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What type of coffee machine makes the best coffee?

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So what's the best coffee maker?

There’s good coffee and, unfortunately, there’s also bad coffee! The main difference between a good one and a bad one lies in the coffee beans. If you buy some low-quality ones, your coffee will probably be too bitter, flat or stale.

However, the taste of your brew also depends on the coffee maker you’re using. Many people want to know which of all the coffee makers out there makes the best brew, but this is a difficult question to answer, as taste is pretty subjective. 

You can buy the most expensive top-of-the-line espresso machine and you won’t be satisfied with it if you prefer good old drip coffee. The best we can do for you is have a look at the different coffee makers available, see the pros and cons and let you decide.

Drip Coffee Maker

Easy to use and affordable

The automatic drip brewer is the most popular type of coffee maker, especially in the US. Most people have one lying around the house, even if they don’t use it much.

Basically, it has a graded water compartment and the filter where you put coffee grounds. As the water is heated it filters through the grounds and starts dripping into the glass carafe. You can use it to make a single cup or up to eight cups, which is great when you have guests.

Some would say it’s great that this machine has a hot plate under the carafe to keep the coffee hot, but it’s actually a bad thing. The hot plate keeps the coffee brewing and it makes it scorched and bitter. Best thing to do is to pour the coffee as soon as it’s done!

French Press Coffee

Traditional and super fun

Also known as a press pot, this coffee maker is quite easy to use. Put a measure of coffee grounds in the pot, add just-boiled water, put the lid on the carafe, and let it steep for roughly four minutes. 

When your coffee is ready, slowly push the plunger down to filter the grounds and that’s about it. Many say this type of machine is better than the drip as it uses water below the boiling point which prevents over-extraction.

Moka Pot

The cheap alternative to an espresso machine

This is a coffee maker for people who like espresso but do not want to spend a lot on a real espresso machine. To be honest, the coffee it produces doesn’t really count as espresso, but it’s close enough. 

All you have to do is put water in the lower chamber and the coffee grounds in the metallic filter. There are electrical Moka pots, but the stove-top one is the traditional one. As the water starts boiling it is forced through the puck of grounds and the coffee starts rising into the upper chamber. 

The whole process takes only a few minutes and you’d better not leave on the stove for longer than needed as it will ruin the taste. The great thing about this pot is that it’s small and you can travel it, so you can make some coffee over a campfire if you want.

Aero Press

The quick way to make a strong coffee

This is a fun and easy to use coffee maker which can produce a surprisingly smooth espresso-like beverage. Put the desired amount of coffee grounds at the base of the syringe-like contraption, add hot water and screw it back together. 

Stir coffee grounds for ten seconds and then use the plunger to carefully push water down, through the grounds, into the mug. It’s great for a quick espresso, but as you control the quantity of water you can put a bit more and make a great Americano coffee. 

You can easily tuck it into your bag and take it with you when you travel.

Espresso Coffee Maker

The dream gift for an espresso lover

A must-have for all espresso lovers! There are several types of espresso makers available, from manual ones where you have to control all the variables to the super-automatic ones, that do everything for you. 

They all use the same principle, forcing hot water at high pressure through the coffee grounds. To avoid too much fuss with it, you should consider buying the automatic type, at least. If you’re using the right type of beans you will get a nice hot espresso with a decent layer of crema on top. 

It’s great to have around the house as espresso is the basic ingredient for many popular drinks – cappuccino, latte, or flat coffee. Some models come with a milk frother, which makes it easier for you to prepare your favorite beverage.

While it is rather expensive, you can save a lot of money afterward by cutting down on all the trips to the coffee shop.

There are pros and cons for every coffee maker, but before considering which to buy you need to decide what type of coffee do you prefer!

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