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Why You Should Try Japanese Iced Coffee

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If you adore cold brew coffee, Japanese iced coffee will blow your mind away with its awesomeness.

You might have taught yourself one or two coffee brewing skills at home. And if you didn’t, now is the best time to learn how to make Japanese coffee in your kitchen. It tastes better than cold brew, and takes only 10 minutes to prepare.

Japanese iced coffee follows a marvelous way of triggering more flavorful compounds from coffee through hot water extraction.

The difference between cold-brew and Japanese iced coffee?

This method of brewing coffee originated in Japan in the early 20th century. The name is also given to coffee equipment that is used in the country.

To make this delicious drink, pour freshly made coffee onto a few ice cubes to prevent the reaction that makes it bitter. If you just drop ice into the coffee, you will end up with a bitter flavor. However, carefully introducing your hot coffee over ice cubes slowly extracts the sweet flavors that you truly seek.

Professional brewers describe iced coffee has cleaner and more crisp version of cold brew. The flavors are explosive, just like what you get from iced tea.

The Japanese method of making iced coffee takes not more than 10 minutes, while the standard cold brew method can take more than 24 hours to get to completion.

How to make Japanese iced coffee at home

Unlock the inner barista in you by following these steps.

What you need

How to brew coffee using a Chemex

Begin by rinsing your paper filters. After dumping out the hot water, measure the weight of the ice then the coffee.

Drop the ice into your machine then brew your ground coffee by introducing hot water into the chamber. Let the coffee drip onto the ice cubes as you brew. The amount of ice cubes to use depends on how you like the taste. If you want some cubes to remain, reduce the amount of hot water.

Brewing using an automatic coffee machine

If you are using an automatic coffee machine, you need more ground coffee.

If you are used to making do with four tablespoons, use twice that amount. The reason behind this recommendation is simple. You are essentially using an overdose of coffee to produce a brew that follows a method of under-extraction.

How to brew the perfect Japanese iced coffee

Making the perfect drink has all to do with paying attention to detail. Every coffee bean and the method used in grinding it is likely to have an effect on the optimum ice-to-water ratio.

You need to figure out the optimum ratio by trying out different combinations. Consider conducting experiments with lighter roasts and espresso.

You will be surprised at what you can make! Try it today.

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