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What Is Black Coffee?

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So you want to get to know the world of black coffee. Maybe you are too afraid to try it yourself, but it intrigues you. Maybe you love loads of cream and sugar in your coffee, but your friend always drinks hers black. You want to know why she does that.

We can help with that. There are a lot of reasons someone would want to skip the cream and sugar in their coffee. Health benefits, purely a taste thing, or being savvy with money are all reasons why someone might prefer their coffee black. But what is black coffee? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Why you would want black coffee

Let’s start there. Why would you even want to drink black coffee? There are some perks to drinking black coffee.

Raise a cup for your health

Coffee has antioxidants. It can help reduce the risk of heart disease. It can help burn fat. It is always a great option for breakfast.

For a real coffee taste experience

Once people drink coffee without cream or sugar, they can’t go back to adding all of that stuff in there. You get to have fun trying all of the different roasts. You can actually taste the coffee, not the creamer.

Money saver

Let’s be honest, cream and sugar costs add up. We aren’t saying that really good coffee isn’t expensive. We know that the good stuff is going to cost a bit. But when you add in fancy creamers and sweeteners, that coffee is getting more expensive by the spoonful.

So what is black coffee?

Those are some fun reasons why you would want to drink your coffee black. When someone says they take their coffee black, what do they mean exactly? It’s pretty simple.

Black coffee is just coffee. Coffee that has been brewed without anything else but the coffee. No sugar, no sweetener, no creamer, no anything. It can’t have been brewed with anything else but the hot water and the coffee grounds. Well, that seems okay.

What does it taste like? Straight black coffee can have a bitter taste or a sweet taste. Depends on the grounds you use. Arabica beans will make the coffee taste a bit smoother and sweeter. Robusta beans will give you a bit of a bitter bite to your coffee.

Depending on how much water to grounds you use, it could taste really strong and bold or a bit watery. Black coffee is coffee grounds brewed with hot water. Not steamed. Not frothed. Nothing else. Simple as that.

The different ways to make black coffee

You can make black coffee in a bunch of different ways, as long as you only use hot water and coffee grounds.

Regular coffee pot

The good old tried and true Mr. Coffee. We all watched our moms dole out the coffee filters, scoop the Folgers, and brew that coffee all day long.

Pour over

This is such an easy way to brew. You don’t need a lot of gadgets. You don’t need a lot of time. Just your pour-over, grounds, and hot water. You set up your grounds in the filter over your cup or pot, pour over the hot water, and you are good to go.

French press

Another easy way to make coffee without needing a lot of extra items. You put the grounds and hot water in, wait a bit, then plunge it together. You can make the coffee stronger or weaker depending on how long you wait to plunge the coffee and water together.

Fun facts about black coffee

What else do you need to know if you have no idea about black coffee? We found some interesting facts to help you decide whether or not you want to give it a go.

It’s good for every diet plan

No matter what fad diet, regular diet, restrictive diet, or whatever other diet is in season, black coffee is always able to be had. It’s safe for all dietary needs.

Has all of the caffeine

Of course black coffee has the caffeine you need to get you through your day. Black coffee is filled with delicious caffeine that makes you move and be likable once it flows through your veins.

Low on calories, low on carbs

Another good reason why it is always okay for any diet is that black coffee is pretty low on carbs and calories. You might get up to 2 calories per cup with black coffee. So if you are calorie counting, drink away.

Black coffee has no fat, cholesterol, sugar, or sodium. You add all of that stuff when you add cream and sugar. Pure coffee is pretty darn good for you.

It’s all about the beans

The secret to a great cup of black coffee is amazing beans. Spend a little bit more on the good stuff. It will make all of the difference.

Long term benefits

Now you know what it is. You know how to brew it. Some fun facts were shared. Before we leave you, we want to go over some great long-term effects of drinking black coffee.

Helps your liver

Unlike the other drink that gets you through the day, coffee actually helps your liver. Black coffee helps lower your risk of developing liver disease.

Can lower cancer risks

We aren’t saying if you drink coffee every day that you will never get sick. But coffee keeps inflammation down due to those lovely antioxidants, which will stop tumors from developing.

Memory booster

Our favorite reason to drink coffee. We can say we are improving our memory. Black coffee makes your nerves stay awake and alive. It keeps you moving and alive, too. But coffee can help your brain stay active.

Is there anything about black coffee that we didn’t cover for you? The only other thing we can think of is how much of the incredible liquid you should have daily. Try to keep it around 400 mg a day. That’s about 4 cups. You might have to adjust depending on the size of the brew you make. But that’s a good general rule.

If you think black coffee life might be for you, that’s great. Remember, the second you add even a spoonful of sugar it’s not black anymore. Go grab a nice bag of coffee, bust out your pour-over, and enjoy a cup of coffee straight up.

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