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Why Doesn't Coffee Wake Me Up?

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You know it. We know it. You cannot, absolutely will not, don’t even try it, won’t let it happen, won’t do anything without a cup of coffee in your hand. But, oh no. What the heck? Your caffeinated companion isn’t doing anything anymore. You aren’t feeling that soul-touching, wake-me-up, I think I can be nice for 5 minutes feeling.

Huh. That’s not good. Something’s wrong and it’s not our Keurig. We just cleaned it. So why doesn’t coffee wake me up? Let’s grind this bean down and find out.

The why

Do you know how you binge-watch a show you love? You might watch it over and over again. But maybe the 3rd, or 4th time, it’s just not doing it for you. You’ve overstayed your welcome with your comfort tv family and now it’s not making you feel like it used to. You want to switch to a different show for a bit.

That’s the same with the coffee. You’ve taken in too much, too soon maybe, and now it’s not going to do it for you. Unfortunately, it sucks, but you can drink yourself out of the benefits of coffee.

You are only supposed to have up to 5 cups of coffee a day, or 400 mg (we know, that rule is ridiculous). Once you go over that your body starts to say, uh no, no thank you, I’m done. The caffeine doesn’t do anything anymore. You have hit your caffeine wall so to speak.

What now?

What else is going on?

It might not only be the caffeine. How is your sleeping going? Have you been staying up to finish that show, or going to bed at a decent time? True, caffeine overdose does also cause insomnia, but if your sleeping pattern already sucks, it’s not going to help.

No amount of caffeine will wake up a closer-to-dead body because you aren’t getting proper sleep. So turn the tv off, put the phone down, and try to get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Then go for 7. Then holy smokes, try to get that magical 8 hours.

We are sorry we told you to cut back on the caffeine. But you have to if you want the magical bean juice to start working like normal again. Don’t throw a cup at us, but maybe rotate some tea in your lineup. Caffeine-free of course!

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