beans. If you’re interested in a blend, look for ones that have 10-15% Robusta beans so you have high-quality coffee that still provides that extra little kick.

If you are going to purchase coffee beans with the intention of making strong coffee, it helps to order directly from a high-quality roaster. They can help you pick out the best roast, and speak with you about the source of their beans so you can make sure you’re getting what you need.


Enjoying stronger coffee doesn’t require anything special, really. For a brew that packs a punch, the only thing you need to add is a little more of your strong and freshly ground beans, a pinch of love, and a great knowledge of how to brew it right. 

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