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20 Popular Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks Revealed

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Starbucks has long set the trend for what a designer coffee drink should be. Starbucks revolutionized cold coffee, put a spin on hot coffee, and quite literally invented the frappuccino.

If you are a Starbucks aficionado, then you will know that there is way more than what you see on the menu and that there is a menu behind the scenes…the secret menu.

As the years have passed, now there are so many secret menu drinks that even some of the baristas can’t keep up! Whether you prefer hot coffee, cold coffee, or even a drink sans coffee, but you never knew how to order it.

Have no fear, we are here to save the day, revealing 20 popular Starbucks secret menu drinks, their ingredients, and how to order them.

5 Best Iced Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks

When the spring and summer roll around, most Starbucks lovers switch out their hot coffee for a cold iced beverage. Some people even choose to cold coffee year-round (don’t worry, we aren’t judging).

The Starbucks secret menu iced coffee drinks are some of the best and trendiest on the menu. Whether you want to avoid ordering another iced latte like you’ve done every day for the past year or want to try something exciting and new, these are the five best iced Starbucks secret menu drinks.

1. Cookies and Cream Cold Brew
Perfect for those who love cookies and cream ice cream, this drink combines the sweet flavors of white mocha with the deep flavors of dark mocha.

  • Start by ordering a Venti Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew and specifically ask for two pumps of vanilla
  • Add four pumps of white mocha
  • In the cold foam: Two pumps of regular mocha
  • Top with mocha cookie crumbles

2. Baby Yoda Cold Brew
Calling all Starwars and matcha fans…this is the Baby Yoda cold brew made popular by the new Starwars movies.

  • Order a Venti Cold Brew with four pumps of white mocha
  • Ask for sweet cream foam with one scoop of matcha powder mixed in (on the side)
  • Pour foam on top

3. Pink Drink
In 2016 the “Pink Drink” took the internet by storm. Now it continues to be a crowdpleaser for both your taste buds and your Instagram story.

  • Start by ordering a Strawberry Açai Refresher
  • Ask for coconut milk as the base
  • Add fresh strawberries and blackberries

4. Peach Ring Tea
Something a little bit different than what you might normally order at Starbucks, but equally as flavorful. This is a perfect drink for when you are craving fruit-flavored candy, or something refreshing on a hot day.

  • Start by ordering a drink that is half a Valencia Orange Refresher and half a Passion Tea
  • Ask for no water
  • Add peach syrup:
    • Tall: 2 pumps
    • Grande: 3 pumps
    • Venti: 5 pumps

5. Strawberry Funnel Cake Cold Brew
Take a trip to the county fair with this drink. Perfect for the berry lover who wants more of a kick than the classic berries and cream drink. This one does have a lot of sugar, but it is pretty tasty.

  • Order a Venti Cold Brew
  • Ask for three pumps of white mocha
  • Ask for three pumps of funnel cake syrup
  • Ask for vanilla sweet cream cold foam with strawberry puree blended in
  • Top with strawberry drizzle and funnel cake topping

5 Best Hot Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks

When the weather starts to get colder the best way to warm up is with a hot drink. Whether you need a morning pick-me-up or something to enjoy in the evening, step out of the cold and grab one of the best hot Starbucks secret menu drinks.

1. Cookie Butter Latte
I don’t care who you are, everyone loves Cookie Butter. Biscoff did something right when they crumbled up their signature cookie and turned it into a peanut butter consistency. Now you can take that same flavor and drink it with your daily dose of caffeine.

  • Order a Chai Latte with oat milk and 2 pumps of chai
  • Add 3 pumps of brown sugar syrup
  • 1 shot blonde espresso (Important for flavor!)

2. Hot Butterbeer Latte
Another drink for those who are cult fans, but this time it’s Harry Potter. Even though Harry Potter world has opened up in various places around the world (London, Orlando, Hollywood, New York City), you may not be able to make it to one of these locations to try a real-life butterbeer.

Instead, head over to your local Starbucks and order this secret menu drink (it may not be perfect because of the coffee flavor, but it is pretty close).

  • Order a whole-milk steamer
  • Ask for three pumps of cinnamon dolce
  • Ask for three pumps of toffee nut
  • Ask for four pumps of caramel
  • Add whipped cream, caramel drizzle, salted caramel bits, and cinnamon dolce topping
  • Optional: Add shots of espresso (may change the flavor)

3. Chocolate Dalmatian
If you can’t choose between a white mocha or classic mocha, you really don’t have to with this drink. It offers the base of a white mocha with the trimmings of classic chocolate.

If you aren’t in the mood for coffee you can even omit the coffee and go for a Black and White Hot Chocolate instead.

4. Nutella Drink
Who doesn’t love Nutella in a crepe? If you don’t live in Paris and can’t find a high-class creperie on every corner, this simple drink is sure to satisfy your Nutella craving.

  • Order a Caffe Misto
  • Add 1 pump chocolate syrup
  • Add 1 pump hazelnut syrup
  • Top with a caramel drizzle

5. “Liquid Love”
Sometimes you feel like you need something more than just coffee. This one is it and it has a kick!

  • Order 4 shots of espresso
  • Add 4 pumps of white chocolate syrup
  • Place into a grande cup and fill with choice of milk

5 Best Starbucks Frappuccino Secret Menu Drinks

Starbucks quite literally invented the Frappuccino, a sweet, sometimes salty, creamy, blended drink with ice. Although the most common Frappuccinos have coffee in them, there are many options that don’t as well.

The following Frappuccinos are some of the best on the secret menu, reminiscent of childhood favorites, and colorful options.

1. Nutter Butter Frappuccino
The beloved childhood cracker cookie sandwich can be recreated easily with this drink. It is buttery, flavorful, and a great all-around drink.

  • Start by ordering a Hazelnut Frappuccino
  • Blend in a whole banana
  • Add cinnamon dolce
  • syrup
    • Tall: 1 pump
    • Grande: 2 pumps
    • Venti: 3 pumps
  • Add toffee-nut syrup
    • Tall: 1 pump
    • Grande: 2 pumps
    • Venti: 3 pumps

2. Biscotti Frappuccino
This is probably the easiest option that packs a lot of flavor. Do keep in mind that it does require the purchase of an extra item along with your drink, so it may not be the most cost-effective.

  • Order a Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino
  • Ask if you can purchase a biscotti, and ask them to blend the biscotti into your Frappuccino

3. Mermaid Frappuccino
This drink was extremely popular in 2017 when it went viral. There are two ways of making the mermaid frappuccino. Option 1 is the way you need to order if you do so in the United States, but option 2 is available if you visit Starbucks in Mexico.

Option 1:

  • Start with a Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino.
  • Add freeze-dried blackberries
  • Ask for a green mixed drizzle (Made by mixing white mocha sauce, toasted coconut syrup, and matcha powder)

Top with whipped cream, add an additional drizzle or matcha powder

Option 2:

  • Start with a green melon crème base
  • Top with blue vanilla whipped cream
  • Top with blue and pink sugar crystals
  • Top with iridescent violet pearls

4. Banana Split
If you are in a rush but craving something sweet, skip the ice cream shop. Rather than get ice cream, you can choose to head to a Starbucks drive-through. Especially if it’s late at night and you aren’t in the mood for coffee, this drink is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and be convenient to get to.

  • Start by ordering a Strawberries & Cream Frappuccino
  • Blend in a whole banana, java chips, and vanilla bean powder

Top with whipped cream and mocha drizzle

5. Orange Creamsicle Frappuccino
If you like to steer away from chocolate and coffee, the orange creamsicle frap is a great option. With a lot of ingredients, you will definitely need to guide your barista unless they are an old-time pro.

  • Ask for orange-mango juice to the first line
  • Add milk to the second line
  • Use a cream base
    • Tall: 2 pumps
    • Grande: 3 pumps
    • Venti: 4 pumps
  • Add classic syrup
    • Tall: 2 pumps
    • Grande: 3 pumps
    • Venti: 4 pumps
  • Add ice and blend
  • Top with whipped cream

5 Best Seasonal Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks

If you are a diehard Starbucks fan then you might have days marked on your calendar when they release their seasonal flavors.

If you are not quite versed in Starbucks seasonalities, you should know that there are a few special seasonal flavors each year. Namely, pumpkin spice, peppermint, chestnut, eggnog, and cranberry. Try these seasonal Starbucks secret menu drinks next time the season rolls around.

1. Pumpkin Pie Frappuccino
Although you might think that Fall is only during October and November, Starbucks rings in the fall season early starting as early as August 24. Similar flavors to the pumpkin spice latte, but not quite the same. If you are running to Starbucks the day that they release the PSL, consider this to mix up your pumpkin-flavored drinks during the fall season.

  • Start by ordering a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino
  • Add 1–2 pumps cinnamon dolce syrup (depending on how sweet you want it)
  • Blend in whipped cream
  • Top with cinnamon dolce sprinkles

2. Pumpkin Cheesecake Frappuccino
Another drink that is only available during the Starbucks “fall season” when pumpkin syrup is available, the pumpkin cheesecake frappuccino is also similar to a pumpkin spice frappuccino, but with an added twist. Whether you love cheesecake or want to try all of the pumpkin spice options, this is the perfect drink to try.

  • Start with a cream-based Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino
  • Add cinnamon dolce syrup
    • Tall: 1 pump for a tall
    • Grande: 2 pumps for a grande
    • Venti: 3 pumps
  • Add white mocha syrup
    • Tall: 1 pump for a tall
    • Grande: 2 pumps for a grande
    • Venti: 3 pumps

3. Christmas Latte
Each season around early November into the holidays, Starbucks releases more limited edition drinks. These include more flavors along the line of Christmas. This Christmas latte is perfect for when you are in the mood for the holiday spirit but without the added alcohol of eggnog.

  • Ask for an eggnog latte base
  • Add cinnamon dolce syrup
    Tall: 1 pump
    Grande: 1.5 pumps
    Venti: 2 pumps
  • Top with whipped cream and chestnut praline topping

4. Olaf Frappuccino
If you always order cold coffee despite the weather outside, then this might be the drink for you. This Olaf Frappuccino requires the purchase of a limited-edition snowman cake pop, but it is totally worth it! This is also great for kids or those who are not coffee lovers because it contains no coffee.

  • Start by ordering a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Ask for white mocha drizzle in the cup
  • Top with whipped cream and chocolate swirls
  • Place your snowman cake pop right in the top

5. Hot Apple Cider
This seasonal drink is much different than what you might normally order at Starbucks, but it is perfect on a cold day. It is also modifiable if you want to have dairy, or wish for it to be vegan/non-dairy.

  • Ask for ¾ cup of apple juice steamed
  • Ask for the rest to be filled with chai concentrate base
  • Add cinnamon on top
  • Can top with whipped cream for added sweetness

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