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Ultimate Iced Americano Recipe

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Ultimate Iced Americano Recipe

This is the most genuine tasting coffee. It’s also not for someone who is not used to drinking coffee often. Because this recipe gives the raw and unmasked flavor of coffee with no milk and sugar. Nothing to adulterate the original taste of the coffee. Very few people have the courage and a palate so refined that they could like the bold cut taste of this coffee. So coffee newbies should be careful but not too careful. You have to try it one day!

I have recently started to like an iced Americano coffee. I am especially sharing this recipe for those coffee lovers who are trying to cut sugar and maintain their weight this year. This iced Americano is also suitable for the people on a keto diet. As it has no carbs just a strong kick of caffeine. Like always, this is a super healthy yet tasty recipe. The taste will shock you at first for sure but you will get used to it.

Once you start liking it, you cannot stop. It’s the only ultimate recipe. It really relieves your tension and exhaustion after a long hectic day of work. I have known many people who have stopped drinking any other coffee after they tried iced Americano. Now they swear by this coffee only.


My dad loves Americanos. He can drink 2-3 per day. I never liked Americano when I was very young. I could not stand its smell let alone drink it. I used to see my dad drinking Americano and enjoying it. But once I started drinking it, I got hooked. Maybe as you get older, wiser, and more experienced, you start liking your coffee original and unsweetened. I made some modifications in the recipe and made this recipe of ultimate iced americano which I love so much. Of course, my father was the first taste tester and he approved it with 5 golden stars (which actually means that he was really happy and proud of me).

For this coffee, I brewed extra-strong espresso and then I let it stand for a time being. Then I added it to a glass of water and stirred a couple of times. I poured the coffee into an already chilled coffee glass with some ice cubes and that’s it! It literally comprises of just 3 effortless steps. So simple yet remarkable. Do try ultimate iced americano and share your experience. Your feedback helps me a lot. I also added step by step instructions below.

How to Make It

  • Prep Time5 min
  • Cook Time5 min
  • Total Time10 min
  • Serving Size1




Brew extra strong espresso and set it aside for a few minutes.


Add a glass of water and stir.


Pour coffee into a glass with ice cubes and that’s it!


Enjoy your ultimate iced America

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