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White Chocolate Mocha Recipe

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Easy White Chocolate Mocha

There are some lazy days when I don’t want to get up and prepare breakfast; I just crave for my coffee and nothing else.  For those days, I love making White Chocolate Mocha because it is one of the delicious coffee recipes that I make at home. It doesn’t require fancy ingredients at all. It is super easy and quick, just takes a few minutes and that’s it!

White chocolate mocha has a special place in my heart. I am a mocha lover and I love to make it at home. Even if you prepare it at home, it will be as creamy as you can have at any good coffee shop. You can also save money when you make it at home because all the ingredients are super affordable.

White chocolate mocha may sound complicated by its name, but it’s actually very simple. It requires white chocolate which doesn’t have much caffeine as dark chocolate. So it’s not at all heavy for your stomach, but surely a delicious treat for your taste buds!


A Simple and Delicious Recipe

To make white chocolate mocha, all you need is espresso or brewed coffee. For this, you may use the French press or espresso maker. I used skim milk but you can use any kind of milk you want. Another main ingredient is white chocolate. For this, you can use white chocolate chips, white chocolate bar, or white chocolate sauce. Sugar is optional depending upon your sweet tooth. That’s all you need as the main ingredients for your white chocolate mocha.

To add a creamy and rich flavor, you need to top it up with fresh whipped cream. Sprinkle a little bit of cocoa powder and all set. I love to grab a cup of white chocolate mocha while sitting on my couch, reading a magazine.

This recipe is very simple. You don’t need to be an expert to make it. So get up and follow my step by step guide and make white chocolate mocha like a pro! Heat the milk first then add white chocolate along with sugar. Whisk it until it becomes frothy and chocolate is melted. Then just pour it into your coffee cup over the espresso. Top it with fresh whipped cream and cocoa sprinkles. Enjoy your coffee!

Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can make this super easy, rich, and delicious white chocolate mocha.

How to Make It

  • Prep Time5 min
  • Cook Time4 min
  • Total Time9 min
  • Serving Size1
  • Energy490 cal




Add milk and white chocolate to a saucepan and whisk together. Add sugar and then heat this mixture until chocolate melts.


Stir the milk until it’s frothy. You can also use a frother.


Pour espresso in a coffee mug.


Add mild hot creamy chocolaty milk over an espresso. Stir it.


Now top it up with whipped cream. Sprinkle cocoa powder to give it a fancy look.


Enjoy your white chocolate mocha!

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