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How To Use Coffee Creamer In Place Of Milk

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Milk has always come in handy when you needed a little something for your coffee or tea. But then there came coffee creamer. Coffee creamer is one glorious invention. If you want to add a bit of flavor to your delicious coffee, a tablespoon is all you need to transform it.

But what else can coffee creamer be used for? Can it be used for anything else but your coffee? Indeed it can. We are going to tell you how to use coffee creamer in place of milk in some other areas of your life.

Other drinks

Obviously, coffee creamer was made for coffee, but have you tried it in other drinks?


Yes, a splash of milk is nice in tea, but try coffee creamer. It’s like a whole new world right there. You can mix and match creamers to flavors of tea to find some nice compliments.

Hot chocolate

We mean, hot cocoa bombs are all the rage. What’s the difference between adding flavored chocolate to your hot cocoa and a splash of coffee creamer? Exactly, nothing. So when you are enjoying your next cup of hot cocoa, add a bit of flavored coffee creamer to your cup.

Use it in cooking

Baking is probably the biggest time when you might eyeball your coffee creamer. If you run out of milk and you only need a bit for this or that, can you use your coffee creamer instead? Heck yeah!

Flavored coffee creamer

Having one with a flavor like cinnamon or vanilla would be great for breakfast things. If you need a splash of milk for your morning oatmeal, this would be great. You would get a bit of flavor too.

You could also use flavored coffee creamer for things like pancakes or waffles. We put a dollop of things like peanut butter or Nutella in the batter, so why not a bit of flavored coffee creamer?

Unflavored creamer

Unflavored coffee creamer would be great when you run out of milk but need a bit for a normal recipe. Let’s say your soup is a bit too thick and you want to thin it out. You used the last of your milk, but you only need the tiniest bit. Unflavored coffee creamer would be fine.

Instant things like mashed potatoes would be an easy and quick fix too. Those normally don’t need a whole lot, and as long as it’s unflavored, you’ll be fine.

Use it for allergies

Another great reason why you might want to sub milk is if you have someone who has a dairy allergy. Most creamers (check the label, but most) are gluten-free, and there are tons of non-dairy-free options as well. If you forgot to get special milk for your guest, but you have some coffee creamer, you may have saved yourself a trip to the store.

The next time you go to grab some milk and don’t see any, don’t freak out. Look as and see if you have some coffee creamer. We’ve given you more reasons to feed your coffee addiction and to keep that creamer handy.

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