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What is White Coffee?

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White Coffee 101

White coffee refers to coffee beans which are roasted at lower temperatures than the dark brown beans you normally see in your regular brand package. Not to be confused with the white flat coffee you get at your favorite coffee shop.

What is white coffee made of?

White coffee is considered a novelty coffee by most people, but it has, in fact, quite a long history. It originates in the Middle East, in Yemen to be more specific, where it is flavored with a spice called hawaji.

The resulting brew is, however, not white, but a pale beige color. It has a nutty flavor to it and is significantly less bitter than regular coffee.

White coffee means that beans are roasted at 325 F, while regular coffee is roasted to anywhere from 450 degrees to 480 degrees. Also, white coffee is roasted for only half the time regular coffee is roasted.

Since we’ve mentioned the Middle East, let’s make something clear. White coffee is not exclusive to that part of the world. You can make white coffee using green beans grown on various continents as long as they are roasted at lower temperatures for a short period of time.

One interesting fact is that white coffee is sold only in it’s grounded form. That is because the beans roasted at lower temperature come out very dense and they require a more powerful grinder than most home models.

Is white coffee stronger than regular coffee?

Definitely, yes. To put it simply, the higher the roasting temperature, the lower the caffeine content gets. This explains the difference between the traditional types of roast (light, medium, or dark).

White coffee has the highest caffeine level among all types of roasts.

According to experts, a cup of white coffee has 70% more caffeine than a cup of your traditional brew made with a regular blended coffee.

If you like your coffee strong than you should try white coffee.

Is white coffee better for you than dark coffee?

Many experts are inclined to say that, indeed, white coffee is better for your health, even though it is caffeine-packed.

White coffee has been touted as a health-elixir mainly because it is richer in antioxidants, namely chlorogenic acid, than regular coffee. Antioxidants protect human cells against oxidation and keep inflammation processes at bay.

Industry experts say that the lighter the roast, the higher the chlorogenic acid content.

This acid has been linked with a reduction in heart disease, and it also lowers the risk of diabetes, reduces blood pressure and stimulates weight loss. White coffee enthusiasts say it is smoother on their stomachs, as it is less acidic than darker roasts.

What’s the deal with flat white coffee?

As mentioned earlier, white coffee has nothing to do with what is generally known as flat white. What coffee shops sell as flat white is, in fact, regular dark coffee served with milk, cream, and various flavors.

Since white coffee has a very unique taste, do yourselves a favor and taste it as comes out of the coffee maker, without any sort of additives.


To sum it all up – White coffee is made with beans roasted for a short period at lower temperatures than darker roasts. It has a lot of caffeine, but it is surprisingly healthy, protecting against cardiovascular disease, as it is very rich in antioxidants.

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