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10 Unique and Unusual Coffee Drinks from Around the World

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Top 10 International Coffee Drinks

For many people, the only thing odd about coffee is the people who don’t drink it.

For the rest of the world that loves a good cup of java, here are ten unique and unusual coffee drinks to try.

Café Con Miel

This Spanish coffee includes a layer of honey, a shot of espresso and is topped with steamed milk and ground cinnamon. The key to an excellent Spanish coffee is the blend of beans. A Mezcla blend sprays around 30% of the raw beans with a light sugar mist before the roasting process begins.

Ca Phe Trung

Ca Phe Trung is a Vietnamese coffee drink that’s excellent for a hot day. It adds 15g ground coffee, two tablespoons of condensed milk, boiling water, and topped with ice.

Café de Olla

You can’t have a list of unusual coffee drinks without mentioning Mexico. The Café de Olla is a spicy cold beverage with dark brown sugar, cloves, and a cinnamon stick. The potent drink uses eight tablespoons of ground Mexican coffee for eight ounces of water.


An unusual coffee drink from Portugal adds some odd ingredients and even some alcohol to the iced beverage. The Mazagran includes a single or double shot of espresso, lemon juice, sugar, cold water, rum, fresh mint leaves, and ice cubes to enhance the refreshing taste.


Eiskaffee is a yummy German coffee that’s more of a dessert for many people. The recipe calls for instant coffee, your favorite ice cream, and is topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. You’ll want to add a spoon to this coffee to “drink” it properly.


Many people enjoy the Frappe, an ice coffee drink from Greece that uses instant coffee, cold water, ice coffee, and milk foam. In addition to tasting great, Greek researchers believe a cup of coffee a day is the secret to longevity.

Another option is an Asian blend from Hong Kong. The unique coffee drink includes a strong brew, sweetened condensed milk, and black tea leaves.

Café Touba

The coffee drink from Senegal is unique. It includes coarse coffee beans, pepper, and cold water for a spicy and icy beverage. The spicy beverage is a great any time drink.

Wiener Melange

As you may have guessed, Wiener Melange comes from Austria. The unusual drink includes espresso, brown sugar, one egg yolk, and thick whipped cream.

Café Bombon

The Café Bombon isn’t as much unique as it is delicious. Add this hot coffee drink to your regular morning routine. The hot beverage is one part espresso and one park condensed milk for a creamy and comforting drink.

Which is Your Favorite Coffee drink?

This shortlist of bean-inspired beverages is just the tip of a long list of coffee drinks. It’s understandable if you can’t choose one! But you don’t need to limit your options. 

Make a plan to try each unusual coffee drink once a week until you reach the end of the list.


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