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Iced Coconutmilk Latte (Starbucks Copycat Recipe)

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Iced Coconutmilk Latte

Hello Everyone! Today we’re making a Starbucks copycat version of one of the easiest but creamiest cold Starbucks drinks, the Iced Coconutmilk Latte.

Now, more than ever, people are staying clear of cow’s milk, and they all have different reasons, from lactose intolerance to vegan lifestyles. The truth is, we’re OK with that. There are plenty of options for regular milk, and Starbucks knows it. That’s why today’s creamy and silky latte makes the most of coconut milk’s flavor and texture, and you know what? You’ll love it. Coconut milk is super fun!

Did you know coconut milk is one of the most nutritious and healthy plant-based drinks on the market? And it tastes quite nice too! Coconuts are fatty fruits, and all that healthy fat ends up in a creamy drink that’s perfect as a milk substitute.

Making your own Iced Coconutmilk Latte is no rocket science, you only need a proper shot of espresso and coconut milk. For the coffee, I recommend going for a medium (city) roast Arabica that has a nutty and caramelly feel to it. Heavy roasts or French roasts will overpower the subtle coconut flavors in your latte.

If you want to go all-original, buy Starbucks’ coffee pods and go from there. Otherwise, a stovetop moka-pot espresso will work just fine. Just don’t use instant coffee or freeze-dried — you need a real brewed espresso.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Iced Coconutmilk Latte being topped with cascara sugar, so what is it? Cascara is the dried pulp that surrounds coffee beans. This is definitely an interesting ingredient, don’t get me wrong, it’s not essential for a nice coconutmilk latte. Use cane sugar or your favorite low-carb sweetener instead.

If you want to amp-up your iced coconutmilk latte, add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, dust it with cinnamon or throw in some crushed nuts, just have fun with it.

It might be obvious, but if don’t enjoy coconut’s flavor, swap coconut milk for almond milk or any other alternative. You’ll have to change the name of your drink accordingly, though. Your drink, your rules. Have fun!


How to Make It

  • Prep Time10 min
  • Cook Time1 min
  • Total Time11 min
  • Serving Size1
  • Energy553 cal




Brew your espresso and let it cool at room temperature (use an ice bath).


On a glass filled with fresh ice, add the espresso and the coconut milk and stir.


Sweeten with your sugar or your favorite low-carb sweetener.


Top with cascara sugar (optional).

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size1
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories553
  • % Daily Value*Standard DV
  • Total Fat57.2 g78 g73.33%
  • Saturated Fat50.7 g20 g253.5%
  • Sodium40 mg2300 mg1.74%
  • Total Carbohydrate13.3 g275 g4.84%
  • Dietary Fiber5.3 g28 g18.93%
  • Total Sugars8 g
  • Protein5.5 g50 g11%
  • Calcium39 mg1300 mg3%
  • Iron4 mg18 mg22.22%
  • Potassium664 mg4700 mg14.13%
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