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How to Wake up Without Coffee and Caffeine

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Mornings Without Coffee or Caffeine

If you want to stop relying so much on your morning cup of coffee to get you ready for the day there are plenty of other options available.

Ways to Wake Up Better Without a Cup of Coffee

Take a Morning Walk

A nice walk in the morning can get you a whole lot of energy because you’re getting exercise and you’re getting fresh air. Not to mention sunlight helps increase serotonin production.

All of this helps your mind and body feel a whole lot better and prepares you for the rest of your day.

Eat Breakfast

Many people don’t eat breakfast in the morning but that’s actually a bad thing when it comes to really waking up. Also, make sure your eating a good quality breakfast.

A good amount of calories in the morning is going to give your body the energy boost that it needs.

Take Vitamin B-12 (If You Know You’re Deficient)

The right balance of vitamins and minerals will help you wake up and stay awake, as well as helping you feel and perform better all around.

If you’re not deficient, however, you won’t actually get any benefits. Find out from your doctor if you are deficient or need to supplement your intake.

Drink Water

The importance of drinking plenty of water throughout the day cannot be overstated. Drinking water first thing when you wake up helps with the natural dehydration that can occur while you sleep.

You’ll get plenty of energy for your body even though there’s really nothing in that water. It helps counter the fatigue you might feel and the moodiness.

Try the Stimulating Breath Technique

You want to start by closing your mouth and inhaling then exhaling through your nose. Use a short and quick breath in as well as out. This is going to quickly fill your lungs and just as quickly expel the air out.

Through this process you help wake up your body and get everything moving. Just do this for 10 breaths and then stop then repeat the process.

Open the Curtains

Plenty of sunlight is going to help you feel more awake and ready for the rest of your day. If you keep things too dark it messes with the processes happening in your body.

By opening the curtains your body recognizes that it’s time to get up and start moving.

Listen to Upbeat Music

Get your blood pumping with a little bit of lively music. You can even break out your favorite dance moves to really get yourself moving around.

Bonus points, that dancing is going to count as exercise which helps your body even more when it comes to waking up.

Take a Cold Shower

Cold water helps to bust your body out of the fatigue and funk that it might be in when you first get up.

This shower doesn’t have to be long to really stimulate your body.

Connect With Nature

Being outside is great for your body and gives you plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Both of these things help you to feel more awake and prepared.

Summary and Conclusion

Getting up and ready in the morning isn’t as difficult as you might think, and it definitely doesn’t require caffeine.

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