Top 10 Ways to Make Coffee While Camping

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Nothing is better than waking up on the lakeside and making a cup of coffee before hitting the trail again. It’s a great way to jump-start your day if you are camping and hiking long distances. Luckily there are tons of ways to make coffee without the comforts of your home.

What To Pack for Outdoor Coffee Brewing

There are a few things to consider before beheading out to your favorite campsite. You will need to prepare first. Make sure you pack everything you need for your morning coffee, or you will be disappointed when you realize you’re missing something miles into the woods. 

Coffee is an important thing to pack if you want your morning cup of joe. I suggest pre-measuring it into doses and storing them in sandwich bags. This will keep you from having to bring anything to measure or grind your beans with and will keep them dry in case you get wet. 

You will need a coffee maker or another type of equipment to make coffee exactly how you would like. If you are camping out of a backpack, weight is always an issue, so don’t expect to bring your favorite glass carafe for pour-over coffee. Stick with a lighter weight option like an aero press machine. 

The last thing you want is to get to your campsite and realize you forgot to bring your coffee cup. It’s best to bring more than one if you are using titanium or stainless steel. A coffee thermos is also a great option if you want to carry coffee with you. 

A heat source is important for making coffee. Make sure you bring a way to make a fire so you can boil your water properly. You will also need a metal container that is safe to boil water in. 

The last thing to remember is a water source. If the weight of carrying water is too much for you, then make sure you know a good place to get water. Always filter and boil your water before using it and always collect upstream of your campsite.

Picking The Right Coffee Beans for Camping

There really isn’t a particular coffee bean that is just right for camping. Choose whatever coffee you prefer, and make sure to pre-grind it before you go camping. If you would rather have whole beans, just remember to bring a manual coffee grinder. It can be pretty hard to find a way to grind beans when in the woods.

Top 10 Ways to Make Coffee While Camping

  1. Cowboy Coffee: This is an older way of making coffee. All you need is a metal kettle to put over the fire. After boiling the water, add two spoons of coffee for each serving and let it sit for a few minutes.
  2. Percolator: Percolators are great if you want better-tasting coffee than cowboy coffee. The equipment needed will be heavier to carry.
  3. Camping Drip Coffee Maker: If you have a camping stove, this is the closest you can get to drip coffee from home.


  4. MacGyver Coffee: Take a cheesecloth and place it into your mug, making a small bowl then place a rubber band around it to hold it in place. Pour your hot water over it into your cup and let it sit for as long as you need it.
  5. French Press: This is one of the most common ways to make coffee while camping. There are great stainless steel french presses perfect for camping.
  6. Single Serve Filter: These work the same as the MacGyver method; only you won’t need a rubber band to hold them in place. They are designed to sit in your cup.
  7. Collapsible, Silicone Pour Over: These silicone pour-over devices collapse into a flat disc when not in use. You place them on top of your mug, add your coffee, and make it just like pour-over in a carafe.
  8. Submersible Filter Cup: You can fill these with coffee grounds or tea. Place it in your cup and slowly pour hot water over it. Let it steep for as long as you like.
  9. AeroPress: These are designed with backpackers in mind. They work the same as a french press, only more lightweight and have much easier cleanup.


  10. Pour Over Travel Mug: This works the same as a regular pour-over coffee; only it’s all built into a reusable coffee mug. Great for traveling or camping.


Grab whatever coffee beans you prefer and pack all your essentials in your backpack. I recommend practicing at home with a method you like. You can stop and enjoy a cup of coffee no matter where you are as long as you prepare and take the time to make it. 

Try different methods during your camping trips to decide which one works best for you.

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