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Iced Golden Ginger Drink (Starbucks Copycat Recipe)

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Iced Golden Ginger Drink

This spring, Starbucks surprised us with a few new iced drinks, and one of them was the Iced Golden Ginger Drink. A refreshing drink with a bling. 

Golden milk has been around for centuries, it’s a specialty in India, and it’s mostly milk and the super-healthy, yellow-colored turmeric powder. Starbucks, of course, took this golden health bomb to prime time with its Iced Golden Ginger Drink.

I love making this one at home for the fantastic aromas that fill my kitchen. The aromas of cinnamon, fresh ginger, and turmeric are utterly heartwarming. Just wait and see.

Starbucks’ baristas use their, not very natural, pineapple-ginger syrup for this one, but we’re skipping this step and blending all the ingredients together. The flavor is the same, but it’s more practical if you’re only making a few drinks. Baristas use syrups to make their jobs easier; after all, they serve dozens of these a day!

Please be careful when adding the ginger. The rhizome’s intensity is powerful and can overwhelm your whole drink with ease. Half a teaspoon of peeled, grated ginger is all you want and need. 

If you’re making this drink for a sizable crowd, make a whole batch beforehand. Just blend all the ingredients and spices but leave out the coconut milk, add that at the last minute and combine. Your pineapple spice mix keeps very well in the fridge. and you can assemble as many Golden Drinks as you want, fast and easy.

The spices comprising the original Golden Ginger Blend that gives this iced drink its color, Asian-inspired flavors, and aroma are unclear, as they’re labeled as ‘natural flavors.’ Still, I have deducted this is basically turmeric and cinnamon. We’ll just add the tip of a teaspoon of each spice to liven our Iced Golden Ginger Drink.

Did you know ginger and turmeric are considered superfoods? They’re massively  healthy, and people have used them in traditional medicine since forever. When something as tasty is good for my health, count me in. How about you?

Let’s do this. Let’s own the Iced Golden Ginger Drink Starbucks Copycat. The drink is a great way of using new and fun ingredients, and it’s terribly easy to make from scratch. Are you ready? Because I’m dying to try this one again!


How to Make It

  • Prep Time10 min
  • Cook Time1 min
  • Total Time11 min
  • Serving Size1
  • Energy497 cal




In a blender, add the coconut milk, pineapple juice, sugar, ginger and spices. Blend until smooth.


In a glass filled with fresh ice, add the golden blend and enjoy.

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size1
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories497
  • % Daily Value*Standard DV
  • Total Fat28.8 g78 g36.92%
  • Saturated Fat25.3 g20 g126.5%
  • Sodium20 mg2300 mg0.87%
  • Total Carbohydrate27.8 g275 g10.11%
  • Dietary Fiber8.9 g28 g31.79%
  • Total Sugars15.1 g
  • Protein3.5 g50 g7%
  • Calcium26 mg1300 mg2%
  • Iron13 mg18 mg72.22%
  • Potassium446 mg4700 mg9.49%
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