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What To Do With Old Coffee Beans

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We aren’t going to even talk about why you would have old, expired coffee beans. We are going to assume you forgot you had them. Or you were on some grand tour of Europe and couldn’t bring them with you. We are only going to focus on the fact that you have old coffee beans.

Can you still use them for anything? Yes, absolutely. Don’t throw them out and don’t worry. We are here to show you what to do with old coffee beans.

Make a treat

We are putting our favorite first. Chocolate-covered coffee beans are the best. They are easy to make and will still allow you to get a small caffeine fix. You will get the antioxidants and nutrients that are in the bean, and get a chocolate-covered goodie.

All you have to do is make sure you are using dark chocolate. Don’t use milk or white chocolate. They would be great to have for a long drive where you don’t know when the next coffee stop will be. Or for working late and don’t want to make a cup of coffee.

Make treats with them

Stale beans still have some life in them. They are great for desserts! You can grind the beans up to use as a dessert topping. You could grind up the beans and use them in ice cream or other dessert recipes. Fancy drink recipes would be amazing with a sprinkle of coffee on top, and old beans would be perfect for that.

The next time you go to make a dessert or treat, grab a few of those old beans and grind them down for garnish or flavor.

Use as a body scrub

Okay, this is another favorite. Grind up those old beans and make your own body scrub! Coffee grounds make a great base for a scrub because ground coffee doesn’t irritate even sensitive skin. Your skin will look smoother and you’ll notice a more even skin tone. You’ll also be able to smell delicious coffee all day long.

All you need to make the scrub is some coconut oil, maybe some essential oil, vitamin E, and you have a natural, homemade body scrub.

Scrub other things too

You can also use those old coffee beans for a scrub for your pots, pans, and other household items. If it’s safe enough for your body and face, it will be gentle enough on your favorite kitchenware item. It will scrub your pot clean without scraping off the surface, and will also let you inhale that lovely aroma of coffee while you do it.

Take that smell away

If you love to smell coffee and hate to smell things that aren’t coffee, try putting some coffee beans around the house.

You can add some beans, whole or cracked, to your potpourri bowl. You can put some in a paper towel and stick them in a drawer. Preferably put them in every drawer if you have a teenager.

So don’t get sad when you realize those beans are past their freshness time. There are so many more things you can do with them. Give them life in so many other awesome ways around your house to still enjoy the beans in other ways.

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