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Sugar-Free Stevia Sweet Iced Coffee Recipe (Keto Friendly)

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When stevia hit the market, it changed the way we sweeten stuff forever. We’re talking about an all-natural plant that grows in South America, and it’s up to 150 times sweeter than sugar and super low in calories. 

Stevia is not a brand but the actual name of the plant, and it can substitute sugar in literally every recipe.

Of course, for us, that means making sweet, iced coffee with stevia. That way, you can enjoy as many cups as you want without feeling guilty. 

Did you know a regular 80z cup of ice coffee can have up to one hundred calories? And if that matters to you, then you want to check out the recipe below.

Sugar-Free Stevia Sweet Iced Coffee Recipe (Keto Friendly)

How to make sugar-free stevia iced coffee?

The best part of using stevia is that you can use it just like sugar, but in smaller amounts. One-fourth of a teaspoon of pure stevia equals one tablespoon of sugar. 

So, you can literally sweeten your coffee with the tip of a knives’ worth of stevia. That, of course, if you’re using pure stevia.

To make this iced coffee, we’re starting with an ounce of freshly brewed espresso. Dark roasts work best for iced coffee, so look for an Arabica or Arabica-Robusta blend for this one. When possible, make the espresso from scratch, grounding the dark and glossy coffee beans yourself. Then, use an espresso machine or a stovetop mocha pot to make the coffee.

We’re also using milk for this one. Since I’m saving on a few calories already by using stevia, I go with full-fat milk, but use your favorite milk. Plant-based milk alternatives are nice too!

Finally, we’ll need some ice. Blend all the ingredients together except for the ice for a rich and foamy coffee and pour it into a glass with fresh ice. That’s it — the perfect iced coffee right there.

What can I use instead of stevia?

Substitute one-fourth of a teaspoon of stevia (equal to one tbsp of sugar) with one tablespoon of Swerve or xylitol.

You can also use one tablespoon plus one teaspoon of erythritol or allulose. Use eighteen drops or one teaspoon of monk fruit extract for the same results. There are so many options! And they’re all better than the good-old sugar.

How to Make It

  • Prep Time10 min
  • Total Time10 min
  • Serving Size1
  • Energy110 cal




Brew the espresso and let it cool at room temperature.


In a blender, pour the milk, stevia and espresso.


Blend until smooth and foamy.


Pour into a glass filled with ice.

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size1
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories110
  • % Daily Value*Standard DV
  • Total Fat6 g78 g7.69%
  • Saturated Fat3.4 g20 g17%
  • Cholesterol18 mg300 mg6%
  • Sodium77 mg2300 mg3.35%
  • Total Carbohydrate8.3 g275 g3.02%
  • Total Sugars9.6 g
  • Protein5.9 g50 g11.8%
  • Calcium207 mg1300 mg15.92%
  • Potassium294 mg4700 mg6.26%