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How to Use and Dispose of Coffee Grounds

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10 Great Uses for Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds have tons of uses that can help you recycle your used product. From helping your garden to grow to making a natural dye, there are several things grounds are good for. Next time you make coffee, be sure to try out one of these interesting methods below.

Method 1: Make Fertilizer

It shouldn’t be too surprising that even used coffee grounds can make good fertilizer. Even after grounds have been used for brewing, they retain some nutrition. This could be just the thing you need to get your garden growing.

Method 2: Coffee Compost

Much like using it as fertilizer, adding a coffee compost pile to your garden can help liven things up. By piling up biodegradable filters and used grounds, you will create a healthy supply of nitrogen for your plants.

Method 3: Creative Cooking

Coffee is a popular flavor for many desserts, but did you know it can also be used on meat. Next time you cook, save some used coffee grounds to add a bit of extra flavor to your steak.

Method 4: Eliminate Odor

Coffee is a naturally odor absorbing substance. By leaving out coffee beans or placing them in your fridge, you can help deodorize and area.

Method 5: Don’t Raise Dust

Coffee grounds can even be used to clean up dust or ashes. Just sprinkle the wet grounds on top and then wipe them off to make sure you collect all the bits of dust.

Method 6: Fix Furniture

To do this, simply press the wet grounds into a scratch and wait for them to dry. Afterward, sand off the area. This may take a few tries, but is an excellent and cheap way to make quick repairs.

Method 7: Freshen Your Face

Companies like lush often used coffee grounds in their face masks. Coffee grounds are perfect for removing dead skin. Be sure to not use too much pressure, though, or you could damage new skin.

Method 8: Dye Easter Eggs

Coffee can naturally dye things such as easter eggs brown. Some people even use wet grounds to paint pictures.

Method 9: Healthy Hair Product

Coffee beans can be scrubbed on your scalp to help remove residue from products like hairspray. If you have dyed your hair brown, then it can help to darken the color of your beautiful locks.

Method 10: Insects and Pest Repellent

An interesting fact about coffee grounds is that if you let them dry and then burn them, it wards off mosquitoes. If you have a pool or are going camping, save your coffee grounds and use them as a non-toxic bug repellent.

Summary and Conclusion

Coffee grounds don’t need to be thrown out once your morning cup of joe is made. As you can see above, coffee grounds have tons of unique uses and can even help enhance your daily beauty routine. Be sure to experiment with your grounds to try out all these unique ideas.

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