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What are the most popular hot coffee drinks?

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Popular hot coffee drinks?

The most popular hot coffee drinks? That’s quite a tricky question. Depends who you ask! The modern coffee shop crowd will obviously vote for the various latte and cappuccino varieties out there, while very dedicated coffee lovers swear it is pure sacrilege to use milk or cream to alter the taste of a perfect brew.

Which do you prefer - black coffee or coffee shop drinks?

Whatever happened to good old plain coffee, the one you brew in a coffee maker or over the stove? Do people still drink that? The answer is Yes, of course, they still do. For many, a cup of normal brew, preferably dark, is the perfect way to start the day, while a cappuccino is for later, maybe after lunch or when they go out with friends in the evening.

Black coffee is perfect for those who want to enjoy all the subtle differences between various types of coffee grown all over the world. How can you tell Java from Sumatra coffee if you cut it down with loads of milk and sugar? You wouldn’t want to ruin the smooth taste of Bourbon coffee, one of the best in the world, by putting whipped cream and caramel on top of it, would you?

Regular brew remains the go-to coffee for those who appreciate the taste more than the coffee experience.

Irish coffee is the most popular coffee drink made with black coffee, plus whipped cream and a bit or more than a bit of whiskey. No matter how many novelty coffee drinks come out every year, Irish coffee holds its ground. Maybe it is the whiskey that makes it so appealing, and the spirit doesn’t even have to be Irish, we still love it.

Which is best - espresso or cappuccino?

The whole point of going to the coffee shop is that it is an experience all in itself. You don’t just go there to get a quick caffeine shot. We enjoy going to a coffee shop because we love the atmosphere, the mysterious names on the menu and the simple act of having a drink topped with cream and chocolate syrup in front of us. The pleasure lies in anticipating the sweet taste of cappuccino before you even take a sip!

And yes, latte and cappuccino are among the most popular hot coffee drinks in the world. We won’t go into details, you all know what sort of cappuccino you prefer, with milk or soy milk, flavored or not. The idea is cappuccino, latte or flat white are more popular today on the espresso they’re all made with. When did you last have a simple espresso?

What is Turkish coffee?

Traveling is a good way to discover another culture and its cuisine, but you don’t need to go to Turkey to have a cup of Turkish coffee. It’s quite popular in many European countries, and you can make some at home. It would be best to use a Turkish-style pot to brew it, but you can use a kettle as well. 

The most important thing is to use finely ground coffee so that water can extract more of the flavors and oils in it. The traditional way of making Turkish coffee is to boil it over hot sand, but that’s a special technique you can only learn in Turkey. 

To make your brew as close to the traditional recipe as possible, try spicing it up with cardamon!

How about you? Are you a latte kind of person or do you go crazy for a cup of cappuccino with a fat dollop of cream on top?

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