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What Is Breakfast Blend Coffee?

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With so many coffees to choose from, how can you tell one from the other? Have you tried them all? Well, there’s no way that could happen, there’s too many. How do you choose one that you hope you’ll like?

Better go with a safe option. A breakfast blend is always a good bet. Why? You know what it tastes like and you know how to flavor it to get it just right. It’s one of our favorites. So what is breakfast blend coffee? Well, thank you for asking! Here’s the deal on the breakfast blend.

The kind of coffee it is

Is breakfast blend only for breakfast? Does it mean it will taste like cereal? Ha, not exactly. Breakfast blends are thought of as coffees to drink at the start of your day. Here are some fun facts.

Lighter roast

Breakfast blends aren’t roasted as long. Their beans will be lighter in color. That doesn’t mean they will have a light taste. The lightness is related to the amount of time the beans are roasted.

Gives you all the caffeine

A lighter roast means there is more caffeine in the beans. They haven’t had the caffeine roasted out of them. Stronger bean juice with a breakfast roast. You have us sold right there.

Great neutral pick

This one is great if you need to panic order. If there’s a line building up behind you and there are too many options, but you see a breakfast blend, get it. It won’t be too bitter, too weak, or too anything else but delicious.

What it tastes like

What is breakfast blend going to taste like once it touches your soul? Honestly, each brand is going to taste a little different. That’s okay though. The overall theme is going to be the same.

A breakfast blend won’t be too heavy. It won’t taste too bold or too dark. It is made to be a coffee you can drink when you first wake up, and not everyone wants a bold coffee first thing. It’s not going to be a bitter, brazen taste that might take some getting used to.

This isn’t your let’s meet for coffee at 7 in the evening blend. You won’t be trying something new or drinking this to find new flavors and notes. This is a tried and true, safe for all, kind of blend. This is kind of the coffee you could take home to your parents in high school. It won’t impress anyone, but you know it won’t offend anyone either.

A close cousin

Let’s say you get breakfast blend all of the time, but you noticed a new one. Donut Shop Coffee. Is this one meant to only be eaten with donuts? Does it taste like donuts? Kind of, and no. It’s another morning appropriate coffee.

If you like a pastry to start your day (not only a donut) then this one would be a good choice. People seem to get the donut shop and breakfast blend confused, or think that they are the same thing. While that’s not true, if there were two to mix up, it would be those.

If you are looking for a caffeine fix in the morning, with a taste that won’t assault your mouth first thing, then try to find a breakfast blend that you like. Every brand makes one and every coffee shop has its own. It’s great for a panic order in a pinch.

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