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How to Percolate Coffee for Great Taste

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Percolate Coffee for Better Taste

A percolator can make the perfect cup of coffee if you know-how. We’ve combined all barista pro tips you need to know for a delicious cup of joe. But how can you optimize the experience of percolating your coffee?

Making a Coffee with a Stovetop Percolator

You will need a coffee grinder and your favorite coffee beans to go into your stovetop percolator in order to get the flavors you want. You want to start with about 30 grams or 1 ounce of beans for every 17 ounces or 500 grams of water that you’re using. Make sure you’re measuring full beans.

Next up is grinding the beans to get a medium-coarse ground. Don’t grind them too fine or too coarse or you won’t get the right amount of extraction. Once you get the right grind you’re ready to pour the grounds into the percolator. Add cold water (not warm or hot) to the base of the percolator.

Finally, put the percolator onto the stove and turn the heat to low or medium. You don’t want to bring it up to temperature too quickly. Instead, make sure that you’re watching carefully and that you are very slowly and gradually getting the grounds to the right temperature but never to boiling. Get about 10 minutes of bubbling and pour your coffee into your favorite cup.

Benefits of Making a Coffee in a Percolator

There are a number of reasons to make your coffee in a percolator, which include:

Durable machine – rather than buying a coffee maker that can break down after a very short amount of time, a percolator will last for a long time because they’re durable.

Large volume – you’ll be able to make a large quantity of coffee in a percolator because of the size. But make sure you don’t get something too large for what you need (or too small).

Inexpensive – You want something that’s going to be simple to use and it doesn’t get much easier than a percolator, so this is a great option for those who don’t want the steep learning curve.

Simple – Keeping your percolator clean and ready to go is a snap because you can wipe it out quickly and easily whenever you need to.

Characteristics of Coffee Made in a Percolator

Strong – Coffee that’s made in a percolator is going to be stronger than coffee you make in a traditional coffee maker because there’s less to the process, which isn’t popular with everyone.

Hot – Because you’re heating the coffee directly on the stove you’re going to get something that’s extremely hot rather than moderate with a coffee maker.

Cloudy – The way that this coffee is made means that there’s a lot of steaming involved, which can make your coffee more cloudy rather than clear.

Gritty – Finally, you could end up with some sediment and grounds in the bottom of your coffee cup, which could make it a little gritty.

Summary and Conclusion

Getting the best cup of coffee possible can start with a percolator to get the job done. All you need is the right steps to help you along.

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