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Now Is the Time to Stop Believing In These Coffee Myths

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Myths spoil every good thing on earth! It is so hard to indulge in your mighty cup of Joe in the morning when it is surrounded by fake beliefs and misconceptions.

Someone had the audacity to conclude that coffee can make you poop like an elephant! Can you believe that?

It is time to put a stop to all the nonsense that clouds this great drink. Here are a few facts that you should know.

1. Taking coffee in the afternoon will render you sleepless


Coffee contains a natural stimulant. If you consume caffeine right after your lunch break, your liver gets to work instantly. In a matter of a few hours, most of the caffeine will have been dealt with sufficiently. And even if you take some more at 4 p.m., your liver will have flushed it out by the time you go to sleep.

Enjoy your coffee.

2. Ground coffee needs boiling water to brew efficiently


If you use hot water to brew coffee, you will trigger the extraction of bitter compounds from the grounds. You are also likely to burn the coffee. No one likes burnt coffee!

3. Drink coffee to become sober

Coffee won’t sober you up. It might help you to become alert, but the effects of alcohol will still linger in your system for some hours.

You are likely to find yourself in a dangerous situation after combining caffeine and alcohol. On one hand, you are intoxicated, but on another, you feel like you are awake and can maneuver yourself out of serious situations such as driving.

4. Coffee leads to stunted growth

People have come to accept this as true. It is not.

We were unable to trace the origin of this myth. Our conclusion is that there are no findings that link coffee to stunted growth in people.

5. Coffee makes a great weight loss program

This is not quite true. While caffeine can cause a slight increase in metabolic activities, it doesn’t lead to a major impact in your weight situation. If you are aspire to lose weight, it would be wise to get on a comprehensive program that goes beyond drinking coffee.

Your desire to eat food will decrease after taking coffee though.

6. You shouldn’t take coffee if you are expectant

If you take the standard amount of 200 mg, your fetus won’t be harmed. You need to restrict your coffee intake to just one cup. The caffeine may get to your baby, but no harm will result from the action.

Whatever you do, it is still good to play safe.

7. Coffee is addictive

This is not entirely true. Coffee has been portrayed as an extremely addictive substance. The notion is associated with the influence of caffeine on our nervous system. You are likely to develop some sort of dependence to it.

Fortunately, the effects of skipping a drink only last for a few hours. We can’t say the same for mainstream and hardcore drugs like cocaine and heroin. Coffee is definitely not in this class of drugs!

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