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What is better: Tea or Coffee in the Morning?

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Rise and shine you awesome human being! What do you desire most to help you start your morning on a high note?

Are you always on the hunt for a cup of freshly brewed coffee? Maybe you love the elusive kick of tea. Have you wondered what’s superior between the two starters?

Answering the question of “what is better” is hard even for connoisseurs. After decades of arguing and comparing notes, it was decided that the question could only be answered by you, the consumer. It has a lot to do with how your body reacts to either of the drinks when you take them.

It is good to note that all the benefits and demerits of drinking either tea or coffee are linked to caffeine, which is the active ingredient in the substances.

How coffee and tea give you an energy kick

Both drinks have varying levels of caffeine. The amount found in coffee is almost twice as much as that found in tea.

To put it simply, caffeine affects our bodies depending on our genetic nature.

When you take caffeine, it first lands in your liver. Here, it is worked on by enzymes that are slow in some people, yet fast in others. Some people experience a wonderful increase in energy that starts from their brain, while others may be affected negatively by the decrease in blood pressure.

You are likely to experience feelings of alertness, vigilance and even arousal when you take caffeine.

Do you feel skittish or edgy when you take caffeine? You could be overloading your liver. To determine if caffeine is good for you, talk to a nutritionist for a thorough look into your symptoms.

The upsides of taking coffee

Coffee has been found to boost the body function in people suffering from conditions such as heart disease and diabetes type 2.

The high amount of antioxidants in coffee assist the natural function that fights the damage brought about by oxidation in our bodies.

Coffee is loaded with polyphenols, which help our digestive systems, help us manage weight and even prevent heart disease.

The perks of taking tea

The advantages of tea are a slightly toned down version of those that arise from coffee. Tea has less caffeine and polyphenols.

Generally, the benefits depend on the variety that you like consuming. Your body will react differently to white, green and black tea.

With tea, you can find a variety that has a particular function boosted. Expectant mothers can take ginger tea to fight nausea. Green tea will solve most of your problems in a heartbeat!

Tea gives you an opportunity to treat your specific desires. If you want less caffeine from tea, it is easier to draw it out. All you need to do is let a tea bag soak in hot water for longer to extract a higher amount of caffeine.

Which is better?

Sadly, there is no straight answer to this question. The only way to choose between coffee and tea in the morning is observing what makes you feel alive.

You are the master of your destiny. Just do you! If you want a cup of coffee, get it! If you crave tea, have it!

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