How to Make Strong Coffee That Tastes Amazing

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Make Strong Coffee Taste Better

If your attempts of brewing stronger coffee make your face sour, then you are desperate for some advice. Strong coffee is not unenjoyable by default, and this guide is here to prove just that. 

Offering you the ultimate tips on how to increase the strength of your brew and still enjoy the nice kick on your palate, this article is a must-read for every coffee fan.

Making Strong Coffee

The intensity of your coffee depends on two factors: the type of beans and how you brew them.

Choosing Strong Beans

Don’t Be Afraid of RobustaRobusta is more caffeinated than Arabica, so be bold and choose a blend that contains a small amount of Robusta beans.

Go for a Dark Roast Dark beans have more intensity and bolder flavor, which means that they will contribute to the strength of your brew.

Don’t Compromise on Freshness Coffee brewed with fresh beans does not only taste better, but it also has a more powerful kick, as well.

Strengthening the Brew

Grind Just Before BrewingSpeaking of freshness, ground coffee tends to lose some of it by sitting in your container. For that reason, make it a habit to grind the needed amount prior to the brewing for a stronger taste.

Up the Coffee ContentObviously, if you want to make your coffee stronger, you should consider increasing the coffee-to-water ratio. But, be careful not to go overboard as you might end up with a too powerful and undrinkable beverage. For best (and strong!) results, stick to 2 tablespoons of grounds per every 6 ounces of water used.

Increase the Brew Time, Slightly Add an extra minute of brewing time for an intense and slightly more bitter result. Beware the over-extraction, though. The more you brew, the sharper and unenjoyable your coffee will be, so find the golden middle that works for you.

What Kind of Coffee Beans Make the Best Strong Coffee?

For best results, go for dark roasted beans. If you want the taste to be brighter, aim for 100% Arabica. If you need it more caffeinated and more energetic, find a blend that has up to 15% of Robusta beans.

Types of Strong Coffee Compared

For general advice, it is good to know these types of coffee and the level of their strength:

Espresso seven to nine grams of coffee per an ounce of water.

Americano 1/3 espresso shot, 2/3 hot water.

Macchiato A double shot of espresso and steamed milk

Latte 2/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk with a dollop of crema on top.

Cappucino 1/3 espresso shot, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 milk foam

Mocha 2/5 of a cup espresso shot, 2/5 liquid chocolate, 1/5 hot milk, topped with some whipped cream.

Does Strong Coffee Have More Caffeine?

Yes and No. If you use a blend with Robusta beans, then the beans should be slightly more caffeinated than your regular 100% Arabica coffee.  

If you add more coffee to the same amount of water, yes, the caffeine content will be increased.

Otherwise, no. Brewing fresher beans, with hotter water, or slightly increasing the brewing time will result in a more intense mouthfeel, but they will not provide a higher caffeine dose.

Barista Tips for Brewing Stronger Coffee

To sum it all up, here are the five ultimate tips that will help you brew more robust coffee that leaves a more powerful kick on the palate:

#1 Choose Stronger Coffee – Stick to Dark Roast and a blend of Arabica and Robusta.

#2 Brew with Fresh Coffee Only Buy beans that have been roasted within a week.

#3 Grind Moments Before BrewingAlways grind the coffee yourself, and do it just before adding the grounds to your maker, to retain the freshness.

#4 Increase the Coffee-to-Water RatioFor the best results, stick to a 2.5:6 ratio.

#5 Know Your Brewing Method Make sure to get to know your brewer and the ideal time it takes for it to prepare you the best cup of Joe. Only then will you be able to customize your brew to enjoy it.


Enjoying stronger coffee doesn’t require anything special, really. For a brew that packs a punch, the only thing you need to add is a little more of your strong and freshly ground beans, a pinch of love, and a great knowledge of how to brew it right. 

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