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Ordering Coffee like A Pro

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Have you ever ordered coffee and felt like you didn’t know what you wanted? It must have been an awkward moment for you.

One is likely to find themselves in such a situation if they have little knowledge of the nature of different coffee drinks. There are numerous options to choose from – caramel macchiato, cappuccinos, triple, non-fat, venti and so forth.

If you want to order coffee like a pro, it would be good to learn the differences between the over 38 varieties of coffee drinks available. You probably don’t need a fancy drink to start your day off. Nevertheless, knowing a few more drinks can help you break the monotony of drinking one variety on a daily basis. A desire to order a frothy drink may arise one day.

We compiled the following tips to help you order coffee confidently.

How to order milky espressos

Is it time to get a foamy, milky drink that contains a healthy portion of caffeine? Sure, get a cappuccino!

If you don’t fancy foam in your drink, but gladly enjoy the milk, get you a latte. Lattes consist of an espresso shot and steamed milk with just a small amount of foam. In specific terms, the foam in latte is less than 2 ml. It’s crazy that the original amount of foam in steamed milk is a whopping 300 ml!

Are you the kind of person who loves latte but also needs chocolate to please your inner self? Well, baristas had you in their minds when they invented the mocha.

Some coffee drinkers have no problem with foam, but really wish that it was not so stiff. If you want a velvety foam in your drink, ask for a flat white. Flat whites look like lattes, but then they have this fancy velvety micro-foam made from steamed milk. Oh yes! You will love it!

How to order straight espressos

One day you will wake up and crave for a strong drink. When that day comes, tell your barista to make you an espresso drink.

If you want twice the fun, order a doppio espresso. It is an awesome experience because it has two shots of espresso. We know you want to try it immediately.

On days when you feel that there is too much liquid in the normal espresso shot, order a ristretto. A ristretto is basically a more concentrated espresso shot.

Some days you might feel that straight espresso is a little too much for your system. Order the macchiato. It consists of a milk foam topping and a dark caffeine shot at the bottom of your mug.

Whenever you are ordering a straight espresso drink, just do you! If you need the foam in buckets, get that!

How to order brewed coffee

Brewed coffee covers more than just coffee. A regular cup of coffee can be brewed in several ways. Some coffee shops will allow you to order a customized drink.

High-end coffee parlors employ a popular method known as a pour over. The process follows a slow brewing process on a coffee dripper or Chemex machine. If you fancy a naturally balanced cup, order the pour over.

If your morning commands a drink that is made up of a deep flavor outline, get you a French press. You will love the bold taste!

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